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Dynamic genetic counseling for clinicians. By H. T. Lynch M.D. 354 pp. and 48 ill. Charles C Thomas Springfield Ill. 1969. $15

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that were at one time listed within the
Musee de L’Homme’s Isla de Sacrificios
collection but are presently attributed to
Sabine Lake (Texas-Louisiana boundary).
1953 The skeletal remains. In: The
Ruins of Zacueleu. R. B. Woodbury and A.
Trik, eds. United Fruit, Boston. pp. 295-31 1.
Medical College of Ohio at Toledo
Sixteen skulls were studied. Seven from
Isla de Sacrificios and nine from Sabine.
Fourteen measurements and ten indices
were obtained as possible, together with
four photographic views and sagittal profile drawings.
and 48 ill. Charles C Thomas, Springfield, Ill. 1969. $15.50.
The specialty of genetic counseling is
probably of more interest to anthropologists from a personal point of view than
from any professional needs. Most families have some member with an important problem due to genetics, hence the
personal interest in counseling.
The author expends considerable effort developing the concept that genetic
counseling should be done by psychodynamically oriented physicians with
adequate genetic training. This is an
acceptable idea to all but it has little
relationship to reality. The reviewer has
still to make the acquaintance of many
such physicians. If they exist they are too
scarce to provide satisfaction for any significant proportion of the thousands of
families with genetics problems. The
examples given of genetic counseling provided by physicians without genetic training were selected because of their unquestioned validity as illustrations of
counseling disasters. However, they may
not be as rare as one would hope. The
rate of increase of the United States population is so much faster than that of
licensed physicians, with or without genetic competence, that it is unlikely that
the breed of genetic counselor, visualized
by Dr. Lynch, will materialize. Unfortunately, the trend seems to be toward counseling by persons who are neither physicians or geneticists.
Much of the book is devoted to rare
traits of intense medical interest but of
little concern to the anthropologist.
There is a glossary and a useful appendix which lists counseling centers in
the United States and other countries.
There are good author and subject
The book costs $15.50 which is not conducive to purchase unless one is professionally involved in genetic counseling.
All skulls were deformed (fifteen tabular erect and one tabular oblique). The
authors suggest that the similarities between the Isla de Sacrificios and Sabine
skulls should be investigated in relation
to their common Gulf of Mexico location
and resultant opportunities for culture
contact. Unfortunately, the material now
relabled as Sabine may actually have
come from Isla de Sacrificios as previously
believed (Stewart, ’48), thus accounting
for similarities.
The authors also conclude that Imbelloni’s distribution of cranial deformation
types was excessively rigid for regions
contiguous to the Gulf (see Imbelloni in
Comas, ’60: 395). They believe that three
principle deformation types (tabular
oblique, tabular erect, and circular or
annular) were found in all regions in
variable proportions. My studies on ancient Maya from Guatemala (Altar de
Sacrlficios and Seibal) support that aspect of their conclusions, and further
indicate that tabular oblique deformation
tends to be earlier than the tabular erect
variety that appears during Late classic
and becomes predominant during Post
Classic times. Stewart (’53: 296-297)
using different terminology, noted a similar sequence in Mexico and Guatemala.
Finally, the “trilobee” variety of deformation described by Gosse in 1855 (based
on a cast attributed to Isla de Sacrificios)
is reviewed in detail and declared an invalid category, in accord with Hamy in
1884 and Stewart (‘48).
Comas, J. 1960 Manual of Physical Anthropology. Thomas, Springfield.
Stewart, T. D. 1948 The true form of the cranial deformity originally described under the
name “tete tri1obi.e.” Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, 38: 6G72.
Dight Institute for H u m a n Genetics
University of Minnesota
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