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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 81994)

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New Books
Dynamics of Excited Molecules. Edited by K. Kuchitsu.
Elsevier. Amsterdam. 1994. 620 pp.. hardcover. Dfl.
495 OO.-ISBN 0-444-81796.4
Theories and Mechanism of Phase Transitions, Heterophase Polymerizations, Homopolymerization, Addition Polymerization. (Advances in Polymer Science.
Vol. 112). Edited by A. Ahe, H. Benoit, H.-J. Cantow et
al. Springer. Heidelberg. 1994. 307 pp., hardcover.
DM 198.00.-ISBN 3-540-57236-8
Polymer Synthesis. (Advances in Polymer Science. Vol.
1 1 I ) . Edited by A. Abe, H. Benoit, H.-J. Cantow et al.
Springer, Heidelberg. 1994. 227 pp.. hardcover,
DM 188 00.-ISBN 3-540-57198-1
Luftreinhaltung, 3rd Ed. By G. Baumbach. Springer.
Heidelberg. 1994. 461 pp.. paperback. DM 78.00.ISBN 3-540-56823-9
Ah lnitio Variational Calculations of Molecular Vibrational-Rotational Spectra. (Lecture Notes in Chemistry. Vol. 61). By D. J. Searles, E. 1. v. Nagy-Felsobuki.
Springer. Heidelberg, 1993. 186 pp.. paperback. D M
58.00.--ISBN 3-540-57465-4
Stereoselective Synthesis. Edited by E. Ottow, K.
Schollkopf, B.-G. Schulz. Springer. Heidelberg. 1993.
136 pp.. hardcover, D M 128.00.-ISBN 3-540-57202-3
TA-Siedlongsabfall. Kommentar unter Beriicksichtignng der aktuellen Gesetzeslage. Edited by Bundesverhand der Deutschen Entsorgungswirtschaft e. V. Merz
Verlag, Bonn. 1994. Paperback, DM 32.50.-ISBN 3-926108-26-6
Metalloporphyrins Catalyzed Oxidations. (Catalysis by
Metal Complexes, 17). Edited by F. Montanari, L.
Casella. Kluwer. Dordrecht. 1994. 368 pp., hardcover.
Dfl. 240.00. --ISBN 0-7923-2657-1
Cyclodextrins in Pharmacy. (Topics in Inclusion
Science, 5). By K.-H. Fromming, J. SzejtIi. Kluwer,
Dordrecht. 1993. 228 pp., hardcover. Dtl. 160.00.ISBN 0-7923-2139-1
Conceptual Trends in Quantum Chemistry. Edited by E.
S. Kryachko, J. L. Calais. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1994.
264 pp.. hardcover. Dfl. 165.00.-ISBN 0-7923-2621-0
Oxygenates by Homologatin or C O Hydrogenation with
Metal Complexes. (Catalysis by Metal Complexes, 16).
Edited by G. Braca. Kluwer, Dordrecht. 1994.240 pp..
hardcover. Dfl. 160.00.-ISBN 0-7923-2628-8
Spectra for the Identification of Monomers in Food
Packaging. By J. Bush, J. Gilbert, X. Goenaga. Kluwer,
Dordrecht, 1993. 448 pp., hardcover, Dfl. 320.00.ISBN 0-7923-2400-5
Fluorescent Chemosensors for Ion and Molecule Recognition. (ACS Symposium Series No. 538). Edited by A.
W. Czarnik. American Chemical Society. Washington
(USA), 1993. 243 pp.. hardcover. $ 69.95.ISBN 0-8412-2728-4
Thermally Generated Flavors. (ACS Symposium Series
No. 543). Edited by T. H. Parliment, M. J. Morello, R.
J. McCorrin. American Chemical Societv. Washineton
(USA). 1993. 488 pp , hardcover. $ lb9.95.-IiBN
0-841 2-2742-X
0s Organoosmium Compounds. Suppl
Silk Polymers. (ACS Symposium Series No. 544). Edited by D. Kaplan et al. American Chemical Society.
Washington (USA), 1993. 253 pp.. hardcover. S
94.95.-ISBN 0-8412-2743-8
Vol B, Part 6
Edited by K. Behrends, J. Fhssel, C. Weher. Springer
Heidelberg, 1993. 248 pp , hardcover. DM 1485 00 ISBN 3-540-91671-8
The Anomeric Effect and Associated Stereoelectronic
Effects. (ACS Symposium Series No. 539). Edited by
G. R. J. Thatcher. American Chemical Society.
Washington (USA). 1993. 290 pp., hardcover. $
74.95.-ISBN 0-8412-2729-2
Physical Properties of Polymers, 2nd Ed. By J. E. Mark
et al. American Chemical Society, Washington (USA).
1993. 409 pp., hardcover. $ 59.95 -ISBN 0-84122505-2
Polymers for Microelectronics. (ACS Symposium Series No. 537). Edited by L. F. Thompson, C. G. Willson,
S. Tagawa. American Chemical Society, Washington
(USA), 1993. 554 pp., hardcover, $ 119.95.--ISBN
0-841 2-2721-7
Thin-Layer Chromatography, 3rd Ed. (Chromatographic Science Series, 66). By B. Fried, J. Sherma.
Marcel Dekker. New York, 1994. 464 pp., hardcover.
