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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 11994)

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New Books
Oxygen in Catalysis. (Chemical Industries Series 43).
Edited by A. Bielanski, J. Haher. Marcel Dekker,
Washington. 1993. 488 pp., hardcover, $ 145.-.
--ISBN 0-8247-8320-4
Shape Selective Catalysis in Industrial Applications.
(Chemical Industries Series 36). Edited by N. Y. Chen,
W. E. Garwood, F. G. Dwyer. Marcel Dekker, Washington, 1993.320 pp.. hardcover, $125.-.-ISBN 0-82477856-1
Gesundheit f i r Mensch und Tier - Warum Tierversuche
noch notig sind. (Serie Piper aktuell). By G. Kiisters, R.
Genrsen. Piper. Munchen, 1993. 184 pp, paperback,
DM 19.90.-lSBN 3-492-11896-8
Beer and Wine Production. Analysis, Characterization,
and Technological Advances. (ACS Symposium Series
No. 536). Edited by B. H. Gump, D. J. Prnett. American Chemical Society, Washington, 1993.280 pp, hardcover, $ 59.95.---ISBN 0-8412-2714-4
Solid-state Physics. An Introduction to Theory and
Experiment. By H. Ihach, H. Liith. Springer Verlag,
Heidelberg, 1993. 341 pp., paperback, DM 59.-.-ISBN 3-540-56841-7
Fundamentals of Photoinduced Electron Transfer. By
G. J. Kavarnos. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993.359
pp., hardcover. DM 105.-/$75.-.-1SBN 3-527-278561/0-89573-751-5
Molecular Magnetism. By 0. Kahn. VCH, Weinhelm/
New York, 1993.380 pp., hardcover, DM 154.-/$95.-.
--ISBN 3-527-89566-3/1-56081-566-3
Die Tenside. Edited by K. Kosswig, H. Stache.
Carl Hanser. Munchen, 1993. 528 pp. hardcover,
DM 178.-.--ISBN 3-446-16201-1
Inorganic Biochemistry. An Introduction. By J. A. Co,
wan. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 349 p ~ . hardcover, DM 69.-!$ 39.50.---lSBN 3-527-89537-X/156081-537-X
Directory of Chemicals and their Suppliers - Europe
1993/1994. Econ. Diisseldorf, 1993. 280 pp., paperback, DM 478.-.-ISBN 3-430-12106-X
Capillary Zone Electrophoresis. (Electrophoresis Library). By F. Foret, L. Krivankova, P. Bocek. VCH,
Weinheim/New York, 1993. 346 pp., hardcover. DM
228.-/$ 145.-.-ISBN 3-527-30019-8/1-56081-765-8
The World of Physical Chemistry. By K. J. Laidler. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1993.476 pp. hardcover. f 55.-.-lSBN 0-19-855597-0
Shikimic Acid. Metabolism and Metabolites. By E.
Haslam. Wiley, Chichester, 1993. 387 pp., hardcover,
f 75.-.--ISBN 0-471-93999-4
Colloid-Polymer Interactions. Particulate. Amphihilic,
and Biological Surfaces. (ACS Symposium Series 532).
Edited by P. Dubin, P. Tong. American Chemical
Society, Washington, 1993.290 pp., hardcover, $74.95.
--ISBN 0-8412-2696-2
Praktiknm der technixhen Chemie. By P. Kripylo, E
Vogt. Deutscher Verlag fur Grundstoffindustrie, Leipzig. 1993.275 pp., hardcover, DM 62.-.-ISBN 3-34200669-2
Chaos in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Edited by R. J.
Field, L. Gyorgyi. World Scientific, Singapore, 1993.
289 pp., hardcover. $ 58.-.-ISBN 981-02-1024-8
Activated Metals in Organic Synthesis. By P. Cintas.
CRC Press, Bocd Raton, USA/London, 1993.236 pp..
hardcover, $ 59.95 :f 40.-.--ISBN 0-8493-7863-X
Angen. Chem. Int. Ed
1994, 33. No. 1
Der clevere Organiker. Leitfaden zm Erfolg in der Synthese. By H. J. E. Loewenthal, E. Zass. Johann Amhrosius Barth, Heidelberg, 1993. 228 pp.. hardcover, DM
48.-.-ISBN 3-335-00360-8
Structures and Conformations of Non-Rigid Molecules.
Edited by J. Laane, M. Dakkonri, B. van der Veken, H.
Oberhammer. Kluwer, Dordrecht, the Netherlands,
1993. 656 pp.. hardcover. Dfl. 395.-.-ISBN 0-79232415-3
Quanten. Begriffe und Konzepte fur Chemiker. By
P. W. Atkius. VCH, Weinheim, 1993. 427 pp., hardcover/softcover, DM 128.-/68.-.-lSBN
Scaleup Methodology for Chemical Processes. By J.-P.
Euzen, P. Tramhouze, J.-P. Wauquier. Editions Technip, Paris, 1993. 244 pp., hardcover, FF 420.-.
-ISBN 2-7108-0646-0
Process Risk Managment Systems. By W. E Kenney.
VCH, WeinheimiNew York, 1993. 373 pp., hardcover,
DM 96.-/$ 59.95.--ISBN 3-527-28116-911-56081045-9
Gas Chromatographic Environmental Analysis. Principles, Techniques, Instrumentation. By F. Bruner. VCH,
WeinheimiNew York, 1993. 233 pp.. hardcover, DM
98.-/$ 65.-.-ISBN 3-527-28042-1/1-56081-011-4
Guardians of Science. Fairness and Reliability of Peer
Review. By H.-D. Daniel. VCH, Weinheim/New York.
1993. 118 pp., hardcover, DM 78.-/$ 50.-.-ISBN 3527-29041-9/1-56081-751-8
Thermal Analysis of Materials. By R.F. Speyer.
