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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 171994)

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New Books
Polymer Analysis and Characterization. Advances in
Polymer Science. Vol. 114. By V. A. Bershtein, G. C.
Berry, J. Lesec, H. Matsuoka,I. Norio, 1. S. Osad'ko, V.
Ryzhor, J. L. Viovy. Springer, Berlin. 1994. 299 pp .
hardcover. DM 228.00.--ISBN 3-540-57238-4
Photoconducting Polymers/Metal-Containing
mers. Advances in Polymer Science. Vol 11 5.
Biswas, A. Mukherjee, V. Mylnikoi. Springer.
1994. 132 pp.. hardcover. DM 128.00. -ISBN
5 74 76- X
PolyBy M.
Regulation and Control of Complex Biological Processes by Biotransformation. Frontiers in Biotransforniation, Vol. 9. Edited by K. Ruckpaul, H. Rein. Akademie
Verlag. Berlin. 1994.253 pp.. hardcover. D M 228.00.ISBN 3-05-501367-0
Studienfiihrer Chemie. Edited by Gesellschaft
Deutscher Chemiker. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 405 pp..
paperback. DM 29.80.--lSBN 3-527-2922(?-8
Chemie in Haus und Garten. By G. Vollmer, M. Franz,
1. Hestermann. Thieme. Stuttgart, 1994.287 pp.. paperback. DM 22 90.-ISBN 3-13-767501-4
Chromatographisehe Trennmethoden. Theoretischc
Grundlagen. Techniken und analytische Anwendungcn. By G. Schwedt. Thieme. Stuttgart. 1994. 224 pp.,
paperback. DM 42.00. -ISBN 3-13-576403.6
Organische Chemie I. Grundlagen. Stoffklasseii. Re&
tionstypen. By E. Breitmaier, G. Jung. Thieme. Stuttgart. 1993. 480 pp.. hardcover. DM 75.00.-ISBN
3-13-541 503-1
NMRSpektroskopie von Nichtmetallen. By S. Berger,
5. Braun, H.-0. Kalinowski. Thieme, Stuttsart. 1993.
240 pp.. hardcover. DM 286.00.-- ISBN 3-1 3-769301-2
Membrane-Mimetic Approach to Advanced Materials.
Advances i n Polymer Science. Vol 11 3. By J. H.
Fendler. Springer. Berlin. 1994. 236 pp., hardcover.
DM 168.00.--ISBN 3-540-57237-6
Oherflachentechnologie mit Niederdruckplasmen. Beschichten und Strukturieren i n der Mikrotechnik. By
G. Franz. Springer, Berlin. 1994. 434 pp.. hardcovcr.
DM 148.00.-lSBN 3-540-57360-7
Properties of Liquids and Solutions, 2nd Edition. By
J. K. Murrell, A. D. Jenkins. Wiley. Chichester. Great
Britain. 1994. 303 pp paperback. E I6.95.-lSBN
Chemical Group Theory. Introduction and Fundamentals. Edited by D. Bonchei, D. H. Rouvray. Gordon and
Breach. Reading. Great Britain, 1994. 262 pp.. hardcover. f 78.00.-ISBN 2-881 24-959-0
Emeriti erinnern sich. Riickblicke auf die Lebre und
Forschune in Heidelbere. Edited bv 0. M. Marx. A.
Moses. VCH. Weinheim. 1994.508 pp.. hardcover, DM
XX.OO.-ISBN 3-527-29221-7
Mathematik fur Chemiker. 5th Ed. By H. G. Zachmann.
VCH. Weinheim, 1994. 700 pp.. hardcover. DM
84.00.- ISBN 3-527-29224-1
Highlights of Chemistry as Mirrored i n Helvetica
Chimica Acta. Edited by M. V. Kisakiirek, E. Heilbronner. VCH. Weinheim. Helvetica Chimica Acta, Basel.
1994. 985 pp., hardcover. DM 248.00.--ISBN 3.52729238-1:3-906390-08-X
Fundamentals of Polymer Science. By M. M. Coleman,
P. C. Painter. Technomic Pub1 Co.. Lancaster. 1994.
441 pp.. hardcover. $ 75.00.-ISBN 1-56676-152.2
Chemie der Heterocyclen. Struktur. Reaktionen iind
Synthesen. By T. Eicher, S. Hauptmann. Thieme. Stuttyai-t. 1994. 504 pp.. paperback. D M 76.00.-ISBN
3-13-135401 -1
Advanced Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis.
