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Cover Picture Retro-Cycloaddition Reaction of Pyrrolidinofullerenes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 12006)

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Cover Picture
Nazario Martn,* Margarita Altable, Salvatore Filippone,
Angel Martn-Domenech, Luis Echegoyen,* and Claudia M. Cardona
Retro-cycloaddition of easily prepared pyrrolidinofullerenes affords quantitatively
pristine fullerenes, and thus can be used as a new protection-deprotection protocol in
the chemistry of fullerenes, as shown in the cover picture. In their Communication on
page 110 ff., N. Mart n, L. Echegoyen, and co-workers report on this promising
finding, which has already allowed the selective isolation of the Ih constitutional
isomer of Sc3N@C80.
Liquid Crystals
In their Review on page 38 ff., T. Kato et al. explain the design of new liquid crystals
through supramolecular approaches. Ordering principles and potential application are
Imaging Agents
The use of hyperpolarized xenon for the NMR detection of immobilized avidin
analyte with high sensitivity is described in the Communication by C. Hilty et al. on
page 70 ff.
Boride Carbides
The structures of Li2B12C2 and LiB13C2 are shown by H. Hillebrecht and N. Vojteer in
their Communication on page 165 ff. to consist of a 3D framework of B12 icosahedra
and C2 and CBC units, respectively, with Li cations in the voids.
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