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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 71995)

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New Books
Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution of Hydrogen. By
0. N. Chupakhin et al. Academic Press, San Diego.
1994. 367 pp., hardcober. $ 95.00. ~ - l S B N 0-12174640-2
Aufgaben Lur Bioreaktionstechnik. By K.-H. Wolf.
Spriiigcr. Heidelberg. 1994. 302 pp., paperback.
DM 49.80. ISBN 3-540-57876-5
Lecture Notes in Quantum Chemistry II. Edited by 6.
0. Ross. Springer, Heidelberg, 1994. 340 pp.. paperback. DM 90.00. ISBN 3-540-58620-2
Resorcinol. I t s Use5 and Derivatives. (Topics in Applied Chemistry). Bq H. Dressier. Plenum Press, New
York. 1994. 500 pp.. hardcover. $ 115.00.~-lSBN
Photoelectron Spectroscop). (Springer Series in Solid
State Sciences 82). By S. Hiifner. Springer, Heidelberg.
1994. 51 1 pp., h;irdcovci-. D M 168.00.-ISBN 3-540191ox-9
From the Lab into the World. A Pill for People. Pets and
Bugs. By C. Djerassi. American Chemical Society.
Wishington. 1994.230 pp.. hardcover. $24.YS.-ISBN
Inorganic Chemistry of Main Group Elements. Bq
B. King. VCH. New York. 1995. 326 pp.. hardcover.
D M 115.00. $ 75.00.---ISBN 1-56081-679-1
Biological Exposure Values for Occupational Toxicants
and Carcinogens. Critical Data Evaluation for BAT
and EKA Values. Ed. by D. Henschler, G. Lebnert.
VCH. Weinheim:New York. 1994.235 pp.. hardcover.
DM 158.00. $ 95.00 (subscription price: DM 115.00!
$ 70.00). -ISBN 3-527-27032-9
Inorganic Experiments. Edited by J. D. Woollins. VCH.
Wrinhciin. 1994. 2x6 pp hardcover. DM 148.00:$
90.00 ISBN 3-527-29235-7
Spreadsheets for Chemists. By G. Filby. VCH. Weiiiheim:New York. 1994.40X p p . ~hardcover. DM 98.00.'$
60.00 ISBN 3.527-28570-9
Ion Chromatography. 2nd Ed. By J. Weiss. VCH. Weinheim,Ncw York. 1994.464 pp.. hardcover. DM 164.00'
05.0tl. ISBN 3-527-28698.5
Dictionarj of Gene Technology. By G. Kahl. VCH.
WeinheimNw York. 1994. 550 pp.. hardcover.
DM lX4.00:90.00. ISBN 3-527-30005-8
Medizinische Chemie. Bv R. 6. Silverman. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 440 pp., paperback, DM 68.00.-ISBN
Densit)-Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules.
(Interiiaiional Scrics of Monographs oil Chemistry.
Val. 16) By K. G. Parr, W. Yang. Oxford University
Presa. Oxford. 1995. 333 pp.. paperhack. f 25.00.ISBN 0-I9-50927(,-7
Analytiker Taschenbuch, Vnl. 12. By H. Giinzler et al.
Springer. Heidelberg. 1994. 332 pp.. hardcover.
DM 14X.00. I S B N 3-540-57754-8
Radical Chemistry. (Ellis Hoi-wood Series in Organic
Cheinisti-y) By M. J. Perkins. Ellis Horwood. New
York. 1994. 182 pp.. paperback. $ 18.00.-ISBN 0-13320920-2
Analytical Chemistry of Synthetic Colorants, Vol. 2.
Edited by A. T. Peters, H. S. Freeman. Chapman &
Hall. London. 1994. 224 pp.. hardcover. f 75.00.-ISBN 0-7~14-n~ox-7
Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectral Properties in Compound
Characterization and Structural Analysis. Edited by L.
D. Quin, J. G. Verkade. VCH, Weinheim, New York.
1994. 450 pp., hardcover. DM 260.00. S 150.00.
