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Remedial Processes for Contaminated Land edited by M. Pratt Institution of Chemical Engineers UK (1993). 140 pages

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Remedial Processes for Contaminated Land, edited by M. Pratt, Institution of
Chemical Engineers, UK (1993). 140 pages. ISBN 0-85295-310-0.
This book is a collection of seven paperdchapters from a one-day symposium held in
London on 31 March 1993. It is timely and up to date, more so than the usual edited
monograph with a possible two year publication delay. However, I doubt if this is
the best form of transmision of this knowledge, surely publication in the specialist
journals would have reached the readership more effectively? The book appears to
have little editorial input, there should be an index, e.g. trying to find reference to
Superfund in the USA took some searching to arrive at page 90! Each paper is
presented as a chapter. Chapter 2 looks at the situation in the USA and the
technology currently used there. The costs of clean-up are covered in Chapter 5 but
this is not the title in the Contents list, and the title of Chapter 6 is also slightly
changed in the text. These are annoyances and further indicate the need for more
rigorous editing, they lead the reader to wonder what more serious errors are in the
The USA, Netherlands, and Germany have prescriptive (and retrospective)
legislation - which implies that cost is a secondary consideration - having deemed
that clean-up WILL be done! Chapter 5 looks at the costs of clean-up (although in
the Contents it says "UK Technology"!). It considers the merits of the alternative to
the high-cost litigation-based approach (i.e. legislation) in favour of a risk-based sitespecific assessment procedure. This chapter also includes a very useful comparison
of the various technologies and their associated costs. This short book has much to
recommend it for those looking for an introduction to the subject. It also contains
some useful basic data in a small volume compared to the alternative very large
comprehensivehandbooks. It will be very useful to undergraduates looking at cleanup for the fmt time. However, it would be better served as an edited volume where
the experts were given a definite scope rather than just reproducing conference
papers. Certainly a useful volume, but less useful than a "prepared" edited volume
would have been!
Martyn s. Ray
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