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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 91993)

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Applied Chaos Theory. A Paradigma Tor Complexity.
By A.B. Cambel. Academic Press. London. 1993.246
pp., hardcover, f 33:- ISBN 0-12-155940-8
New Books
Complexity. Life at the edge of chaos. By R. Lewin.
Maxwell Macmillan International. Oxford. 1993.
208 pp.. hitrdcovcf. f 17.95.- ~ISBN0-02-570485-0
Structure of Electrified Interfaces. Edited by J. Lipkowski, P.N. Ross. VCH. Wcinheim:Ncw York.
1993.406 pp.. hardcover. DM IY6.- 3 125. -ISBN
3-527-28787-6 0-89573-787-6
Grundkurs Chemie. By A. Arni. VCH, Weinheim.
1993. 354 pp.. paperback, DM 48.- -ISBN 3-52729008-7
H P L C Detection. Newer Methods. Edited by G. Patonay. VCH. Weinheim,New York. 1993. 236 pp..
hardcover. DM 158. - ;$95.--ISBN 3-527-28219-X
Electrode Kinetics for Chemists, Chemical Engineers,
and Materials Scientists. By E. Gileadi. VCH, Weinheim'New York. 1993. 597 pp.. hardcover. DM
1 8 9 . - ~S 115. ISBN 3-527-89561-2 1-56081-561-2
Plants as Biomonitors. Indicators for Heavy Metals
in the Terrestrial Environment. Edited by 8. Markert. VCH. Weinheim 'New York. 1993.644 pp.. hardcover. DM 298. - S 200.--ISBN 3-527-30001-5!156081-272-9
Principles of Biochemistry. 2 Auflage. Bq A. Lehninger, D.L. Nelson, M.M. Cox. Worth Publishers.
New York. 1993. 1013 pp.. hardcover. $ 56.95. - ISBN 0-87901-500-4
Soil Chemistry and its Applications.(Cambrid~cEnvironmental Chemistry Series 5). By M. Cresser, K.
Killham, T. Edwards. Cambridge University Press.
Cambridge. 1993. 192 pp.. paperback. f 3 5 . ~ISBN
0-521 -32169-3
Atomic and Molecular Properties. (Methods in Computational Chemistry. Vol. 5 ) . Edited by S. Wilson.
Plenum Press. New York, 1993. 34Y pp.. hardcover.
$ 79.50 - ISBN 0-306-44263-9
Characterization of Ceramics. (M;tteri;tls Characterinition Series). Edited by R.E. Loehmann. Butterworth-Heinemnnn. Oxford. 1993. 295 pp.. hardcover. E 47.50.- ISBN 0-7506-9253-7
An Introduction to ,Metal Matrix Composites. ( C m bridge Solid State Science Series). Edited by T.W.
Clyne. P.J. Whiters. Cambridge University Press.
Cambridge. 1993. 509 pp.. hardcover. f 55. -ISBN
Anorganikum. By L. Kolditz. Hiithig, Heidelberg,
1993. 1125 pp.. hardcover. DM 98. -ISBN 3-33500341 -1
Metal Extraction by Bacterial Oxidation of .Minerals.
(Ellis Horwood Series in Inorganic Chemistry). By J.
Barrett, M. N. Hughes, G. 1. Kararaiko, P. A.
Spencer. Ellis Horwood. London. 1993. 191 pp..
hardcover. f 64.60.- ISBN 0-13-577735.6
Biopolymers 1. (Advances in Polymer Sciences. Vol.
107) Edited by N. A. Peppas, R. S. Lanyer. Springer.
Heidelberg. 1993. 272 pp.. hardcover. DM 21K.- ISBN 3-540-56148-X
Electro-Osmosis. (Ellis Horwood Series in Physical
Chemistry). By K. P. Tikhomolova. Ellis Horwood,
London. 1993. 219 pp., hardcover, f 99.- -ISBN
0-1 3-249806-5
Pest Control with Enhanced Environmental Safety.
(ACS Symposium Series. Vol. 524). Edited by S. 0.
Duke, J. J. Menn, J. R. Plimmer. American Chemical
Society, Washington. 1993. 357 pp.. hardcover.
S 84.95.--ISBN 0-8412-2638-5
Chromatography of Polymers. Characterization by
SEC and FFF. (ACS Symposium Series. Vol. 521).
Edited by T. Provder. American Chemical Society.
Washington. 1993. 337 pp.. hardcover. S 94.95.
