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Current therapy in neurologic disease ed 5. Edited by Richard T. Johnson John W. Griffin John W. Engstrom MD St. Louis MO Mosby-Year Book 1996 429 pp

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gaged in the clinical evaluation and treatment of patients with neurologic disease.
Current Therapy in Neurologic Disease, ed 5
Edited by Richard T. Johnson and John W Grzfin
St. Louis, MO, Mosby-Year Book, 1996
429 pp, illustrated
John Us: Engstrom, M D
Sun Francisco, CA
The 1997 edition of Current Therapy in Neurologic Dise a e continues the tradition of presenting clear-cut
therapeutic suggestions by experienced clinicians expert
in treating specific neurologic diseases. By design,
many of the authors of fifth edition chapters differ
from the authors of the fourth edition. The changes in
authorship guarantee that different therapeutic approaches are described in each edition of the text and
that prior editions of the text remain a useful resource.
There are 18 subject areas (68 chapters) in this volume,
including disorders of consciousness and equilibrium,
seizure disorders, pain, headache and facial pain, developmental abnormalities, infectious diseases, viral infections, other inflammatory diseases and demyelinating
diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, trauma, neoplasms,
movement disorders, degenerative diseases, toxic diseases, metabolic diseases, nutritional diseases, peripheral nerve disorders, and neuromusculat junction and
muscle diseases. The material covers both common
neurologic disorders and uncommon neurologic disorders that require specific therapeutic intervention.
When appropriate, a brief review of a clinical subject
or diagnostic approaches to a specific clinical problem
is given before a discussion of therapeutic options. The
individual chapters are brief, clear descriptions of an
approach to treatment rather than an in-depth analysis
of arguments for or against a specific treatment or
treatment sequence. As a result, the volume serves as an
“off-the-shelf’ reference for use in treating specific patients. Appropriate tables and diagrams highlight treatment decisions, often in algorithmic fashion. The index
is succinct and easy to use.
Current Therapy in Neurologic Disease fulfills the
stated purpose of providing clear-cut therapeutic suggestions for specific neurologic problems. It does not
provide in-depth discussions of etiology, pathophysiology, or diagnosis of neurologic disease. As the editors
point out, however, these subject areas are comprehensively covered in multiple neurology textbooks. The
book does not attempt to analyze atguments for or
against specific treatments in detail or to provide
lengthy reference lists. The book succeeds as a practical, supplemental clinical resource for patient management and is highly recommended for all physicians en-
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Control: An Introduction
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1 1
Clinical Disorders of Balance, Posture and Gait
Edited by Ado@ M . Bronstein, Thomas Brandt, and
Marjorie H, woollacott
London, ~ ~ ~1996
~ l d ,
350pp, illustrated, $98.50
Copyright 0 1997 by the American Neurological Association
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