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Cover Picture The First 6-Peroxide Transition-Metal Complex [Ni8(L)12(O2)]2+ (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 92005)

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Cover Picture
Emma J. Brown, Anne-K. Duhme-Klair,* Matthew I. Elliott,
Jane E. Thomas-Oates, Phillipa L. Timmins, and Paul H. Walton*
Peroxide is frozen in perfect symmetry, which if viewed down the principle axis,
resembles that of the snowflake in the cover-picture background. An unprecedented
m6 peroxide coordination mode is found in an octanuclear nickel complex with near
S6 symmetry (core shown in foreground; green Ni, red O). The encapsulation of the
peroxide by the nickel cage stabilizes this reactive species. For more details see the
Communication by A.-K. Duhme-Klair, P. H. Walton, and co-workers on page 1392 ff.
(Background picture reproduced with permission from Prof. K. G. Libbrecht,
Synthetic Methods
In their Review on page 1304 ff., D. Enders et al. show how broad the scope of
application of the biologically important dihydroxyacetone unit has become in organic
synthesis through the development of synthetic equivalents of the natural building
RNA Interference
S. H. Friedman and co-workers demonstrate in their Communication on page 1328 ff.
that the process of RNA interference can be controlled by using light. Irradiation of
siRNAs modified with photolabile groups deprotects them and releases fully active
In their Communication on page 1398 ff., T. Kitagawa, K. Komatsu, and co-workers
report the generation and spectroscopic observation of the first functionalized C70
cation, [CHCl2-C70]þ , and a quantitative evaluation of its thermodynamic stability.
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