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Cover Picture Solid-Supported Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Lantibiotic Peptide Bis(desmethyl) Lacticin3147A2 (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 492008)

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D 3461
International Edition
S. V. Ley et al.
Ernest Rutherford
J. M. Thomas
Ribosomal Peptide Synthesis
B. S. Moore
Cortistatin A
C. F. Nising and S. Bräse
ACIEFS 47 (49) 9357–9574 (2008) · ISSN 1433–7851 · Vol. 47 · No. 49
Cover Picture
Vijaya R. Pattabiraman, Shaun M. K. McKinnie, and
John C. Vederas*
A two-peptide lantibiotic is active against certain pathogenic bacteria in nanomolar
concentrations. In their Communication on page 9472 ff., J. C. Vederas and coworkers describe the first solid-supported synthesis of lacticin 3147, the bis(desmethyl)
analogue of lacticin A2. This compound shows potent synergistic antimicrobial
activity in the presence of lacticin A1. Other lantibiotics can be prepared for the study
of structure–activity relationships by using this strategy. Annie Tykwinski is thanked
for the cover graphic design.
History of Science
The physicist Ernest Rutherford was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemisty in 1908.
To mark this centennial, Sir J. M. Thomas looks back on the life and achievements
of this brilliant scientist in his Essay on page 9392 ff.
Natural Product Synthesis
The natural product azadirachtin, which was first isolated in 1968 from the neem tree,
has been the focus of intense research efforts for decades. S. V. Ley and co-workers
indicate in their Review on page 9402 ff. which routes fell by the wayside and which
paths finally led to success.
Hypervalent S S Bonds
N. Kano, T. Kawashima, and co-workers describe the synthesis, characterization,
and reactivity of a stable hypervalent SIV SII bond in a sulfurane in their
Communication on page 9430 ff.
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