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E. Carl Sensenig 1910Ц1974

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E. Carl Sensenig
191 0-1 974
AM. J. PENS. ANTHROP.,42: 3 4 5 3 4 8 .
1910-1 974
On the afternoon of January 4, 1974, I
visited Dr. E. C a r l Sensenig in the intensive
care unit of University Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Sensenig shook my
hand; it was his usual strong grip. He
smiled, and between labored and difficult
breaths, informed me that he appreciated
my visit but that he preferred to handle
this situation alone. Two hours later, Carl
Sensenig’s stubborn and courageous sevenyear battle against emphysema ended. I
had lost a close friend; Physical Anthropology had lost a loyal member and a staunch
A native of Gloucester, Massachusetts,
Dr. Sensenig received his B.A. degree from
Iowa State University in 1935 and the M.S.
and Ph.D. degrees in Anatomy from the
University of Michigan in 1937 and 1940,
respectively. He received his first faculty
appointment at the University of Michigan
in 1940.
Dr. Sensenig became a faculty member
at the University of Alabama as a n Instructor in Anatomy in 1941, and held that position until 1943. He subsequently held academic positions at Oglethorpe University,
the Johns Hopkins University, and Tulane
University before rejoining the University
of Alabama faculty in 1947 as Associate
Professor of Anatomy. He was named Professor of Anatomy in 1952 and in 1959 was
appointed Chairman of the Department of
Anatomy, a position he held for 13 years.
Dr. Sensenig played a major role in the
development of the University’s programs
in physical anthropology and marine sciences, working with colleagues at laboratories in Moundville and Bayou La Batre,
Alabama. Dr. Sensenig was one of the first
resident physical anthropologists in the
South to actively do research in and teach
physical anthropology. He began the first
graduate program in physical anthropology
located at a medical school in the South
and taught the first graduate physical anthropology course in Alabama. He worked
extensively with Mound State Monument
as curator of physical anthropology. He
was also active in human growth research
through the Department of Anatomy a t the
University of Alabama and Fels Growth
The Physical Anthropology graduate program a t the University of Alabama Medical
School under Dr. Sensenig’s leadership
produced four Ph.D.’s and five M.S. degrees
in ten years.
Dr. Sensenig’s publishing career spanned
more than 15 years and produced more
than 30 articles that distinguished him as
a n anatomist, physical anthropologist and
Dr. Sensenig held membership in a number of professional societies, including the
American Association of Anatomists, the
American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the American Society of Zoologists, the American Academy of Neurologists, and the Society of Sigmi Xi. He was
a member of various committees of the
National Institutes of Health, and past
president of both the Alabama Academy of
Science and the Southern Society of Anatomists.
Memorial services for Dr. Sensenig were
held January 11 in the New Basic Science
Building on the University of Alabama campus. The family requests that any memorial
gifts be made to the Medical Center’s Emphysema Research Fund.’
Family Practice Center
University of Alabama
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
1 Checks payable to the University of Alabama in Birmingham may be sent c/o UAB Business Office, University Station, Birmingham, Alabama 35294, with the
words “Emphysema Research Fund.”
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