$ 165.00.--ISBN 0-8247-9171-1
Physical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors. (High Temperature Superconductivity. Vol. 4)
Edited by D. M. Ginsberg. World Scientific. Singapore.
1994. 650 pp.. hardcover, f 70.00.-ISBN 981.021637-8
Rohstoffe und Umwelt. (Geologie und Okologie im
Kontext. Vol. 2). Edlted by E. Speetzen. Ernst & Sohn,
Berlin, 1994. 222 pp.. hardcover. DM 118.00.--ISBN
Gentechnik als eine Heransforderung in Deutschland.
(Nova Acta Leopoldina, NF, Vol. 70, No. 2x6). Edited
by E.-L. Winnacker. Barth Verlag. Leipzig, 1993.
74 pp.. DM 9.80.--ISBN 3-335-00393-4
Advances in Transport Processes 1X. Edited by A. S.
Mujumdar, R. A. Mashelkar. Elsevier, Amsterdam,
1993. 586 pp., hardcover, Dfl. 595.00.-ISBN 0-44489737-2
NMR Techniques in Catalysis. (Chemical Industries Series, 55). Edited by A. T. Bell, A. Pines. Marcel Dekker.
New York. 1994.448 pp., hardcover. $165.00.-ISBN
0-8247-91 73-X
Relaxation in Polymers. Edited by T. Kohayashi. World
Scientific. Singapore. 1993. 340 pp.. f 64.00.-ISBN
Stoffe E-0. Hagers Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen
Praxis, Vol. 8.5th Ed. Edited by F. v. Bruchhausen et al.
Springer. Heidelberg, 1993. 1293 pp.. hardcover.
DM 610.00. --ISBN 3-540-52640-4
Advances in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion. Edited by A. V. Bridgwater. Chapman & Hall. London.
1993. 1760 pp . hardcover, f 195 00 -ISBN 0-75140171.4
Solid-state NMR I: Methods. (NMR - Basic Principles
and Progress, Vol. 30). Edited by B. Bliimich. Springer,
Heidelberg. 1994. 281 pp., hardcover, DM 248.00.ISBN 3-540-57189-2
Gas Cleaning at High Temperatures. Edited by R. Clift,
J. P. K. Seville. Chapman & Hall, London, 1993. 696
pp.. hardcover, f 99.00.-ISBN 0-7514-0178-1
Solid-state h M R 11: Inorganic Matter. (NMR - Basic
Principles and Progress, Vol. 31). Edited by B. Bliimich.
Springer. Heidelberg. 1994. 215 pp.. hardcover. DM
248.00.-ISBN 3-540-57190-6
Chemical Chaos. (International Serles of Monographs
on Chemistry No. 24). By S. K. Scott. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1993.470 pp.. paperback, f 22.50:- ISBN 0-19-855658-6
Protein Purification, 3rd Ed. By R. K. Scopes. Springer,
Heidelberg, 1994. 380 pp., hardcover, D M 88.00.ISBN 3-540-94072-3
Crystallography. By W. Borchardt-Ott. Springer,
Heidelberg. 1993. 303 pp.. paperback, DM 44.00,ISBN 3-540-56679-1
Quality Assessment of Textiles. By K. Mahall. Springer.
Heidelberg. 1993. 227 pp.. hardcover, D M 148.00.ISBN 3-540-57390-9
The Barbier Reaction and Related One-Step Processes.
(Reactivity and Structure: Concepts in Organic Chemistry. Vol. 31). By C. Blomberg. Springer, Heidelberg,
1993. 183 pp.. hardcover. DM 186.00.-ISBN 3.54057169-8
Introduction to Modern Colloid Science. By R. J.
Hunter. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993. 346
pp., hardcover. f 35.00.-ISBN 0-19-855387-0
Protein Structure: In Focus. By N. J. Darby, T. E.
Creighton. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993. 120
pp., paperback, f 8.95.-ISBN 0-19-963310-X
Maintenance-Free Batteries - A Handbook of Battery
Technology. By D. Berndt. Research Studies Press,
Chichester, Great Britain, 1993. 384 pp., f 65.00.ISBN 0-86380-143-9
Organic Chemistry, 2nd Ed. By K. P. C. Vollhardt, N,
E. Schore. Freeman, Oxford, 1993. 1312 pp., hardcover, f 24.95.-ISBN 0-7167-2010-8
New Gmelin Volumes:
B Boron Compounds. Suppl. Vol. 4, Part 2. By G.
Heller. Springer. Heidelberg, 1993.297 pp., hardcover,
DM 1780.00.-ISBN 3-540-93673-4
N Nitrogen. Suppl. Vol. B, Part 2. Edited by P. Merlet,
D. Koschel, A. Wietelmann. Springer, Heidelberg. 1993.
3-540188 pp.. hardcover. DM 1140.00.-ISBN
V C H Vcriugsgrsellsrhufi mhH, 0.69451 Wvinhaim,1994
S 111.00
Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry. By G. C. Schatr, M.
A. Ratner. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, USA.
1993. 325 p p . hardcover, $ 88 30 -ISBN 0-13747585-3
Fish and Fish Products. By B. Holland, J. Brown, D. H.
Buss. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1993.
135 pp.. paperback, f 24.50.-ISBN 0-85186-421-X
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