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Cuenod M. Kreutzberg G. W. and Bloom F. E. (eds) Development and chemical specificity of neurons (progress in brain research Vol 51). Amsterdam Elsevier North-Holland 1979 $97

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Brief Reviews
potential limitations of this powerful technique. This
monograph attempts to fill the gap.
A j j i , A. K., and Bergman, R. A . , Basic Neuroscience. Bultimoipe, Urban & Schwartzenberg, 1980, $24.50
Girgis, M . , and Kiloh, L. G . , Limbic Epilepsy and the
Dyscontrol Syndrome (Developments in Psychiatry,
Vol 4). Amsterdam, Else?Jier!North-Holland, 1980, $48.75
This is an introductory textbook by two members of the
faculty of the American University of Beirut, written for
beginning medical students and others of similar background. The text is elementary and requires n o previous
Baselt, R . C . , Analytical Procedures for Monitoring and
Emergency Toxicology. Duois, C A , Biomedical Publir-utions, 1980. $35.00
This is a technical manual for laboratory analysis.
Boullin, D . J., Cerebral Vasospasm. Neuj York,John Wiley
& Sons, 1980, $45.00
Dr Boullin, a pharmacologist at St. Bartholomew's Medical
School in England, has been attracted by the difficulties
involved in understanding the mechanisms and treatment
of sustained patholog~calintracranial vasoconstriction, and
this volume reviews available evidence o n the subject.
Unfortunately, current answers to the major problems in
the area are inconclusive, but this is a valuable and up-todate review.
Cuenod, M . , Kreutzherg, G . W . , and Bloom, F . E . (eds), Development and Chemical Specificity of Neurons (Progress in Brain Research, Vol 51). Amsterdam. Elsez'ier!
North-Holland, 1979. $97.50
T h e volume contains the proceedings of a symposium o n
the topic held in Switzerland in 1978. T h e participants are
of high quality and the subject matter comprehensively
covers thc topic.
Gilbert, H A , and Kugan, A R (eds), Radiation Damage
to the Nervous System: A Delayed Therapeutic
Hazard. Neu York, Railen Prerr, 1980, $25 00
More and more patients are receiving various forms of irradiation for diagnosis and treatment of neurological lesions. and few sources consider the desirable doses and
These are the proceedings of a symposium held in Australia in February, 1980.
Pinsker, H . M., and Willis, W. D . (eds), Information Processing in the Nervous System. New York, Rueen Press,
1980, $35.00
A volume based on the proceedings of a symposium held at
the University of Texas, Galveston.
Rosenberg, R . N.(edi, Neurology (The Science and Practice of Clinical Medicine, Vol 5). New York, Grune &
Stratton, 1980, $39.50
This is a new text, by multiple authors, comprehensively
covering the major areas of clinical neurology. Emphasis is
on new basic science understanding without neglecting
classic concepts.
Suchenuiirth. R . , Pocket Book of Clinical Neurology.
Chicago,Yeur Book Medical Publishers, 1979
This is a paperback translation of a short and practical approach t o clinical neurology. Most American educators will
find that it contains too little pathological physiology to be
satisfactory for recommending to their students. Sometimes more thought, as well as all the facts, is useful in
medical diagnosis.
Zimmerman, H . M . (ed), Progress in Neuropathology,
Vol 4 . Neui York, Raven Press, 1979, $38.00
T h e volume contains 20 review articles o n various aspccrs
of largely basic and experimental neuropathology.
Zulch, K. J . , Kaufmann, W., Hossman, K.-A., and Hossmun.
V . (edJ~),
Brain and Heart Infarct 11. New York, SpringerVerlag, 1979, $28.00
A volume containing multiple short papers from a symposium held in Germany in 1978.
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