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Web Site The Living Cell.

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Web Sites
The Living Cell
In contrast to printed textbooks or
animated films, the internet offers numerous options to visualize processes.
Interactive presentations which allow
the reader to pause in order to think
about details of a topic, to obtain additional information on selected aspects,
or to follow links can be realized by
using this medium. On his website “Cell
Biology Animation”, artist and biologist
John Kyrk makes use of these possibilities for an educational presentation of
selected basic cell-biological and biochemical processes. On these pages,
cellular functions such as photosynthesis, mitosis, meiosis, or electron transport are illustrated with detailed animated interactive flash presentations.
Behind the peculiar colorful start page,
internet surfers find resources which
also explain the basic cellular organization, the structure of chromosomes
(Figure 1) or simply of water – provided
their browser is equipped with the
required plug-ins.
If one selects, for example, the site
which introduces DNA and the processes which occur during DNA replication, three-dimensional presentations of
nucleotides illustrate the molecular basis of DNA. Then, the structure of a
DNA strand and the formation of base
pairs is explained and a double helix
builds up on the screen. The DNA
replication is then displayed starting
with the helicase-mediated unwinding
of the double helix and ending with the
replicated DNA. Even details such as
the formation of Okazaki fragments
during replication can be observed.
Brief explanations of the processes on
the screen can always be found in text
boxes. Chemical structures are described with structural formulae as well as
Figure 1. Detail of the chromosome structure according to the Cell Biology Animation site.
space-filling models and symbols. All
these representations are linked with
information which can be activated by
pointing on selected atoms or groups.
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Obviously, this website addresses
undergraduate students or other educated users with a background in cell
biology. For those, this website and its
attractive animations can be a useful
resource to improve understanding. The
demand for such a site is demonstrated
by the facts that numerous student sites
recommend it through a link and that it
has been visited more than 100 000 times
since February 2002.
“Cell Biology Animation” does not
aim to be a substitute for text books
because the processes shown are not at
all self-explaining and the accompanying information is only very brief. This is
a major deficit of the site, but could
easily be overcome: Other well-maintained pages on the internet provide
detailed information on all processes
) 2004 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
and structures that are highlighted on
the animated pages. These educational
resources could easily be given as links
in each chapter. Their absence is a
drawback because the simplified presentations demand for selected links to
support beginners, advanced students,
or even teachers who could use elements
of this page as useful resources in their
teaching. Nevertheless, this site is an
entertaining and instructive contribution to the internet, which can be
recommended for an introduction to
selected biochemical and cell-biological
Georg Pohnert
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Jena (Germany)
For more information visit
or contact
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2004, 43, 542
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