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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 111993)

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New Books
ROMPP Lexikon Umwelt. Edited by J. Falbe, M.
Regitz. Thieme, Stuttgdrt. 1993. 770 pp.. hardcover,
DM 298.-ISBN 3-13-736501-5
Photosensitization and Photocatalysis Using Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds. Edited by K. Kalyanasnndaram. Kluwer. Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 1993. 484 pp.. hardcover, Dfl. 330.--ISBN
0-7923-2261 -4
Chromatography in Biotechnology. (ACS Symposium
Series 529). Edited by C. Horvath, L. S. Ettre. American Chemical Society, Washington, 1993. 189 pp..
hardcover, $ 49.95.-lSBN 0-8412-2669-5
Control Methods in Polymer Processing. (Studies in
Polymer Science, Vol. 10). By L. Halasz. Elsevier,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1993. 486 pp.. hardcover. Dfl. 400.-ISBN 0-444-98741-X
Horizonte. Wie weit reicht unsere Erkenntnis heute?
Edited by G. Wilke. Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft. Stuttgart. 1993. 364 pp., paperback,
DM 48.-ISBN 3-8047-1280-0
Food and Cancer Prevention: Chemical and Biological
Aspects. Edited by K. W. Waldron, I. T. Johnson,
G. R. Fenwick. The Royal Society of Chemistry.
Cambridge, 1993. 462 pp.. hardcover, f 55.--ISBN
Ion Exchange Processes: Advances and Applications.
Edited by A. Dyer, M. J. Hudson, P. A. Williams.
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 1993.
372 pp.. hardcover, f 52.50.--ISBN 0-85186-445-7
Applicationsof Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry 11.
Edited by G. Holland, A. N. Eaton. The Royal
Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1993. 245 pp..
hardcover, f 45.--ISBN 0-85186-465-1
Dictionary of Common Names. Triviahamen-Handbuch, Vol. 1-3. Edited by FIZ Chemie, Berlin. VCH,
WeinheimiNew York, 1993. 1008 pp.. hardcover,
Prepublication Prize: DM 1760.-iS 1135.- valid until
December 31, 1993, regular price: DM 2100.-/$
1355.--ISBN 3-527-29020-0
Umweltbelastnngen und Angste. Erkennen - Bewerten - Vermeiden. Edited by K . Aurand, B.P.
Hazard, F. Tretter. Westdeiitscher Verlag. Opldden.
1993. 424 pp.. paperback. DM 59.-ISBN 3-53112508.7
Vom Wasser. Sammelregister LU den Blnden 61-80
(1983-1993). Edited by Gesellschaft Deutscher
Chemiker. VCH, Weinheim, 1993. 150 pp.. hardcover, DM 198.--ISBN 3-527-28607-1
Cyclitols and their Derivatives. A Handbook of Physical, Spectral. and Synthetic Data. By T. Hudlicky,
M. Cebulak. VCH, Weinheim/New York, 1993. 315
pp., hardcover. DM I48.-!$85.--ISBN 3-527-8963331 1-56081-633-3
Laserspektroskopie. Grundlagen und Techniken. By
W. Demtroder. Springer, Heidelberg, 1993. 489 pp..
hardcover. DM 98.-ISBN 3-540-56404-7
Micromechanics of Concrete and Cementitious Composites. Edited by C . Huet. Presses Polytechniques et
Universitaires Romandes, Lausanne, 1993. 252 pp..
paperback, SF 78.-ISBN 2-88074-260-9
The Measurement of Grain Boundary Geometry.
(Electron Microscopy in Materials Science Series).
Edited by V. Randle. Institute of Physics Publishing.
Bristol, 1993. 169 pp.. hardcover, f 60.-ISBN
Laser Chemistry of Organometallics. (ACS Symposium Series 530). Edited by J. Chaiken. American
Chemical Society, Washington, 1993. 313 pp., hdrdcover, $ 74.95.-ISBN 0-8412-2667-3
Photochemistry of Lignocellulosic Materials. (ACS
Symposium Series 531). Edited by C. Heitner, J. C.
Scaiano. American Chemical Society, Washington.
1993. 228 pp.. hardcover, 5 64.95.-ISBN 0-84122692-X
Semiconductor Interfaces, Microstructures and
Devices. Properties and Applications. Edited by
Z. C. Feng. Institute of Physics Publishing. Bristol.
1993. 293 pp., hardcover. f 67.50.-ISBN 0-75030180-5
Recent Progress in the Chemical Synthesis of Antibiotics and Related Microbial Products, Vol. 2. Edited
by G. Lukacs. Springer, Heidelberg, 1993. 970 pp..
hardcover. D M 348.-ISBN 3-540-56754-2
Structure and Properties of Polymers. (Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 12). Edited by E.L.
