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Grivnyashkin Sergei
 Volga—
a big river in the European part of
Russia. A small part of the Volga Delta is the
main channel of the river, located on the
territory of Kazakhstan. Volga is one of the
largest rivers in the world and the longest in
Europe. Adjacent to the Volga part of Russia
called Volga region. The length of the river is
3,530 km (until the construction of reservoirs —
3690 km) and the catchment area is 1360
km2[3]. On the Volga there are four citymillionaire (from the source to the mouth):
Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd. In
the period 30-80-ies of XX century eight
hydroelectric power stations were built on the
Volga, which is part of the Volga-Kama cascade.
The river beautifies the European part of our country.
A small offshoot of the main channel flows through
the territory of Kazakhstan. The headspring is
located in the Valdai hills (229 meters above sea
level). As assumed, the mighty river begins near the
village of Volgoverkhovye Tver region. The Volga
basin occupies about one-third of European Russia. It
extends from the Valdai upland and up to the Urals.
Volga is considered the world's largest river, flowing
into the ocean. It carries its water to the Caspian sea,
to the pool which belongs. The river's length is 3530
km, total drop — 256 m. the Volga river Basin covers
an area of over one million square kilometers. The
great river is divided into three parts: upper (from
the source to the mouth of the Oka), mid (mouth of
the Oka to the confluence of the Kama river), the
lower (from the mouth of the Kama river to the
Caspian sea).
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