ISBN 1-56081-637-6
Vom Wasser. Edited by Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker. VCH, Weinheim;New York, 1994.459 pp.. hardcover, DM 278.0O.-ISBN 3-527-28651-9
PCR. By C. R. hewton, A. Graham. Spektrum
Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg. 1994. 206 pp., paperback. DM 39.80. -ISBN 3-86025-236-4
Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 6. Edited by
H. Suschitzky, E. E V. Scriven. Elsevier. Oxford. 1994.
352 pp.. hardcover. f 95.00.-ISBN 0-08-042086-9
Binuclear Compounds I , 8th Ed. Edited by GMELIN
Institute for Inorganic Chemistry. Springer. Berlin.
1994. 542 pp.. hardcover, DM 3200.00.-ISBN 3-54093695-5
Compounds with Germanium-Hydrogen Bonds, 8th Ed.
Edited by U. Kriierke, C. Siebert, 6. Wobke. Springer.
Berlin. 1994.364 pp.. hardcover. D M 2200.00.--1SBN
3 - w ~ ~ m - 3
Gas Extraction. An Introduction lo Fundamentals of
Supercritical Fluids and the Application to Separation
Processes. By G. Brunner (Topics in Physical Chemistry. Vol. 4). Steinkopff, Darmztadt. 1994. 387 pp..
hardcover, DM 44.80.-1SBN 3-7985-0944-1
Opportunities for Innovation: Biotechnology. Edited bq
R. M. Busche et al. Technomic Publishing AG. Basel.
1994. 273 pp.. paperhack, SFr 67.00. ~ l S B N1-56676253-7
Cyclophanes. By E. Weber (Topics in Current Chemistry. Vol. 172). Springer. Heidelberg, 1994. 98 pp.,
hardcover, DM 178,00.-ISBN 3-540-58257-6
Non-Electronic Applications of Silicon Nitride.
SiNx.SiNx:H, 8th Ed. Edited by F. Schroder,
W. Kurtz. Springer, Berlin. 1994. 386 pp.. hardcover.
DM 2375.00.-ISBN 3-540-93693-9
Multivariate Datenanalyse. Methodik und Anwendung
in der Chemie und verwandten Gebieten. By R + G.
Henrion. Springer. Heidelberg, 1994. 261 pp. hardcover. DM 128.00 ISBN 3-540-5x188-X
Compounds with Br, 1, the Chalcogens (S,Se, Te, Po),
6, and C, 8th Ed. Edited by R. Keim, 6. Schwager. Springer. Berlin. 1994. 367 pp.. hardcover.
D M 2290.00.-ISBN 3-540-93694-7
Free Radicals in Organic Chemistry. By J. Fosseq, D.
Lefort, J. Sorba. Wiley, Chichester. 1994. 350 pp..
hardcover, f 45.00;paperback. f 19.95.---ISBN 0.47195495-0/0-471-95496-9
Ferrocenes. Homogeneous Catalysis. Organic Synthesis. Materials Science. Edited by A. Togni, T. Hayashi.
VCH. Weinheim:New York. 1995. 540 pp.. hardcover.
DM 248.00. $ 145.00. ISBN 3-527-29048-6
Organic Reactions. Logic and Simplicity. By P. Laszlo.
Wiley. Chichester. 1995. 736 pp.. hardcover. f 60 00i
paperback. f 24.95.--ISBN
0-471-93933-1 !O-47195278-8
Industrial Color Testing. Fundamentals and Techniques. By H. G. Volz. VCH. Weinheim:New York.
1995. 377 pp., hardcover, D M 198.00. $ 115.00.ISBN 3-527-2x643-8
Fluorine-Containing Amino Acids. Synthesis and Properties. Edited by V. P. Kukhar, \'. A. Soloshonok. Wiley.
Chichester. 1994. 400 pp hardcover, f 90.00. ISBN
Spectroscopy in Catalysis. By J. W. Niemantsverdriet.
VCH, Weinheim;New York. 1995.288 pp.. paperback.
DM 78.00, $45.00 -[SBN 3-527-28726-4
Stereoselective Synthesis. By R. S. Atkinson. Wiley,
Chichester. 1995. 550 pp.. hardcover. f 85.00;paperback. f 29.95.---lSBN 0-471-95~50-Xi0-471-95419.5
Process Scale Liquid Chromatography. Edited by G.
