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Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook 3rd edn by R. W. Miller McGraw-Hill Inc. New York (1996)

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Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook, 3rd edn, by R. W.
Miller, McGraw-Hill Inc., New York (1996). ISBN 0-07-042366-0.
The first sentence of the Preface states: “This third edition continues the practice of
the first and second editions in providing the reader with detailed selection criteria,
installation practices, and exact computation equations for the flowmeters most
commonly used for custody transfer and process measurement and control
applications“. This book certainly achieves these aims, but that is what I would hope
from a handbook dealing with a practical engineering topic. This is not a textbook
for undergraduates but it could certainly be used by students as it is clearly written
and organised. The explanations and detail are easy to follow. Undergraduates
would certainly benefit from using this book which gives practical insight into the
tasks facing graduate engineers in the application of basic fluid mechanics. The
realisation that selection and installation of industrial flowmeters requires not only
practical knowledge but also an understanding of fluid flow principles may come as a
The book includes US and SI units, and details of ISO-9000 and various
standards. Chapter 2: Fluid Properties has been expanded in this edition and includes
good coverage of equations of state for gas mixtures, and would also provide good
examples of the applications of basic thermodynamics for undergraduates. I would
have expected Chapter 13: Critical Flow to have been included much earlier as this is
a prime consideration in the selection and installation of many flowmeters. Chapter
6: Flowmeter Selection would also provide interesting reading for students. This
handbook has undoubted value to practicing engineers, but I also see it as a valuable
book for undergraduates to refer to for an insight into the industrial applications of
certain course materials.
As would be expected of a professional reference handbook, there is good
coverage of the new developments and equipment in this field including the Coriolis
flowmeter. Chapter 15: Meter Influence Quantities is a new addition which discusses
the influence of changing various parameters upon the observed flow measurement
and the flowmeter performance. Detailed appendices are included. An essential
addition to the practicing engineer’s bookshelf.
Martyn S. Ray
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