Marcel Dekker, New York. 1993. 304 pp., hardcover,
$ 99.75.-ISBN 0-8247-8963-6
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. (Memofix). By E.
Althaus, M. Jakuhith. VCH, Weinheim/New York,
1993. 342 pp.. paperback, DM 68.-/$ 45.-.--~ISBN 3527.29004-411 -56081-28 1-8
Efllciency in Research, Development and Production:
The Statistical Design and Analysis of Chemical Experiments. By L. Davies. Royal Society of Chemistry,
Cambridge, 1993.180 pp., paperback, f 19.50.-lSBN
Thin Film Coating. Edited by H. Benkreira. Royal
Society ofchemistry, Cambridge, 1993. 218 pp., hardcover, f 45.-.--ISBN 0-85186-695-6
Handbook of Industrial Snrfactants. Gower, Hants,
Great Britain, 1993. 905 pp., hardcover, E 125,-.ISBN 0-s~-07457-5
Genetic Engineering of Microorganisms. Edited by A.
Piihler. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 178 pp., pa3-527-30039-2/1perback, DM 38.-/$ 25.-.-ISBN
Chaos and Order. By F. Cramer. VCH, Weinheim/New
York, 1993. 249 pp., hardcover, DM 48.-/$ 30.-.ISBN 3-527-29067-211-56081-812-3
The Chemistry of Natural Products, Second Edition.
Edited by R. H. Thomson. Chapman & Hall, London,
1993.452 pp., hardcover, f 79.-.-ISBN 0-7514-0014-9
Refractory Ceramics to Silicon Carbide. (Ullmann’s
Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, Vol. A23).
VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 759 pp., hardcover,
DM 5 7 5 . 4 325.- (subscription price: DM 485.-/
$ 260).--ISBN 3-527-20123-8/0-89573-173-8
Houhen-Weyl. E15, Teil 1-3. En-X, In-X-Verhindungen. Edited by K. H. Biichel, J. Falhe, H. Hagenmann et
al. Thieme, Stuttgart, 1993. DM 6600.- (subscription
price: 5940.-).-ISBN 3-13-218504-313-13-797604-9/
Virus Strategies. Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis.
Edited by W. Doerfler, P. Bohm. VCH, Weinheim/New
York, 1993. 542 pp.. hardcover, DM 268.-/$ 175.-.ISBN 3-527-30027-9/1-56081-764-X
AIP Handbook of Modern Sensors. Physics, Designs
and Applications. (Modern Instrumentation and Measurements in Physics & Engineering). By J. Fraden.
American Institute of Physics, New York, 1993. 552
pp., hardcover, $ 66.-.-ISBN
Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Growth and
Properties of Phosphorus Containing 111-V Heterostructures. (Springer Series in Materials Science, Val.
26). By M. B. Panish, H. Temkin. Springer, Heidelberg,
1993. 428 pp., hardcover, DM 98.--.-ISBN3-54056540-X
Bioprocessing. (Biotechnology, Vol. 3, Second Revised
Edition). Edited by G. Stephanopnulos. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993.816 pp.. hardcover, DM 490.-/$
365:- (subscription price: DM 390.-/$ 29S.-).-ISBN
Cyclophane Chemistry. By F. Vogtle. Wiley, Chichester,
1993. 501 pp.. hardcover, f 100.-.--ISBN 0-47193199-3
Carbohydrates as Organic Raw Materials 11. Edited by
C. Descotes. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 278
pp., hardcover, DM 148 -/$95 --ISBN 3-527-30007411-56081-703-8
Supplement S: The chemistry of sulphur-containing
functional groups. (The chemistry of functional
groups). Edited by S. Patai, Z. Rappaport. Wiley, ChiChester, 1993.1122 pp.. hardcover. f 320.-.-ISBN 0471-93046-6
QSAR: Hansch Analysis and Related Approaches.
(Methods in Principles in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol. 1).
By H. Knhinyi. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 240
3-527pp.. hardcover, DM 158.-/$ lOO.-.-ISBN
30035-Xjl -S6083-768-2
The Chemistry of the Copper and Zinc Triads. Edited by
A. J. Welch, S. K. Chapman. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 1993. 255 pp.. hardcover, E 47.50.ISBN 0-85186-715-4
Random Walks in Biology. By H. C. Berg. Princeton
University Press. Princeton, USA, 1993. 148 pp., paperback, $ 12.95.-lSBN 0-691-00064-6
Cluster Ions. (Wiley Series in Ion Chemistry and
Physics). Edited by C.-Y. Ng, T. Baer, 1. Powis. Wiley,
Chichester, 1993. 479 pp., hardcover, f 80.-.-ISBN
Lithium. (Die Bibliothek der Wissenschaft, Vol. 2). By
J. Deheritz. Verlag Moderne Industrie, Landsherg,
1993. 70 pp., hardcover, DM 16.80.-ISBN 3-47893093-6
Frontiers in Nonlinear Optics. Edited by H. Walther, N.
Koroteev, M. 0. Scully. Institute of Physics Publishing,
0Bristol, 1993. 294 pp.. hardcover, f %-.-ISBN
Umwelt. (Rompp Lexikon). Edited by H. Hulpke,
H.A. Koch, R. Wagner. Thieme, Stuttgarl. 1993.
855 pp., hardcover, DM 298.- (subscription price:
268.-).--ISBN 3-13-736501-5
Principles of Organic Synthesis, Third Edition. By
R. 0. C. Norman, J. M. Coxon. Chapman & Hall, London, 1993.81 1 pp.. paperback, f 22.50.-1SBN 0-75140126-9
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis. Edited by 1. Ojima.
VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993.476 pp.. hardcover,
DM 186.-/$ 110.-.-ISBN
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