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Process Design Case Studies by R. Scott and N. Macleod. IChemE UK (1992). 123 pp

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methods and data are fairly fragmented. Students involved in design studies usually
go to Perry or Kern (the latter even after 40 years!) as an initial reference source.
While useful, they hardly present an in-depth coverage of design methods and
associated topics. This book fills the gap in the literature very well, and the inclusion
of evaporators is logical and welcome.
This book is not written as a student text, although undergraduates taking heat
transfer units will find it well written and presented, and easy to follow. No weighty
academic tome this, but a clear concise design guide. The keener students will find
their appreciationhnderstanding of the practical aspects of heat transfer very much
enhanced by extended reading of the course material from this book.
The book is aimed at professional engineers and as reference for the engineering
design units of an undergraduate curriculum - in these areas it provides admirable
coverage. It includes practical aspects such as Chapter 4: Heat Exchanger Fouling
(only one mention of T.R. Bott, perhaps the leading UK expert!), start-up systems and
feed-water control of boilers (in Chapter 7), common problems in boiler operation (in
Chapter 9), etc. The material extensively covers shell-and-tube-type equipment,
however a separate chapter specifically on plate heat exchangers (by a suitable expert
in the field) would have been a useful addition. Associated topics such as design of
heat exchanger networks and the use of pinch technology would also have valuable
additions, however the editor must draw the line somewhere (and there is a wealth of
literature already published on these topics).
In summary, an excellent book which will be a valuable reference source for both
practicing engineers and final year undergraduate students. It will make a good
alternative to Kern in the area of heat transfer with change of phase. If you can’t
afford a personal copy, make sure there is one available in the library - it. will see
plenty of use!
Martyn S. Ray
Process Design Case Studles, by R. Scott and N. Macleod. IChemE, UK (1992).
123 pp. ISBN 0-85295-2767.
This is a great little book. Every undergraduate chemical engineer should read it
before they graduate, and it should have been written a long time ago. As per the title
it is a set of case studies illustrating the stages and pitfalls in the design process. This
book should be required reading prior to starting the Design Project - to ensure that
the students realise that the real world is not comprised of textbook type problems
with a single exam-type answer. The main problem will probably be that it does not
contain a broad enough coverage to compete with established plant design texts such
as Peters and Timmerhaus, and with the shrinking student dollar it is unlikely to
achieve the sales it undoubtedly deserves. Quantity is no indicator of quality, as
evidenced by the excellent concise writings of Trevor Kletz on safety, and this book
is a little gem. However, that could be its main problem and my only criticism is that
it is too short! I would have enjoyed reading another 100 pages of design examples
of the real world-type problems. I wish the authors great success and many reprints,
and I hope they produce an expanded second edition sometime in the not-too-distant
Martyn S. Ray
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