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Epilepsy and you by Frank O. Volle and Patricia A. Heron 70 pp $8.50 (cloth) $4

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Scientific Approaches to Clinical Neurology, Vols I
a n d 11, edited by Eli S. Goldensohn and Stanky H . Appel,
2.040 pp. illti.rtruted.5230.00, L a 6 Febiger, Philadelphia,
These two volumes represent a labor of love. G. Milton Shy,
the eminent neurologist, was the first Clinical Director of
the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindncss and later became Professor and Chairman at, first, the
University of Pennsylvania and then Columbia University
College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. By the
middle 1960s,D r Shy conceived of the need for a book that
would link recent basic neuroscience discoveries in physiology and biochcmistry to the pathogenesis and treatment of
clinical neurological disease. Most cif the current authors
wcrc contacted before D r Shy's untimely death in 1967, and
Drs Goldensohn and Appel have made extraordinary efforts
since that date to fulfill the original concept and goal. These
bcx>ksare the result.
T h e volumes include sections on metabolic diseases, disorders affecting myelin, viral disorders, bacterial and parasitic disorders. embryogcnic disorders, paroxysmal disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, brain rumors, disorders of
movement, lower motor neuron disorders, myopathies,
neuroendocrine disorders, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, and pain and headache. Many of the chapters
are models of how to link basic science to clinical medicine,
and the covcriige is comprehensivc, detailed, and well written. The physical presentation of the books is excellcnr.
Unfortunarely, must of the original manuscripts for this
multiauthored text were finishcd by early 197 1 . Enormous
technical advances and cvcn conceptual changes have taken
placc in basic and clinical neuroscience since then, so that
many of the chapters arc already badly out of date. Most of
the hibliowaphy refers to the 1960s. Thus, alrhou& the
hooks stand as a tribute to Dr Shy's farsibredness and to the
rtedication of Drs Goldcnsohn and Appel, they *alsoreflect
the rapid growth of neurological scientific knowledge and
the many ways that the basic sciences have contributed to
this advancement in the last decade. In this sense, then, the
books are of great historical interest but have only limited
vdlue as a reference to the current scientific basis of clinical
Books Received
and Brief Reviews
S1 Units i n Medicine: A n Introduction to the International System of U n i t s w i t h Conversion Tables a n d
N o r m a l Ranges, by Herbert Lippert and H . Peter Lehmann,
trawslated b j H . L. Lehmann, 21 1 p p . tables, $14.50, Urban
& StSuvnerrkr~.Baltinrore and Munich, 1978
Conversion to an international system of units for physical
and biological variables has been agreed upon by international convention and will result in changing almost every
set of units that medicine presently employs in describing
laboratory variables. This book provides comprehensive
tables for ready reference and should be a valuable source
as the new system becomes widely adopted.
A Clinician's View of Neuromuscular Diseases, by
Michael H. Brooke, 225 pp, illustrated, $18.95, The WiUiamr
& Wdkins Company, Baltimore, 1977
Dr. Brooke's remarkable capacity for clear and commonsense teaching makes this book not only informative but
also a delight to read. T h e message is didactic, the coverage
comprehensive, and the discussions long enough to educate but s h o n enough not to bore. This is an excellent shelf
book for general neurologists, pediatricians, and other
physicians who expect to care for patients with muscle disease. It is not oriented toward those who specialize or who
are concerned with the controversies of neuromuscular
Neuromuscular Function and Disorders, by Alan J .
MrComa~,3&$ pp, illustrated. Butterworth, London and
WashinRton, 1977
Experimental Studies i n Regeneration of Spinal Neurons, by Tat'yana N . Nesmeyanwa, 264 pp, illustrated,
$27.50.John Wiley 6 Sons, New York, 1977
The volume fairly completely covers research on spinal
neuron regeneration carried out in laboratories all over the
world. Its particular purpose, however, is to introduce derails of the results from the laboratory of the author in
Moscow. The volume will be of inrerest to all who are
concerned with the problems of central regeneration, including some of the controversial inferences that therapy
has induced improved function in thc distal segment in
patients with parapleia.
The Hypothalamus (Association for Research in Nervous and M e n d Disesse, Volume 56), edited by Seymour
Reirhlin. Ross J . BaUessarini. and Joseph B . Martin, 490 pp,
iflustrated, $35.00, Raven Press, New York, 1978
The volume covers the proceedings of the very fine symposium held in December, 1066. The high quality of many
of the papers guarantees that this book will become a
classic reference on the subject.
Neuroradiology Case Studies, by Ajax Efis George, Bennett Derby, and Norman E . Chase, 383 pp, illustrated,
Examination Publishing
Company, FfushinK,
N Y . 1977
Neuroanatorny Review, by Alvin M . Earh and WiUiam K .
Metca& 1 6 4 pp, illustrated, $4.95 (paper), Chades C
Thomas, Spring@d, IL,1977
Attention, Voluntary Contraction and Event-Related
Cerebral Potentials, edited by John E. Desmedt, 256 pp, ilfutrated, 542.75, S. Kargrr, Basef, I977
Diagnosis and Rehabilitation i n Clinical Neuropsychology, by Charks J . Golden, 274 p p , $14.75, Charles C
Thomas, Sprin&fd, l L , 1978
Epilepsy and You, by Frank 0 . Vofhand Patricia A . Heron,
7 0 pp, $&SO (cloth), 54.95 (paper), C b a h C Thmnar,
Sprin&ld, IL,1977
A s h o n monograph by two psychologists directed at patients with epilepsy and attempting to ameliorate some of
their psychosocial difficulties.
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