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Disorders of voluntary muscle ed 6. Edited by John Walton George Karpati and David Hilton-Jones New York Churchill Livingstone 1994 1171 pp. illustrated $ 275

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Pediatric Neuropathology
Edited by Serge Dirckett. M D
Baltimore. M D , Williams E- Wilkins. 1995
954 pp- illustrated, $169.00
This volume is a comprehensive addition to the growing
number of textbooks dealing with disorders of the developing nervous system. The reader is provided with an overview of the field of pediatric neurology with adequate discussion regarding the clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of
many disorders. Of interest and quite unusual for this type
of text are the opening chapters on concepts in epidemiology,
ethics, and care of the handicapped child as well as the appendix of support groups for pediatric neurologic disorders.
One of the highlights of this volume is the well-written
chapter on embryology, which deserves to be digested before
chapters on fetal neuropathology, congenital malformations,
and hydrocephalus. Infectious diseases are discussed in five
chapters, with one chapter dedicated to pediatric human immunodeficiency virus infection. Chapters on neurodiagnostic
techniques (sonography, neuroimaging, neurophysiology,
and clinical laboratory evaluation) provide information not
usually found in a textbook of neuropathology. Metabolic
disorders of various etiologies are covered in more than 10
chapters; the discussions are lucid and up-to date, given the
recent molecular advances in thc research of these diseases.
Although this text is named Pediatric Neuropathology, it
better satisfies the criteria for a comprehensive textbook of
pediatric neurology. Discussions of the neuropathology of
various diseases are rather lean and the accompanying illustrations are disappointing at rimes. Although the graphs and
figures add to the overall information provided in individual
chapters, the illustrations of neuropathological material are
limited. Many of the light micrographs are hard to interpret,
especially for the nonneuropathologist who might use the
book as a reference source.
With 71 international contributors, there is a broad perspective of information provided regarding diseases of the
developing nervous system. D r Duckett has organized the
large quantity of information into an easily read and comprehensive textbook; but, overall, the textbook seems directed
toward the general pediatrician and child neurologist rather
than the clinical neuropathologist.
Donna M . Fewiero, M D
Sun Francisco. C A
thoroughness, its moderate length, and its accessible prose
style. The first 230 pages are devoted to basic sciences, the
next 263 pages to pathology and pathophysiology, and the
remainder to clinical aspects of neuromuscular disease. Particularly useful are new chapters on the orthopedic, medical,
and psychological management of neuromuscular disease.
The contents have been radically revised since the last
edition, 13 years ago. This is truly a new book, and it is
thoroughly up-to-date. It will be useful to residents and will
be most appreciated by neurologists with a special interest
in neuromuscular disease.
Robert B. Layzer, M D
San Francicco, C A
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Disorders of Voluntary Muscle, e d 6
Edited by John W’alton. George Karpatr, and
Dai id Hilton-JoneJ
Nru~York. Churchill Liz tngstone. I994
1 1 7 1 p p , illustrated, $275 00
By A. S . Hendersoii
Gener~a.World Health Organization. 1994
6 2 pp, $15.30
For the new edition of this authoritative textbook, Lord Walton has obtained the help of two co-editors and many new
contributors. This edition maintains the high standard of previous ones. Compared with other recent books on muscle
disease, this book continues to be appealing because of its
Doparnine Receptors a n d Transporters: Pharmacology.
Structure, and Function
Edited by Hyman B . Niznik
New Ibrk. Marcel Dekker, 1994
6 7 7 p p , ill~istratrd,$195.00
136 Copyright 0 1995 by the American Neurological Association
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