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Dedication Sherwood L. Washburn

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The Fourth International Congress of Piimatology was dedicated to
Shenvood L. Washburn, Professor of Anthropology at the University of
California at Berkeley, who began his academic career as Professor of
Anatomy at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.
Moving westward, he next went to the University of Chicago as Professor
of Anthropology and finally, in 1958, to the University of California a t
Always youthful and vigorous, Washburn has made a n enormous
impact on modern approaches to anthropology and to primatology in particular. Trained in anatomy, he soon widened his interests and competence
to cover such broad ranges as genetics, demography, sociology, behavior,
culture, and human biology in general. But always he was intent to bring
all these areas of knowledge to bear on the single problem of human evolution. His extensive bibliography gives some insight into the evolution of
the m a n himself. In his first publications, for example, we see his early
preoccupation with functional anatomy. Later, extensive field trips to East
and South Africa, Ceylon, Thailand, Borneo, and other places broadened
his perspective; and numerous reports on social behavior and communication i n nonhuman primates were the result. With his deepening perception
of nonhuman primate society, behavior, and communication, it was but a
short step to become directly engrossed in human evolution, which h e
contends is inseparably bound up with the evolution of culture.
A good coach is best judged by the winning teams he produces. I n his
deceptively relaxed, calm manner, Washburn has not only opened up new
vistas of human evolution to thousands of readers but has trained a large
number of disciples, many of whom have achieved distinction even at a n
early age and have been inspired and urged by him to explore fresh approaches of their own.
Washburn’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. His long a n d
impressive history of awards, well-known to most anthropologists, need
not be chronicled here; but i t would be remiss not to mention the Viking
Fund Medal and Award in 1960, the Ciba Foundation Annual Lecture
Medal i n 1965, and the Huxley Medal in 1967 as among the outstanding
acknowledgments of his enviable record.
It is eminently fitting, then, that the International Society of Primatology honor and acclaim a man whose contributions to our understanding
of human evolution are overshadowed only by his unique fertility and
fecundity in siring scholars who are carrying on his tradition of vision
and excellence.
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