Subramanian. VCH. Weinheim/New York, 1995. 225
pp., hardcover. DM 178.00. $ 105.00.-ISBN 3.52728672-1
Monosaccharides. Their Cheinistrq and Thcir Roles i n
Natural Products. By P. M. Collins, R. J. Ferrier. Wiley. Chichester, 1995. 400 pp.. hardcover. f 50.00:
paperback. f 18.95. -ISBN 0-471-95342-3!0-47195343-1
Automotive Paints and Coatings. Edited by G. Fettis.
VCH, WeinheimjNew York. 1995. 240 pp., hardcover.
DM 220.00. $ 130.00. - ISBN 3-527-28637-3.
G C fur Anwender. By W. Gottwald. VCH. Weinheim.
1995. 284 pp.. paperback. DM 58.00. ISBN 3.52728681-0
NMR-Spektroskopie fur Anwender. By W.-D. Herzog,
M. Messerschmidt. VCH. Weinheim, 1995. 194 pp..
paperback. D M 58.00.--ISBN 3-527-28690-X
Electrophoresis of Enzymes. By G. M. Rothe. Springer.
Hcidclbcrg, 1994. 307 pp.. hardcover. DM 98.00 ~~- Qualitat im analytischen Labor. QualititssicherungsISBN 3-540-5XI 14-6
systeme. MaBnahmen zur Qualititssicherung. Der
ganrheitliche Qualititsgedanke. Edited by S. Kromidas. VCH. Weinheim. 1995. 392 pp.. D M 118.00.Advanced Composite Materials. By L. A. Pilato.
ISBN 3-527-28683-7
Springer. Heidelberg. 1994. 208 pp.. hardcover,
DM 138 00. ISBN 3-540-57563-4
Safety in the Chemistr) and Biochemistry Laboratory.
Glass Chemistrj. 2nd Ed. By W. Vogel. Springer.
By A. Picot, P. Crenouillet. VCH. Weinheim:New
Heidelbcrg. 1994. 464 pp.. hardcover, D M 148.00.~
York. 1995. 318 pp.. hardcover, DM 98.00. S 60.00. -
lSBN 3-540-57572-3
Diplom- und Doktorarbeit. 2nd Ed. Anleitnngen fur den
naturwissenscbaltlich-technischcii Nachwuchs. By
H. F. Ebel, C. Bliefert. VCH, Weinheim. 1994. 227 pp..
paperback. DM 41.00. S 25.00. ISBN 3-527-30060-0
Odors and Deodorization in the Environment. Edited by
G. Martin, P. Laffort. VCH Weinheim!New York,
1994. 486 pp.. hardcover. DM 235.00, S 145.00.ISBN I-56081-666-X
Chemistry - An Experimental Science 2/e. Edited by G.
M Bodner/H. L. Pardue. Wiley. Chichester. Great
B r i t m . 1994. 983 pp.. paperback. f 24.95.-ISBN
Computational Chemistry Using the PC. Second Edition. By D. W. Rogers. VCH. \Veinheim:New York.
1994.247 pp.. hardcover, DM 9X 00. $ 65 00. ISBN
ISBN 1-56081-040-8
Monoterpenoid lndole Alkaloids. Supplement to Vol.
25. Part 4. By J. E.Saxton. Wiley. C'hichester, 1994.860
pp., hardcover. f 175 00.--ISBN 0-471-951 12-9
Text and Graphics in the Electronic Age. Desktop Publishing for Scientists. By W. E. Russey, C. Bliefert, C.
Villain. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1995. 359 pp.. paperback. D M WOO,'$ 50.00 ---ISBN 3-527-28519-9
Molecular Crystals. 2nd Ed. By J. 0. Wright. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge 1995. 221 p ~ .pa,
perback. f13.95. -ISBN 0.521-47730-1
Reviews on Analytical Chemistrq - Euroanalysis VIII.
Edited by D. Littlejohn, D. Thorhurn Burns. Royal
Society of Chemistry. Cambridge. 1994. 366 pp.. hardcover, f 75.00.- --ISBN 0-85186-982-3
Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry. 2nd Ed. By J.
Leonard, 6. Lygo, G. Procter. Chapman & Hall.
Glasgow. 1995. 298 pp., paperback. f 19.99. ISBN
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