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Diffusion in Zeolites and Other Microporous Solids by J. Karger and D. M. Ruthven John Wiley New York USA (1992). 605 pages

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Part 2 comprising Chapters 11 to 13 does a good job of describing how the
various elements in Part 1 are connected in order to run a successful project. There is
useful discussion about the “...way of thinking about or analyzing integration
projects, and it includes a chapter on financial justification”. Overall this is a useful
book to get an overview of these aspects of project organization and control but it
needs a better focus and more examples to make it an essential reader.
Martyn S. Ray
Diffusion in Zeolites and Other Microporous Solids, by J. Karger
and D. M. Ruthven, John Wiley, New York, USA (1992). 605 pages.
ISBN 0-47 1-50907-8.
The book begins with a brief overviewhntroduction to the topic of diffusion. The
remainder of the text comprises four sections, Part I: Theory; Part 11: Measurement of
Diffusion; Part 111: Diffusion in Selected Systems; Part IV: Diffusion Controlled
Processes. This is a book for scientists, researchers, and academics who are interested
in understanding the mechanisms of diffusion for a better understanding of the design
of mass transfer processes. Part IV will be the section of most interest to practicing
engineers, but even so it is done more comprehensively in other books, with entire
texts devoted to industrial processes. The references are up to date (at least when
published in 1992), however the omission of the article titles in the referencing is a
serious drawback for anyone looking for a particular aspect.
One of the major advantages of this book is the way in which the theory and
experimental techniques associated with diffusion are summarized and reviewed.
The book will provide an essential reference source for the researcher, and also a
welcome overview of this field of study. The major advantage when modelling
diffusion in zeolites is that the particular crystalline framework creates regularity in
the pore structure. However, there are numerous anomolies reported in the literature
related to experimental measurements in diffusional systems, and in particular the
diffusivity values reported for certain systems (often varying by an order of
magnitude). These anornolies are discussed in detail in Chapter 15 and possible
explanations for the discrepancies are also offered. This chapter will probably be the
most interesting to researchers in this field, and a source of ideas and possible future
directions and investigations. Overall an important and welcome monograph on an
important topic.
Martyn S.Ray
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