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Crystal Structure of B2S3 Four-Membered B2S2 Rings and Six-Membered B3S3 Rings.

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[6] For comparison, the carbodiimide carbon atom of analogous representatives of this class of substances exhibits the following chemical shifts:
- 124.5.tBu-NCN-Ph
- 136.1,Ph-NCN-Ph
- 135.1 ppm (in CDCI, L'S. internal TMS).
[7] ',C-NMR measurements on authentic samples gave the following shifts
- 112.5, Et2N-CN
- 117.3,
for the cyanamide carbon: PhNH-CN
Ph2N--CN - 1 12.4 ppm.
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[BSN(C2Hs)2]2[61,(BSSH)2, and (BSSC2Hs)2[71could not
previously be characterized structurally or spectroscopically.
The very short transannular B.. .B (2.237 A) and S.. .S distances
(2.878A)in thestrained four-membered ring warrant attention;
the average B-S bond length (1.823A) differs but slightly
from the average value taken over all B-S bonds in the
structure (1.808 A).
' 11021
Crystal Structure of B2S3:
Four-Membered B2S2 Rings and Six-Membered B3S3
Rings [**I
By Harald Diercks and Bernt Krebs"]
Characterization of boron chalcogenides runs into the
obstacle that crystalline phases are difficult to prepare. Crystalline B2S3 has been available since 1962 by a variety of
methods"]; however, the quality of the crystalline material
was in no case sufficient for a structure determination. The
same applies to all other binary boron chalcogenides.
According to a preliminary report by Chen, Conurd, and
G i / / r . ~BzS3
[ ~ ~ forms monoclinic crystals (C2, Cm, or C2/m)
with a=4.048, b=37.09, c=10.73A, fi=9O.O0, 2=14.1;
an attempted complete structure analysis was unsuccessful.
During studies on the synthesis of heavy metal thioborates
we obtained single crystals of B2S3 suitable for X-ray structure
determination by thermal decomposition of ternary phases (cf.
also [ I h ] ) . For example, if the stoichiometric reaction mixture for preparation of Ag3BsSgr3](closed graphite crucible
in an evacuated sealed quartz glass tube) is subjected to a
temperature gradient of 800 to 600°C for ca. IOd, then apart
from silver thioborate the extremely moisture sensitive colorless compound B2S3 is obtained as 0.3 mm long column shaped
single crystals which are microtwinned [B :S = 1 : 1.49(2);
monoclinic (P2,/c) with
b= 10.722(2),
~=18.620(4)A,p=96.23(3)", Z=8, V=801.6A3; dcalc=1.952,
delp= 1.93(3) g/cm3]. The crystal structure was determined
for a twin along (201) from four-circle diffractometer
and refined to R=5.7"/0.
The structure is made up of planar B3S3 six-membered
rings and B2S2 four-membered rings linked by S bridges to
almost planar infinite two-dimensional high-polymer layers.
The projection of two unit cells perpendicular to the plane
of the layer is depicted in Figure 1. Zig-zag chains of six-membered rings run through the layers parallel to b; each six-membered ring is bonded via a four-membered ring (situated at
an inversion center) to a six-membered ring of the adjacent
chain. All the boron atoms exhibit trigonal-planar coordination. While the B3S3 ring corresponds to those of trimeric
metathioboric acid (BSSH)3 and its alkali salts in structure
and bonding13,'I, the 1,3,2,4-dithiadiboretanering is of particular interest because the four-membered ring skeletons of
[*] Prof. Dr. B. Krebs, Dr. H. Diercks
Anorganisch-chemisches lnstitut der Universitat
Gievenbecker Weg 9. D-4400 Miinster (Germany)
This work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie.
An<gew Cbem. / l i t . Ed. Eiiyl 16 (1977) No. 5
Fig. I . Layer structure of B2S3 with bond lengths
[A] and angles ["I
Only van der Waals forceyoact between the (B2S3)n layers
(S...S distances 2 3.814(2)A); the perpendicular interlayer
spacing is 3.55 A.Overall, the packing of the S atoms can be
regarded formally as a distorted ..ABAB.. closest packing.
The extensive angular distortions in the trigonal-planar BS3
groups (Fig. 1) are mainly due to the influence of S...S repulsive forces within the layers (shortest S... S distances within
the BS3 groups: S1 ... S2 2.898, S1 ... S4 2.926, S4 ... S5
2.945(2)w; between S atoms within the layers not belonging
to the same BS3 polyhedron: S2 ... S3 3.194, S3.. . S6 3.256(2)A),
The structure of B2S3 bears no resemblance to the threedimensionally linked B2O3 crystal structurer8!
Received: February 9, 1977 [Z 672 IE]
German version: Angew. Chem. 89. 317 (1977)
CAS Registry numbers:
B2S3, 12007-33-9
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141 The hitherto unrecognized twinning leads to complete coincidence of
the hkl reflections of one individual with hk( - / I - I ) of the other. Relation
of the correct (I) cell to that (11) reported by Cheit et ol.: u(I)=ci(lI).
MI) = c(ll), c(l)= b(l1)/2sin/<(lI).
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