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Cover Picture Single-Crystalline Molecular Flasks Chemical Transformation with Bulky Reagents in the Pores of Porous Coordination Networks (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 422008)

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D 3461
International Edition
Gel Materials
A. R. Hirst, D. K. Smith et al.
Chemical Geometry
S. T. Hyde et al.
Mass Spectrometry
K.-O. Greulich
Quantum Computing
R. E. P. Winpenny
ACIEFS 47 (42) 7967–8132 (2008) · ISSN 1433–7851 · Vol. 47 · No. 42
Cover Picture
Takehide Kawamichi, Tomoki Kodama, Masaki Kawano,* and
Makoto Fujita*
Porous coordination networks can act as crystalline molecular flasks. As shown in the
cover picture, chemical reactions may proceed in these flasks as in solution. M.
Kawano, M. Fujita et al. report in their Communication on page 8030 ff. that organic
transformations with bulky reagents proceed smoothly within the pores with the
reagents diffusing through the network. Unlike solution-state reactions, those within
the crystalline flask can be easily analyzed by crystallography.
Crystal Geometry
The history of gyroid structures is told by S. T. Hyde et al. in their Essay on
page 7996 ff. These forms appear in mathematics, as the topological basis for liquid
crystal phases and derived mesoporous materials, and in insect pigments.
Gel Materials
On page 8002 ff., D. K. Smith, A. R. Hirst et al. review the technological applications
of specialized gel materials that are formed with the aid of self-organizing lowmolecular-weight gelators.
Nonthermal Corona Discharge
In the Communication on page 8020 ff., Y. Gogotsi, G. Friedman et al. explain how
corona discharge at ultrasharp electrode tips can be used for the ultrafast
simultaneous detection of multiple dissolved elements in femtoliter volumes of
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