Edited by J. Churacek. Ellis Horaood, New York.
1993. 4x6 pp.. hardcover. $ 152.00 ISBN 0-139 13195-7
Statistics for Analytical Chemistry. By J. C. Vliller,
J. N. Miller. Ellis Horwood. New York. 1992. 227 pp.,
paperback. S 64.55.- ISBN 0-13-845421-3
Radical Polymerization in Disperse Systems. By J. Barton, 1. Capek. Ellis Horwood. New York. 1994.352 pp.,
hardcover. $ 120.00.-ISBN 0-13-752353-X
Electrochemistry of Novel Materials. Edited by J.
Lipkowski, P. N. Ross. VCH, New York. 1994.387 pp.,
hardcover. DM 245.005 145.00.-ISBN 0-89573788-4
Plants and the Chemical Elements. Biochemistry. Uptake, Tolerance and Toxicity. Edited by M. E. Farago.
VCH. Weinheim'New York. 1994. 292 pp., hardcover.
DM 198.00.S 1 15.00.-ISBN 3-527-28269-6:1-5608l135-8
Das chemisch-technische Praktikum fur Bernfsausbildung urid Studium. By V. Hopp, H. Heinz. VCH. Weinhem. 1994. 411 pp., hardcover. DM 78.00.-1SBN
Circular Dichroism. Principles and Applications. Edited by K. Nakdnishi, N. Berova, R. W. Woody. VCH.
Ne& York, 1994. 570 pp., hardcover. DM 209.00:$
125.00.- ISBN I-56081-618-X
Optische Spektroskopie. Eine Einfuhrung fur Naturwissenschaftler und Techniker. By W. Schmidt. VCH,
Weinheiin. 1994. 426 p p . paperback. DM 68.00.
ISBN 3-527-29035-4
Quantenchemie. Zwcite. erweiterte Auflage. By H.-H.
Schmidtke. VCH. Weinheim. 1994.324 pp.. paperback.
DM 68.00.-1SBN 3-527-29240-3
Advanced Organic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids. By Z.
Shabarova, A. Bogdanov. VCH, Weinheim, 1994. 588
pp.. hardcover. DM 248.00i$ 145.00. -ISBN 3-527~9021-4
Azeotropic Data, Part I and Part 11. By J. Gmehling, J.
Menke, K. Fischer, J. Krafczyk. VCH. Weinheim. 1994.
1729 pp.. hardcover. DM 698.00 (subscription price:
598.00). DM 698.00,'$ 410.00 (subscription price: DM
59X.003 350 OO).-ISBN 3-527-28671-3
Nitroalkenes. Conjugated Nitro Compounds. By V. V.
Perekalin, E. S. Lipina, V. M. Berestovitskaya, U. A.
Efremov. Wiley. Chichester, 1994. 256 pp.. hardcover.
f 60.00.-ISBN 0-471-94318-5
Basic Mathematics for Chemists. Bq P. Tebbutt. Wilcy.
Chichester. 1994. 244 pp., paperback. f 15.95.-ISBN
Photosynthesis. Fifth edition. By D. 0. Hall, K. K. Ran.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 1994. 21 1
pp.. f 9.95 ISBN 0-521-41622-2
IIC Studies, Vol. 14. Copyright and the Public Interest.
By G. Davies. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 220 pp.. paperback. DM 118.00.-ISBN 3-527-28638-1
Namen- und Schlagwort-Reaktionen der Orgaoischen
Chemie. By T. Laue. A. Plagens. Teubner. Stuttgart.
1994. 338 pp.. paperback. DM 36.XO.-ISBN 3.51903526-X
Characterization of Solid Polymers. New Techniques
m d Developments. Edited by S.J. Spells. Chapman &
Hall, London, 1994. 368 pp., hardcover. f 69.00.ISBN 0-412-58490-5
Ruhher Toughened Engineering Plastics. Edited by
A. A. Collyer. Chapmcin & Hall, London. 1994. 366
pp.. hardcover. f 85.00.- ISBN 0-412-58380-1
Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials. Revised
edition. Edited by A. Kelly. Elsevier Science Ltd., Oxford, 1994. 349 pp.. paperback. f 38.00.-lSBN 0.08042300-0
Oxford Chemistry Primers: Modern Liquid Phase
Kinetics. By B. G. Cox. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1994. 92 pp.. paperback. a: 4.99.-lSBN 0-19855744-2
Chemical Dynamics a t Low Temperatures. By V. A.
