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Electrical stimulation and neuromuscular disorders. Edited by W. A. Nix and G

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Brief Book Reviews
James L. O’Leary,Juan M. Taveras, and Harry J. Zimmerman.
by Fred Plum, MD
Edited by K. Poeck, H . 3 . Fwund, and H . Ganjhirt
Berlin, Springer-Verkzg, 1986
497 pp, illustrated
Comparative Neurobiology of the Basal Ganglia
B. Andre Parent
Niyt; York, Wiley 6 Sons, 1986
335 pp, illustrated, $59.95
Despite its title, this book is fundamentally a neuroanatomy
text that valuably compares phylogenetic similarities and differences in the basal ganglia among submammalian and mammalian vertebrates; the author employs modern neuroanatomical techniques.
Electrical Stimulation and Neuromuscular Disorders
Edited by W . A . Nix and G. Vrbova
Berlin, Springer-Verlag, I986
14 7 pp, illustrated
This is the proceedings of a 1985 meeting devoted to the
subject of electrical stimulation and neuromuscular disorders.
The volume contains the main themes of the 1985 International Congress held in Hamburg.
Progress in Neurological Surgery, Volume 12. Intensive
Care and Monitoring of the Neurosurgical Patient
Edited by A . M. Landolt
Basel, Karger, 1987
202 pp, illustrated, $74.00
The volume consists of what one senses is a reduced number
of independent essays on various aspects of neurosurgical
Thoracic and Lumbar Spine and Spinal Cord Injuries
Edited by Phillip Hami
Wien, Springer-Verkzg, 1987
21 1 pp, illustrated, $40.00
Intracranial Pressure, Volume 6
Edited by J. D. Miller, G . M . Teasdale,J. 0. Rowan,
S. L. Galbraith, and A . D. Mendelow
Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 1986
798 pp, illustrated, $126.00
This small monograph mainly consists of matters of
neurosurgical interest.
The volume contains the proceedings of a 1985 conference
held in Scotland.
Modern Neurological Giants
Edited by Paul C . Bug
New York, Elsevier, 1986
499 pp, illustrated, $69.25
Spinal Cord Tumors-Experimental
Neurosurgery-Neurosurgical Intensive Care
(Advances in Neurosurgery, Vol 14)
Edited by H . Wenker, M . Klinger, M. Brock, and F. Reuter
Berlin, Springer-Verkzg, 1986
386 pp, illustrated
Bucy has edited admiring biographies of approximately 80,
mostly living, neurosurgeons including H. J. M. Barnett,
This is a photo-offset paperback that appears to represent the
proceedings of a 1985 German neurosurgical meeting.
Copyright 0 1987 by the American Neurological Association
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