Thomas. VCH. Weinheim/New York, 1993. 785 pp.,
hardcover, DM 430.-/$ 295.-ISBN 3-527-268251i0-89573-700.0
Explosionsschutz. Grundlagen und Anwendungen.
By W. Bartknecht, G. Zwahlen. Springer, Heidelberg,
1993. 915 pp., hardcover, DM 298 --ISBN 3-54055464-5
High Energy Non-AqueousBatteries. (Ellis Horwood
Series in Physical Chemistry). By A. Cisak, L.
Werblan. Ellis Horwood, Chichester, 1993. 262 pp..
hardcover. f . . . . .--ISBN 0-13-388596-8.
Marine Natural Products - Diversity and Biosynthesis. (Topics in Current Chemistry. Vol. 167). Edited
by P. J. Scheuer. Springer, Heidelberg, 1993.185 pp..
hardcover. DM 148.-ISBN 3-540-56513-2
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 111. (Springer Series
in Surface Sciences. Vol. 29). Edited by R.
Wiesendanger, H.-J. Giintherodt. Springer. Heidelberg. 1993. 375 pp.. hardcover. DM 118 --ISBN
Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry.
(Second Edition). By I. Mills et al. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1993. 166 pp., paperback. f
14.95.-ISBN 0-632-03583-8
New Trends and Approaches in ElectrochemicalTechnology. Edited by N. Masuko, T. Osaka, Y. Fukunaka. VCH, Weinheim/New York, Kodansha,
Tokyo, 1993. 255 pp., hardcover. DM 198.-/
$ 130.-ISBN
Colloid-Polymer Interactions. Particulate. Amphiphilic, and Biological Surfaces. (ACS Symposium
Series 532). Edited by P. L. Dublin, P. Tong. American Chemical Society, Washington, 1993. 300 pp.,
hardcover, $ 7 4 . 9 5 . 4 S B N 0-8412-2696-2
Chemical Vapor Deposition. Principles and Applications. Edited by M. L. Hitchman, K. F. Jensen. Acddemic Press, London, 1993. 677 pp., hardcover, f
75.-ISBN 0-12-349670-5
Fiber and Whisker Reinforced Ceramics for Structural Applications. By D. Belitskus. Marcel Dekker,
New York, 1993. 360 pp., hardcover, $ 145.-ISBN
0-8247-91 11-8
B-Glucosidases: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. (ACS Symposium Series 533). Edited by A. Esen.
American Chemical Society, Washington, 1993. 249
pp., hardcover, $ 74.95.-lSBN 0-8412-2697-0
Reqicrm*d iianies, IrodmturkJ. ?I( t w d i n rhc\ ]ournu/. even ichen it01 marked 0s such. tire iini 10 be rons,dered rinprolecred hv 1 m .
1: VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, D-69451 Weinhem, 1993 Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany by Konrad Triltsch Druck- und Verlagsanstalt Wiirzburg
All rights reserved (including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be reproduced In any form
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nor transmitted
or translated into a machine language without written permission from the publishers. Only single copies of contributions, or parts thereof, may he made for personal use. This journal was carefully
produced in all its parts. Nevertheless.s,authors, editors, and publisher d o not warrant the information containcd therein to he free of errors. Readers are advrsed to keep in mind that statemcnts.
dara, illustrations, procedural details, or other items mdy inadvertently he IndCCUTatC.
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Inc. (CCC). for copying beyond that permitted by Sections 107 or 108 of the U S Copyright Law. This consent docs not extend to other kinds of copying, such as copying, far general distribution,
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the CCC.
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Editor: Prrtv Giilii;
Associate editors: N . A . Compron, R H Sclimd-Rodde. K . J. Schnerdeler. Book editor: C Karqer. Editorial assistants: J Glihriq, t.Schwrkart
Publishers: VCH Verlagsgesellschdft mhH. (Managing Directors Hans Dirk Kddm, Dr. KmIIwinz Kiip/er), Pdppclallee 3. D-69451 Weinheim. Federal Rcpublic of Germany
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Verlugsgesellschuft mbH, 0-69451 Weinheim, 1993
OS70-0833/93/1111-1670 8 IO.OU+ .2S!O
Angekr. Clietn. Inr. Ed. Engl 1993, 3 2 ~No. ? I
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