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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 191994)

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New Books
Enzymes in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. By C. H.
Wong, G. M.Whitesides. Elsevier Science Ltd., Oxford,
1994. 370 pp.. paperback. E 25.00.--ISBN 0-0803 5941-8
TYPIX - Standardized Data and Crystal Chemical
Characterization of Inorganic Structure Types, Vol. 1.
By E. Parthe, L. Gelato, B. Chahot, M. Penzo, K. Cenzual, R. Gladyshevskii. Springer. Berlin, 1993.260 pp..
hardcover, DM 1200.00.--ISBN 3-540-93682-3
Macro-ion Characterization. From Dilute Solutions to
Complex Fluids. Edited by K. S. Schmitz. American
Chemical Society. Washington. 1994. 547 pp., hardcover. S 129.95.-- ISBN 0-8412-2770-5
TYPIX - Standardized Data and Crystal Chemical
Characterization of Inorganic Structure Types, Vol. 2
By E. Parthe, L. Gelato, 6. Chahot, M. Penzo, K. Cenmal, R. Gladyshevskii. Springer, Berlin, 1993. 408 pp..
hardcover, DM 1300.00:- ISBN 3-540-93683-1
PCR. G r u n d l a ~ e nund Anwendungen der PolymeraseKettenreaktion. Edited by H. G. Grassen, G. E.
Sachse, A. Schulte. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart.
1994. 123 pp , ring binder, DM 38.00.--ISBN 3.43720509.9
TYPIX - Standardized Data and Crystal Chemical
Characterization of Inorganic Structure Types, Vol. 3.
By E. Parthe, L. Gelato, 6. Chahot, M. Penzo, K. Cenzual, R. Gladyshevskii. Springer. Berlin, 1994. 512 pp..
hardcover, DM 1150.00.-ISBN 3-540-93684-X
Analytikum. Methoden der analytischen Chemie und
ihre theoretischen Grundlagen. Edited by K. Doerffel,
R. Geyer, H. Miiller. Deutscher Verlag fur Grundstoflindustrie. Leipig. 1994. 643 pp.. hardcover. DM
98.00,- ISBN 3-342-00644-7
TYPIX - Standardized Data and Crystal Chemical
Characterization of Inorganic Structure Types, Vol. 4.
By E. Parthe, L. Gelato, B. Chahot, M. Penzo, K. Cenzual, R. Gladyshevskii. Springer, Berlin, 1994. 416 pp..
hardcover. DM 1150.00.-1SBN 3-540-93685-X
Scent and Fragrances. The Fascination of Odors and
their Chemical Perspectives. By G. Ohloff. Springer.
Berlin. 1994. 238 pp.. DM 128.00.4SBN 3-54057108-6
lsoqoinoline Alkaloids. By A. U. Rahman. Elsevier.
Amsterdam. 1994. 782 pp.. hai-dcover. $ 42&50.-lSBN 0-444-81888-X
Algebraic Approach to Simple Quantum Systems.
With Applications to Perturbation Theory. By 6. G.
Adams. Springer. Berlin. 1994. 451 pp., paperback.
DM 68.00.--ISBN 3-540-57801-3
Nachrichten aus dem Elfenheinturm. By J. Lindenmann.
GIT Verlag. Darmstadt. 1993. 176 pp.. hardcover.
DM 68.00. --ISBN 3-928856-11-0
Catalytic Hydroprocessing of Petroleum and Distillates.
Edited by M. C. Ohalla, S. S. Shih. Marcel Dekker,
New York. 1994.480 pp., hardcover. $165.00.--ISBN
Phytochemical Dictionary of the Leguminosae. By
ILDIS, CHCD. Chapman & Hall. London, 1994. I800
pp.. hardcover. f 595.00.-ISBN 0-412-39770-6
Disorder Effects on Relaxational Processes. Glasses.
Polymers, Proteins. Edited by R. Richert, A. Blumen. Sprineer. Berlin, 1994. 754 pp., hardcover,
DM 348.00 -ISBN 3-540-57327-5
Macromolecular Complexes in Chemistry and Biology.
Edited by P. Duhin, J. Bock, R. M. Davis. Springer.
