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Cover Picture Two-Component Graded Deposition of Biomolecules with a Double-Barreled Nanopipette (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 422005)

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Cover Picture
Kit T. Rodolfa, Andreas Bruckbauer, Dejian Zhou, Yuri E. Korchev,
and David Klenerman*
The persistence of Edgar Degas is illustrated in the formation of highly complex,
graded, two-color images on the submicron scale. Two species can be delivered
independently from a single pipette through the use of scanning ion-conductance
distance control. The cover picture shows biological molecules being delivered in air
through a liquid meniscus at the tip of a double-barreled nanopipette (Salvador Dali,
not to scale, is shown painting the Degas Dancers with a nanopipette) as described by
D. Klenerman et al. in their Communication on page 6854 ff.
Combinatorial Catalysis
In many reactions catalysts with bidentate ligands yield the best results. In his
Minireview on p. 6816 ff., B. Breit describes how these chelates can be emulated by
two monodentate ligands held together by attractive interactions.
Natural Product Discovery
How are leads for drug development identified? In their Review on page 6828 ff.,
H. B. Bode and R. M0ller describe the identification and manipulation of biosynthetic
pathways towards new natural products and derivatives potentially suitable for this
Cluster Compounds
In their Communication on page 6848 ff., L. F. Dahl, E. G. Mednikov, and co-workers
describe the synthesis and structural characterization of two new large palladium–
carbonyl–triethylphosphine clusters that contain Pd52 and Pd66 cores.
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