ISBN 0-8412-7625-3
Polymeric Delivery Systems. Properties and Applications. (ACS Symposium Series. Vol. 520). Edited by
M. A. El-Nokaly, D. M. Piatt, B. A. Charpentier.
American Chemical Society. Washington. 1993. 41 1
pp.. hardcover. $ 99.95.-lSBN 0-8412-2624-5
Data Analysis for the Chemical Sciences. A Guide to
Statistical Techniques. By R.C. Graham. VCH. Weinheim:New York. 1993.536 pp.. hardcover. DM 7X.5 49.50.--ISBN 3-527-281 14-2/1-56081-048-3
Relaxation and Thermodynamics in Polymers. Glas
Transition. By E.-J. Donth. Akademie Verlap. Berlin.
1993. 350 pp., hardcover. DM 148.- ISBN 3-05501 392-1
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy.
Theory, Techniques. and Applications. Edited by
D.A. Bonnell. VCH. Weinheim,'New York. 1993.436
p p . hardcover. DM 196:- S 125.--ISBN 3-52727920-2.'0-n9~73-786-x
New Frontiers in Catalysis. Proc. 10th Int. Congr.
Catalysis. 1992. Edited by L. Cuczi, E Solymosi, P.
Teteny. Elsevier. Amsterdam. 1993. 2878 pp.. hardcover. Dfl. 895.- --ISBN 0-444-89621 -X
Physical Methods in Chemistry. By V. A. Afanasiev,
G. E. Zaikov. Nova Science, Commack. USA. 1993.
182 pp.. hardcover, 11 79.--lSBN 1-56072-063-8
Half a Century of Free Radical Chemistry. By D.H.R.
Barton, S.I. Parekh. Cambridge University Press,
Cambridge. 1993. 164 pp.. paperbitck,hardback.
f 12.95 30.--ISBN 0-531-44580-9,0-531-44005-X
Biomembranes. Physical Aspects. Edited by M.
Shinitzky. VCH. WeinheimlNew York. 1993. 378
pp., hardcover. DM 198.--5.135 --ISBN 3.52730021-X:1-56081-771-2
Silica Gel and Bonded Phases. Their Production.
Properties and Use in LC. (Separation Science Series). Edited by R. P. w.Scott. Wiley. West Sussex.
Great Britain. 1993. 261 pp.. hardcover. f 35. ISBN 0-471-93985-4
Industrial Organic Chemistry. Second, Revised and
Extended Edition By K. Weissermel, H . J . Arpe.
VCH. WeinheimNew York. 1993. 457 pp.. hardcover. DM 12X.-- S.80. - ISBN 3-527-26995-9!089573-861-9
Capillary Electrophoresis of Small .Molecules and
Ions. By P. Jandik, G. Bonn. VCH. WeinheiidNew
S 65.York. 1993. 298 pp.. hardcover. DM 108:ISBN 3-527-89533-7i1-56081-533-7
Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic Reactions of
Carbon Dioxide. Edited by B.P. Sullivan, K. Krist,
H.E. Guard. Elsevier. Amsterdam. 1993. 298 pp
hardcover. Dfl 340 -ISBN 0-444-88316-9
Nuclear Magnetic Shielding and Molecular Structure.
(Nato Advanced Science Institutes Series). Edited by
J. A. Tossell. Kluwer, Dordrecht. 1993. 600 pp..
hardcover. Dfl 330.--lSBN 0-7923-21 19-7
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VCH Vcrlapsgcscllxhaft rnhli. D-69451 Wcinheim. 1993. Printcd in the Fcdcral Republic of Germen) by Konred Triltrch Druck- und Verlagsiinitalt Wlirzhurg
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produced In a l l its partc Nevertheless. authors. cditorc. and publi5her do not uiirrant the information contained therein t o bc free oferror,. Readers arc adui\ed to keep ~n mind that \taternenis.
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Valid for mers in the L S A : Thc dppearancu of the code at the botroni of the fir51 p.igc of ;in nrttclc irerial) indicates thc cupyripht owncr's concent that copies of the iirlicle may be made for personal
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InL (CCC). for copying beyond that permitted h) Scctionc 107 or 108 of thc U S. Copyright Lna Thn consuit docs not extend to other kind, ofcopyinp. such as copytng. for general distribution.
for cidwitising o r promotional purpo\cs. for ci-caung ncu collcctiw xorka. o r for rcsdlc F o r cop)mg from back \olunicb of this journ.d FCC 'Perrnirsinns 10 Photo-Copy. Puhlishci'r F e e List' of
the CCC
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Editor: P?w Gdii:
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