Berlin, 1994. 360 pp.. hardcover. DM 148.00.--ISBN
Solvent Extraction in Biotechnology. Recovery of Primary and Sccondary Metabolites. By K. Schiigerl.
Springer. Berlin. 1994. 213 pp., hardcover, DM
168.00. -ISBN 3-540-57694-0
Ordering in Macromolecular Systems. Edited by A.
Teramoto, M. Kobayashi, T. Norisuye. Springer. Berlin.
1994. 353 pp.. hardcover, D M 198.00.-lSBN 3-54057817-X
Electrochemistry. Edited by E. Steckhan. Springer.
Berlin, 1994. 237 pp., hardcover. DM 16X.OO.-ISBN
Fractals in Science. Edited by A. Bunde, S. Havlin.
Springer. Berlin. 1994. 298 pp.. hardcover, DM
94.00.- -ISBN 3-540-56221-4 (Macintosh Version)!
ISBN 3-540-56220-6 (MS-DOS Version)
Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis. By J. Volke,
F. Liska. Springer, Berlin. 1994. 153 pp., hardcover,
DM 98.00-ISBN 3-540-57533-2
The Lipid Handbook. Second Edition. Edited by F. D.
Gunstone, J. L. Harwood, F. 6. Padley. Chapman &
Hall, London, 1994. 1200 pp., hardcover. f 255.00.
ISBN 0-412-43320-6
Firmenhandbuch Chemische Industrie 1994/95. Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Edited by Verhand der
Chemischen Industrie. ECON Verlag. Dusseldorf. 1994.
552 pp., hardcover. D M 168.00.-lSBN 3-430-12767X
Liquid Crystals. Topics in Physical Chemistry, Vol. 3.
Edited by H. Stegemeyer, H. Baumgartel, E. U. Franck,
W. Griinbein. Steinkopff. Darmstadt. 1994. 2.50 pp.,
hardcover, DM 64.00. -ISBN 3-7985-0924-7
Oligosaccharide, Proteine und Glykoproteine in Frauenmilch und im Urin von Friihgehorenen. Analytische,
strukturelle und funktionelle Aspekte. By C. Kunz.
Thieme. Stuttgart, 1994. 172 pp.. hardcover.
DM 58.00.-ISBN 3-13-138401-8
C8-CI4. 8th edition. Edited by U. Nohl, G. Olhrich.
Springer. Berlin, 1993. 270 pp.. hardcovei-,
DM 1410.00.--ISBN 3-540-93678-5
C15-C21.5.8th edition. Edited by U. Nohl, G. Olbrich.
Springer, Berlin. 1994. 273 pp., hardcover,
DM 14S0.00. --ISBN 3-540-93687-4
C22-C36.7.8th edition. Edited by L. Nohl, G. Olhrich.
Springer, Berlin, 1994. 264 pp.. hardcover.
D M 1400.00.-ISBN 3-540-93688-2
Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions and Unnamed Reactions. By A. Hassner & C. Stumer. Elsevier,
Oxford, 1994. 452 pp . paperback, f 28.00.-ISBN
Solution Calorimetry. Edited by K. N. Marsh, P. A. G.
O'Hare. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Oxford.
1994. 331 pp., hardcover, f. 69.50 -1SBN 0-86542852-2
The Organic Chemistry of Aliphatic Nitrogen Compounds. (International Series of Monographs on Chemistry - 28). By B. R. Brown. Oxford University Press,
Oxford, 1994. 767 pp.. hardcover. f 145.00.-~ISBN
Atoms in Molecules. A Quantum Theory. By R. F. W.
Bader. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1994.456 pp..
paperback. f 25.00. --ISBN 0-19-855865-1
Anticancer Drugs from Animals, Plants, and Microorganisms. By G. R. Pettit, F. H. Pierson, C. L. Herald.
Wiley, Chichester, Great Britain, 1994. 670 pp.. hardcover, f 78.00.--1SBN 0471-03657-9
Environmental Chemistry of Soils. By M. 6. McBride.
Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1994. 352 pp.. hardcover. f 35.00.-ISBN 0-19-50701 1-9
Oscillations, Waves, and Chaos in Chemical Kinetics. By
S. K. Scott. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1994.90
pp.. paperback, f 4.99.-lSBN 0-19-855844-9
V C H Verlugs~ewllsthuftmbH 0.69451 Weinheim 1994
Synthetic Diamond. Emerging CVD Science and Technology. Edited by K. E. Spear, J. P. Dismukes. Wiley,
Chichesler. Great Britain. 1994. 663 pp., hardcovcr.
f 74.00.-ISBN 0-471-53589-3
Handbook of Cosmetic and Personal Care Additives.
Edited by M. Ash, 1. Ash. Cover. Hampshire, Great
Britain, 1994. 969 pp., hardcover. E 125.00.-ISBN
Correlations, Transformations, and Interactions in Organic Crystal Chemistry. Edited by D. W. Jones, A.
Katrusiak. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1994.325
pp.. hardcover. f 50.00.-ISBN O-lY-X55826-0
Microscale Organic Laboratory, 3rd Ed. By D. W.
Mayo, R. iM.Pike, P. K. Trumper. Wiley. Chichester.
Great Britain. 1994. 764 pp.. hardcover. f 36.50.ISBN 0-471-57505-4
Handbook of Electron Spin Resonance. Data Sources.
Computer Technology, Relaxation. and ENDOR. Edited by C. P. Poole, Jr., H. A. Farach. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1994. 660 pp.. hardcover. f 75.00.ISBN 1.56396-044-3
Thermal Hazards of Chemical Reactions. (Industrial
Safety Series. Vol. 4). By T. Grewer. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1994. 407 pp.. hardco\,er, Dfl 380.00- ISBN
Grundkurs Chemie I, 2nd Ed. By A. Arni. VCH, Weinheim. 1994. 3.54 pp.. hardcover, DM 48.00-ISBN
Two-Dimensional NMR-Spectroscopy. Edited by W. R.
Croasmun, R. M. Carlson. VCH. New York, 1994. 550
pp.. hardcover, DM 199.00,'$ 125.00.-- ISBN 1.56081664-3
Chemische Kahinettstiicke. By H. W. Roesky, K.
Mockel. VCH. Weinheim, 1994. 314 pp., hardcover.
DM 68.00.-ISBN 3-527-29220-9
Grenzflachen- und Kolloidchemie. By H.-D. Dorfler. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 600 pp.. softcover.
DM 68.00. -ISBN 3-527-29072-9
Encyclopedia of Applied Physics. (Inductors to Magnetic Devices. Vol. 8). Edited by G. L. Trigg. VCH. Weinheim/New York, 1994.61 1 pp.. hardcover. DM 430.00:
S 295.00 (subscription price: DM 350.00;5 235.00).ISBN 3-527-26843-3!1-56081-067-X
Spectroscopic Techniques for Food Analysis. Edited by
R. H. Wilson. VCH, New York. 1994.246 pp.. hardcover. DM 165.00:$ 95.00.- ISBN 1-56081-037-8
Theoretische Optik. By H. Romer. VCH. Weinheim.
1994. 270 pp.. paperback. DM SX.OO.-ISBN 3-52729066-4
Chemistry of Nonaqueous Solutions. Current Progress.
Edited by G. Mamantov, A. 1. Popov. VCH, New York.
1994.377 pp.. hardcover, DM 215.00i$ 125.00.--lSBN
The Adventure Playground of Mechanisms and Novel
Reactions. (Profiles, Pathways, and Dreams). By R.
Huisgen. American Chemical Society. Washington.
1994. 279 pp.. hardcover. $ 24.95.-iSBN 0.84121832.3
Toxikologie fur Chemiker. Stoffe. Mechanismen.
Prufverfahren. By G. Eisenhrand, M. Metzler. Thieme.
Stuttgart, 1994. 320 pp., paperback, D M 4920.ISBN 3-13-127001-2
A New Dimension to Quantum Chemistry. Analytic
Derivative Methods in Ab initio Molecular Electronic
Structure Theory. By Y. Yamaguchi, Y. Osamnra, J. D.
Goddard, H. F. Schaefer Ill. Oxford University Press,
Oxlbrd, 1994. 471 pp.. hardcover. 5 60.00.-ISBN
Designing the Molecular World. Chemistry at the Frontier. By Philip Ball. Princeton University Press, Princeton. 1994. 376 pp.. hardcover, $ 29.95.- ISBN 0-69100058-1
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