Benderskii, D. E. Makarov, C. .4. Wight. Wiley.
Chichester, 1994. 385 pp.. hardcover. f 66.00.-ISBN
0-471 -58585-8
Liquid Crystalline Polymers. Edited by C. Carfagna.
Elsevier Science Ltd.. Oxford. 1994.257 pp.. E 80.00.ISBN 0-08-042149-0
Aromaticity and Antiaromaticity. Electronic and Structural Aspects. By V. 1. Minkin, M. N. Glukhovtsev,
B. Y. Simkin. Wiley. Chichester. 1994. 313 pp..
f 66.00. -ISBN 0-471-59382-6
Angular Momentum. An Illustrated Guide to Rotational Symmetries for Physical Systems. By W.J.
Thompson. Wilcy, Chichester, 1994. 461 pp.. hardcover. f 54.00.-ISBN 0-471-55264-X
Quantum Field Theory. By L. S. Brown. Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge. 1994. 542 pp.. paperback. f 22.95.-ISBN 0-521-46946-5
Structural Biology: The State of the Art. Vol. 1.. Edited
by R. H. Sarma, M. H. Sarma. Adenine Press, New
York. 1994. 338 pp.. hardcover. $ 125.00.-ISBN
Structural Biology: The State of the Art. Vol. 2. Edited
by R. H. Sarma, W.H. Sarma. Adenine Press, Nea
York. 1994. 380 pp., hardcover. $ 125.00-- ISBN
Catalyst Characterization. Physical Techniques for
Solid Materials. Edited by B. Imelik, J. C. Vedrine.
Plenum Press. New York. 1994. 702 pp., hardcover. 6:
1 ZS.OO.-ISBN 0-306-43950-6
Flussigkeitsring-Vdkuumpumpen,-Kompressoren und
-Anlagen. Technisches Haiidbuch. Grundlagen - Berechnung - Planung. By H. Bannwarth. VCH, Weinheim. 1994. 494 pp.. hardcover. DM ?28.00.-ISBN
The Cheinistrq of Organic Arsenic, Antimony and
Bismuth Compounds. Edited by S. Patai. Wiley.
Chichester. 1994.962 pp., hardcover. € 250.00.-ISBN
0-471 -93044-x
Transition .Metal Chemistry. The Valence Shell in
E. C. Constable.
d-Block Chemistry By .%
VCH. Weinheim:Nea York. 1994.21 1 pp.. pdperback.
DM 5 x . 0 0 : ~ 35.00 ISBN 3-527-292i9-5:1-560xi-
The Surface Science of Metal Oxides. By V. E. Heurich,
P. A. Cox. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.
1994. 464 pp.. hardcovcr. f 55.00.--1SBN 0-521443x9-x
Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis. By
G. A. Somorjai. Wiley. Chichester. 1994.667 pp., hardcover, € 24.95.-ISBN 0-471-03192-5
Flame Chemiluminescence Analysis by Molecular Emission Cavity Detection. Edited by D. A. Stiles, A. C.
Calokerinos, A. Townshend. Wiley, Chichester, 1994.
193 pp.. hardcover. f 50.00.-ISBN 0-471-94340-1
Uestruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Labnratory,
Second Edition. By G. Lunn, E. B. Sansone. Wiley.
Chichester. 1994. 501 pp.. hardcover. f 66.00. -ISBN
0.471 -57399-x
Plastics from Microbes. Microbial Synthesis of Polymers and Polymer Precursors. Edited by D. P. Mobley.
Carl Hanser Verlag. Munchen, 1994. 269 pp.. hardcover. DM 1 28.00.-ISBN 3-446-1 7367-6
Nanoscale Characterization of Surfaces and Interfaces.
By N. J. DiNardo. VCH, Weinheim. 1994.163 pp., DM
128.00.- ISBN 3-527-29247-0
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