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Royal Society of Chemistry Awards
The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC,
UK) gives numerous awards annually.
Some of the latest recipients, who have
also recently published in Angewandte
Chemie or one of its sister journals, are
presented below with their work.
Duncan Graham (University of
Strathclyde, UK) has received the Society for Analytical
Chemistry Silver
Medal for young
researchers (under
35) for his innovative syntheses of
new analytical reagents for sensitive
and specific measurements. He completed his Ph.D. in
1996 in Edinburgh
D. Graham
under the guidance of Tom Brown and has worked
since 2002 as a lecturer and senior
lecturer in Glasgow.[1a, b]
Lectureship of the
Faraday Discussion has been
awarded to Professor Bruce Bursten (Ohio State
Columbus, USA) for
B. Bursten
contributions to
quantum inorganic chemistry, in particular of the actinoids. Bursten studied in Chicago and
Madison (with Richard Fenske), then
moved to Texas to work with F. Albert
Cotton as a postdoctoral researcher. His
research group is involved with the
correlation of theoretical and experimental electronic-structure data with
the bonding and reactivity patterns of
transition-metal complexes.[2]
Andrew Holmes, a professor at the
University of Cambridge (UK), has
been awarded a
Lectureship. His research
is focused on the
synthesis of natural products and
polymers, and he
is being honored
by the RSC for
the breadth of
A. Holmes
Holmes was born
in Australia, carried out his Ph.D. at University College
London, and undertook postdoctoral
research with Albert Eschenmoser
(ETH Z:rich, Switzerland).
Professor David Parker (University of Durham,
UK) has also been
awarded a Tilden
Lectureship for his
elegant syntheses
of supramolecular
systems that are
suited for use as
D. Parker
sensors or paramagnetic contrast agents or that selectively bind and transport metal ions. His
research group is concerned with complex chiral systems, and in particular
with their complexation in aqueous
was a Ph.D. student
of John M. Brown
(Oxford, UK) and
a postdoctoral researcher with J.-M.
The Geoffrey
Wilkinson Lectureship goes to Harry
Gray of the California Institute of
H. Gray
2003 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
Technology (USA) in recognition of
his outstanding contributions to several
areas of inorganic chemistry. He has
been recognized in particular for his
work on spectroscopy, photochemistry,
and the mechanisms of electron transfer
in coordination complexes and of electron transfer involving metal centers in
Shankar Balasubramanian, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge (UK),
is a recipient of a Corday-Morgan Medal for young scientists (under 38).
His research interests include organic
chemical biology,
and molecular biophysics. This distinction has been
awarded in recognition of his exS. Balasubramanian
cellent work at
the interface of
biology and chemistry: fluorescence resonance energy transfer in biomolecules,
the synthesis and characterization of
nucleic acids, including the catalytically
active region of human telomerase, and
the development of a photochemical
linker for use in combinatorial chemistry.[6]
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2003, 42, 4282
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