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Craniosynostosis Diagnosis evaluation and management. Edited by M. Michael Cohen Jr New York Raven 1986 624 pp illustrated $135

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Clinical Neurochemistry, Volumes 1 and 2
Edited by Heiman S . Bachelard, George C . Lunt,
and C . David Marsden
London, Academic, 1986
Volume 1: 268 pp, iIlustrated, $49.50
Volume 2: 196 pp, ilustrated, $45.00
The first volume contains a relatively standard chapter on
'iuntington's disease by Drs Bud and Coyle, followed by an
exhaustively long monograph by Drs Harrison and Behan on
myasthenia gravis. Volume 2 contains a moderately lengthy
chapter on senile dementia by Drs Kellett and Bachelard,
followed by a long chapter on clinical features and pathophysiology of demyelinating diseases. The authors are highly
respected but one wonders why, in light of the rapid changes
that occur in basic science understanding of human disease,
hardcover formats and prices between $45 and 50 were chosen as vehicles to bring these papers to the reader.
Craniosynostosis: Diagnosis, Evaluation,
and Management
Edited by M . MichaeI Coben,Jr
New York, Raven, 1986
624 pp, iIIustrated, S13S.00
This is a practical volume on the manifestations and management of craniosynostosis.
Excitatory Amino Acids and Epilepsy: Advances in
Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol 203
Edited by Robert Schruarn and YehaRel Ben-Ari
New York, Plenum, 1986
735 pp, iktrated, $105 .OO
This volume contains the proceedings of a symposium devoted to excitatory amino acids and epilepsy held in September 1985. The neurophathology of excitatory amino acids is
one of the leading areas of interest in the efforts to answer a
major question: why do cells exposed to a variety of hyperphysiological or metabolical insults die? In this volume a
number of outstanding experts address the question, focusing mainly on changes in neurons and, to a lesser degree, on
permeability changes in the blood-brain barrier. Curiously,
the long neglected but increasingly respected glial cell was
not invited to the meeting.
Functional Mapping in Biology and Medicine:
Computer Assisted Autoradiography
Edited by D. L. McEachron
New York, Karger, 1986
278 pp, iktrated
This is a well-written, focused monograph that summarizes
a workshop on computer assisted autoradiography. Background material covering the theory and practice of autoradiography is presented in sufficient detail and will serve as
an excellent introduction to the subject. Chapters describing
the hardware and software of image analysis, quantitative
autoradiography, and image analysis work stations of the future will make this monograph an invaluable addition to the
libraries of even those already experienced in these techniques.
Head Injuries in the Newborn and Infant
Edited by Anthony J. Raimondi, Maurice Choux,
and Concaio DiRocco
Berlin, Springer-VerIag, 1986
292 pp, illustrated, $46.00
This book describes various aspects of head injuries in newborns and infants in 19 chapters that are divided generally
into prenatal and perinatal problems, damage in early infancy, and general outcome.
Kindling, Vol 3
Edited 6y Juhn A. W&
New York, Raven, 1986
576 pp, illustrated, $74.00
The book contains the proceedings of a 1985 meeting on the
Neurofibromatosis: Phenotype, Natural History,
and Pathogenesis
By Vincent M . Riccardi and June E. Eichner
BaItimore, Hopkins, 1986
305 pp, ihstrated, $48.SO
The volume thoroughly covers general principles and clinical
aspects of neurofibromatosis as it affects various body systems. Pathogenesis, genetics, and management of the disorder are well discussed but without excessive detail.
Neurological Disorders of Pregnancy
Edited by Phillip J . GoldJtein
Mount Kisco, Futura, 1986
283 pp, ihtrated, $39.30
Thirteen chapters cover various diseases and conditions as
they occur in pregnant women. Three neurologists and a
neurosurgeon are numbered among the 19 total authors, and
the book's orientation is overwhelmingly clinical.
Neurosurgical Critical Care
By Fmont P. Wirth and Robert A. Ratcbeson
BaItimre, WiIIiam 6 Wilkitzs, 1987
253 pp, illustrated, $40.00
Ten chapters cover various aspects of organ system physiological perturbations, as well as the issues of seizures, brain
swelling, multiple trauma, and architecture of the Intensive
Care Unit. A good deal of thought and care appears to have
gone into the book's preparation.
Perimetry-With and Without Automation
By Dough R. A n a h o n
St Louis, Mosby, 1987
496 pp, ihtrated
The volume goes from elemental to advanced in its presentation of perimetry, and the text is supplemented by informative, often directive diagrams. Numerical perimetry as well as
classical tangent screen and bowl projection (Goldmann)
techniques are presented. At least on a brief reading, it appears a valuable edition to the neurological library.
Annals of Neurology Vol 22 N o 4 October 1987 561
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