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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 23241994)

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New Books
Waste Minimisation: A Chemist's Approach. Edited by
K. Martin, T. W. Bastock. Royal Society of Chemistry.
Cambridge. 1994. 155 pp.. hardcover. f 39.50.-ISBN
0-85 186-585-2
The Laboratory Environment. Edited by R. Purchase.
Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1994.258 pp.,
hardcover. f 49.50.-1SBN 0-85386-605-0
Organic Reactions Mechanism - 1992. Edited by A. C.
Knipe, W. E. Watts. Wiley, Chichester. Great Britain,
1994. 624 pp.. hardcover. f 165.00.--ISBN 0-47194224-3
Rontgenstruktnranaljse und Rietveldmethode, 5nd Ed.
By H. Krischner, 6. Koppelhuher-Bitschnau. Vieweg.
Braunschweig. 1994. 194 pp., paperback. D M 46.00. ISBN 3-528-48324-5
Kapillarelektrophorese. Methoden und Moglichkeiten.
By H. Engelhardt, W. Beck, T. Schmitt. Vieweg. Braunschweig, 1994. 206 pp.. paperback, DM 72.00.- ISBN
Biomedical Polymers. Edited by S. W. Shalaby. Carl
Hanser, Munchen, 1994. Hardcover. D M 188.00:ISBN 3-446-16531-2
Theory of Coronoid Hydrocarbons. (Lecture Notes in
Chemistry. Vol. 62). Edited by S. J. Cyvin, J. Brnnvoll,
R. Chen et al. Springer. Heidelberg, 1994. 297 pp.. paperback. D M 90.00.-lSBN 3-540-58138-3
Membrane Processes in Separation and Purification.
Edited by J. G. Crespo. Kluwer, Dordrecht. 1994. 520
pp,, hardcover. Dfl 385.00.-ISBN 0-7923-2929-5
Synchroton Techniques in Interfacial Electrochemistry.
Edited by C. A. Melendres. Kluwer. Dordrecht. 1994.
500 pp.. hardcover, Dfl 350.00.--ISBN 0-7923-2844-2
Computational Approaches in Supramolecular Chemistry. Edited by G. Wipff. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1994.
548 pp.. hardcover. Dfl 360.00.-ISBN 0-7923-2767-5
Synthetic Oligosaccharides. Indispenzable Probes for
the Life Sciences. (ACS Symposium Series No. 560).
Edited bv P. Kovac. American Chemical Societv.
Washington. 1994.304 pp . hardcover. $79 95 --ISBN
Organic-Chemical Drugs and Their Synonyms. By M.
Negwer. Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 1994. 3937 pp..
hardcover, D M 475.00. -ISBN 3-05-501629-7
Bioregulators for Crop Protection and Pest Control.(ACS Symposium Series No. 557). Edited by P. A.
Hedin. American Chemical Society, Washington, 1994.
220 pp,, hardcover. $ 59.95.--1SBN 0-8412-2918-X
Lipids in Food Flavors. (ACS Symposium Series No.
558). Edited by C.-T. Ho. American Chemical Society.
Washington, 1994.324 pp.. hardcover. $89.95.-lSBN
Sulfur Compounds in Foods. (ACS Symposium Series
No. 564). Edited by C. J. Mussinan, M. E. Keelan.
American Chemical Society, Washington. 1994. 304
pp., hardcover, $ 79.95.--ISBN 0-8412-2943-0
Probenahme und AufschluR. Edited by M. Stoeppler.
Springer. Heidelberg, 1994. 181 pp., hardcover.
DM 98.00.--ISBN 3.540-57491 -3
Mathematical Techniques in Crystallography and Materials Science. By E. Prince. Springer. Heidelberg. 1994.
223 pp.. hardcover. DM 128.00.--ISBN 3-540-581 15-4
Progress in Pacific Polymer Science 3. Edited by K. P.
Ghiggino. Springer. Heidelberg, 1994. 437 pp.. hardcover, DM 178.00. -ISBN 3-540-57621-5
Porphyric Pesticides. Chemistr). Toxicology. and
Pharmaceutical Applications. Edited by S. 0.Duke, C.
A. Rebeiz. American Chemical Society. Washington,
1994. 312 pp.. hardcover. $ 79.95.-ISBN 0-84122923-6
New Gmelin Volumes published
Compounds with Bonds between Tin and Transition
Metals of Groups I11 to VII. Sn. Zinn. Tin (system No.
