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Listing of Conferences Symposia Meetings and Workshops in Chemical Engineering and Associated Areas.

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Listing of Conferences, Symposia, Meetings, and
Workshops in Chemical Engineering and
Associated Areas
January 1994: International Conference on Combined Cycle Power Generation.
Venue: Calcutta, India.
Contact: Professor P Basu, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Nova
Scotia, PO Box 1O00, 1360 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2x4,
Tel: 902-420-753 1; Fax: 902-420-7640.
4-7 January 1994: International Symposium on Bioproducts Processing, Technologies
for the Tropics.
10-14 January 1994 Bioprocess Engineering Workshop, Characterisationand
Operation of Fermenters.
Venue: Kuala Lurnpur, Malaysia.
Contact: Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Malaya, 59100 Kuala Lurnpur,
18-21 January 1994 AEROTECH Congress and Exhibition.
Venue: Birmingham, UK.
Contact: Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Conferences Dept (C470), 1 Birdcage Walk,
London SWlH 9JJ, UK.
Tel: 07 1-973-1 3 1711249; Fax: 071-222-988 1.
17-21 April 1994 AIChE National Meeting, Spring 1994.
Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Contact: Ms Marie Stewart, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), 345 East
47 Street, New York, NY 10017, USA.
17-19 May 1994: 8th European Symposium on Comminution.
Venue: Stockholm, Sweden.
Contact: Professor E. Forssberg, Division of Mineral Processing, Lulea University of
Technology, S-951 87 Lulea, Sweden.
Tel: 46-920-9131 1; Fax: +46-92&97364.
4-9 July 1994: 8th International Congress on Pesticide Chemistry.
Venue: Washington DC, USA.
Contact: American Chemical Society (ACS), 1155 16th Street NW, Washington DC, USA.
5-7 July 1994: Electrochemical Engineering (summer school)
Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Contact: Dr. K. Scott, Dept. of Chemical & Process Engineering,Universityof Newcastle
upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne NEl 7RU, UK.
Tel. 091-222-6000; Fax: 091-261-1 182
7-1 2 August 1994: 29th Intersociety Energy-Conversion Engineering Conference.
Venue: Monterey, California, USA.
Contact: AIChE (as above).
14-17 August 1994: AIChE National Meeting, Summer 1994.
Venue: Denver, Colorado, USA.
Contact: AIChE (as above).
22-26 August 1994: 10th International Heat Transfer Conference.
Venue: Kiev, Soviet Union.
Contact: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Ukranian SSSR Academy of Sciences, 2A
Zhelyabov Street, 252057 Kiev, Soviet Union.
19-20 September 1994: Engineering and Construction Contracting Conference.
Venue: Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Contact: AIChE (as above).
25-28 September 1994: 13th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction
Venue: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Contact: Professor Milorad Dudukovic, Dept of Chendcal Engineering, Washington
University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130, USA.
3-5 October 1994: 6th International Congress on Catalyst Deactivation.
Venue: Brugge, Belgium.
Contact: Ms R Pays, Desguinlei 214, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium.
13-1 8 November 1994: AIChE Annual Meeting, Fall 1994.
Venue: San Francisco, California, USA.
Contact: AIChE (as above).
Details of conferences in 1993 have been published in the previous issue of Developments
in Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing.
For inclusion in the listing to appear in the next issue, please send complete details
(including contact person, Tel./Fax. numbers, erc.) to Dr Martyn S. Ray, Editor.
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