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Current Notes. The xx International Congress of Americanists

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The preliminary announcement of the Congress which according to
present arrangements is to be held between the 18th and 30th of June,
1919, has just been received and contains the following particulars :
The session will be held at Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of the
Museu Nacional, Instituto Historico e Geographico Brasileiro, Bibliotheca Nacional, Sociedade de Geographia do Rio de Janeiro, Archivo
Nacionale, Instituto Historico e Geographico Fluminenseern cooperaqiio
com a Academia Nacional de Medicina, Instituto da Ordem dos Advogados Brasileiros, Club de Engenharia, Serviqo Geologic0 do Brasil,
Serviqo de ProtecGSo aos Indios, Repartiqiio Geral dos Telegraphos,
Observatorio Astronomico e Escola Nacional de Bellas Artes.
During the session excursions will be made, both scientific and for
recreation; besides which visits will be arranged to museums, historical,
geographical and other institutions, which stand in relation to the
activities of the Congress.
The usual regulations are made concerning communications and discussion. The membership dues will be $5.00.
The organizing committee is at present constituted as follows :
President: Dr. Lauro Muller.
First Vice-president: Gal. G. Thaumaturgo de Asevedo.
Second Vice-president: Dr. A. Carlos Simoens da Silva.
Third Vice-president: Dr. Antonio Pacheco Leiio.
Secretary-General: Sr. Alfredo Mariano de Oliveira.
Treasurer: Dr. Antonio A. Serpa Pinto.
Assistant Treasurer: Dr. Alfredo LisbGa.
Secretary: Dr. Luiz Palmier.
First Assistant Secretary: Dr. Francisco Bhering.
Second Assistant Secretary: Dr. A. Morales de 10s Rios.
Dr. Leopoldo Teixeira Leite.
Dr. Pedro August0 Carneiro Lessa.
Dr. Ennes de Souza.
Conde Paul0 de Frontin.
Dr. Miguel Calmon du Pin e Almdda. Dr. Joiio Carvalho MourSo.
Dr. Antonio Carlos Ribeiro de
Bariio de Rmniz GalvSo.
Dr. Henrique Morize.
Dr. Aurelio Lopes de Souza.
Dr. Euclydes Barroso.
Dr. Julio Benedicto Ottoni.
Dr. Gonzaga de Campos.
Dr. Antonio Olyntho dos Santos Pires. Dr. Jose Gerald0 de Bezerra
Dr. Joiio Teixeira Soares.
Dr. Joiio Coelho Goines RibeDr. Jog0 Coelho G. Lisboa.
Dr. Escragnolle Doria.
Dr. Jose Americo dos Santos.
1, NO.
The Brazilian Congress will be one of special importance, both for
Brazil itself and for American anthropology; and it is most desirable
that the United States be largely represented. It should not be forgotten in this connection that in the XIX session of the Congress in
Washington there were enrolled not less than 24 Brazilian scientific
Mr. F. W. Hodge, up to recently the Ethnologist in charge of the
Bureau of American Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution, has
accepted a position a t the Museum of the American Indian, Heye
Foundation, New York City, which will enable him to devote himself
in a large measure to field exploration in the Southwest. The selection
of the new Chief of the Bureau resulted in the appointment to that
position of Dr. J. Walter Fewkes, a member of the Bureau since 1895.
Under the will of Mrs. Evelyn MacCurdy Salisbury, of New Haven,
widow of the late Professor Edward E. Salisbury, Yale University is to
receive the sum of $50,000 to found a professorship t o be called the
Charles Johnson MacCurdy professorship of Anthropology, in memory of
her father. This bequest is subject to a life annuity. The will also
provides for a conditional annual gift of $1,500 to be expended a t the
discretion of Professor George Grant MacCurdy for the benefit of the
Anthropological Section of the Yale Museum. Another provision is
that upon the decease of Professor MacCurdy the sum of $60,000 is to
be paid t o either (1) Yale University to create a research fund to be
called the Evelyn MacCurdy Salisbury Research Fund in Anthropology,
to be used preferably for research work in Prehistoric Archeology,
Somatology and Ethnology; or (2) Connecticut College for Women at
New London to found a professorship t o be called the Charles Johnson
MacCurdy professorship of American History (in memory of her father) ,
as George Grant MacCurdy shall designate by his last will, a power of
apportionment as between these two institutions being conferred upon
A meeting of the Eastern Association of Graduates of the Angle School
of Orthodontia was held in the Osborn Library of the American Museum
of Natural History on Saturday, January 26. President Henry Fairfield Osborn of the American Museum welcomed the association to the
Museum and reviewed briefly the work of Cope, Wortman, Osborn, and
others on the teeth. A copy of President Osborn’s book, “The Evolution of the Mammalian Molar Teeth,’’ was presented to each member
of the association. The following papers were presented:
“The Evolution of Orthodonty” by William K. Gregory.
“The Bearing of Physical Anthropology on Orthodontia” by Louis R.
“Pathology of the Alveolar Processes of the Jaw” by A. HopewellSmith.
Courses of free public leckures on subjects of hygienic importance
will be given during 1918 by several important medical colleges. The
program of two such courses, one by the Harvard and the other by the
Stanford University Medical School, is given in Science of December 28,
1917, page 632. Several of the lectures will be of anthropological
Dr. Arthur Keith, F. R. S., conservator of the Museum of the Royal
College of Surgeons, has been appointed Fullerian professor of physiology in the Royal Institution.
Dr. Raymond Pearl, biologist in the Maine Agricultural Experiment
Station, and at present at the head of the statistical department of the
United States Food Administration, has been appointed head of the
department of biometry and vital statistics in the new school of hygiene
and public health of the Johns Hopkins University.
A discovery which may eventually prove of some anthropological
interest is that of a “growth controlling” substance, named “Tethelin,”
by T. B. Robertson, Professor of biochemistry a t the University of
California. For the present the new substance, which is prepared from
the pituitary body, is being tested in surgery and promises to be of
value in accelerating the healing of wounds or fractured bones which
had previously refused to yield to treatment. The discoverer has
given his patents to the University for the endowment of medical
On November 17, 1917, Professor Franklin P. Mall, one of the foremost authorities in the United States on Anatomy and Embryology,
died at Baltimore following two operations for gall stones, in his fiftysixth year. Doctor Mall held the Chair of Professor of Anatomy at
Johns Hopluns University since 1893, in addition to which since 1915
he was the Director of the Department of Embryology of the Carnegie
Institution of Washington. He was directly interested in physical
anthropology and since 1913 had associated with himself an anthropologist in his embryological investigations.
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