46). Edited by C'. Kriierke. Springer. Heidelberg, 1994.
309 pp.. hardcover, DM I890.00.-lSBN
Compounds with Carbon. Sc, Y,La - Lu. Seltenerdelcmente. Rare Earth Elements (system No. 39). Edited
by ,M Irmler, C. Koeppel, H. Pscheidl et al. Springer,
Heidelberg. 1994. 362 pp.. hardcover, DM 2195.00.ISBN 3-540-93689-0
Compounds with Se, Te, Po. Mo. Molybdan. Molybdenum (system No. 5 3 ) . Edited by H. Katscher, B.
Mohsin. Springer. Heidelberg. 1994. 165 pp., hardcober, DM 1050.00.--ISBN 3-540-93691-2
Environmental Sampling for Trace Analysis. By B.
Markert. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 282 pp., hardcover.
DM 248.00.- -ISBN 3-527-30051-1
Enzymkinetik, 2nd Ed. By S. Bisswanger. VCH. Weiiiheim. 1994. 321 pp.. hardcover. DM 118.00.--ISBN
The Chemistry of Metal CVD. Edited by T. T. Kodas,
M. J. Hampden-Smith. VCH. Weinheim. 1994. 530 pp..
3-527hardcover. D M 228.00/$ 135.00.-ISBN
LIMS: Implementation and Management. By A. S.
Kakagawa. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge.
1994. 180 pp.. hardcover. f 37.50.-ISBN 0.85186824-x
Total Quality .Management in the Chemical Industry Strategies for Success. Edited by G. R. Turner, R. P.
Hadfield. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridgc.
1994. 200 pp.. hardcover, f 37.50.--ISBN 0.85186624-7
Current Topics in the Chemistry of Boron. Edited by G.
W. Kabalka. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge,
1994. 406 pp.. hardcover. f 59.50.- ISBN 0.85186535-6
Chemically Modified Surfaces. Edited by J. J. Pesek,
1. E. Leigh. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cbmbridge.
1994. 223 pp.. hardcover. f 49.50. -ISBN 0.85186595-X
Chemical Instrumentation. By R. P. Wayne. Oxford
University Press. Oxford, 1994. 92 pp.. paperback,
f 4.99. -ISBN 0-19-855796-5
Principles and Applications of Electrochemistry 4th Ed.
By D. R. Crow. Blackie,'Chapman & Hall. London,
1994. 282 pp.. paperback. f 16.99.---ISBN 0-75140168-4
Container Molecules and Their Guests. (Monographs iii
Supramolecular Chemistry). By D. J. Cram, J. .M.
Cram. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1994.
223 pp.. hardcover. f 49.50.-ISBN 0.851 86-972-6
The Role of Oxygen in Improving Chemical Processes.
6th BOC Priestley Conference. Edited by M. Fetizon,
W. J. Thomas. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge.
1993. 286 pp hardcover. f. 57.50.-lSBN 0-85186725-1
Experimental Toxicology, 2nd Ed. The Basic issues.
Edited by D. Anderson, D. M.Conning. Royal Society
of Chemistry. Cambridge. 1993. 566 pp.. paperback.
E 25.00.- --ISBN 0-85186-461-9
Deterministisches Chaos. By H. G. Schuster. VCH,
Weinheim, 1994. 288 pp., paperback, DM 78.00.-ISBN 3-527-29089-3
Further Advances in Chemical Information. Edited by
H. Collier. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge.
1994. 193 pp., hardcover. f 45.00. -ISBN 0-85186545-3
Research and Development of Vaccinces and Pharmaceuticals from Biotechnology. By J.-P. Gregersen.
VCH. Weinheim. 1994.173 pp.. paperback. DM 98.00:
9 60.00.-lSBN 3-527-30059-7
Sugarless - Towards the Year 2000. Edited by A. J.
Rugg-Gunn. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge.
1994. 197 pp.. hardcover. f 37.50.-ISBN 0-85386495-3
Biologische Bodensanierung. Edited by K. Alef. VCH.
Weinheim, 1994. 269 pp., paperback. DM 78.00ISBN 3-527-30058-9
The Development of Plastics. Edited by S. T. 1. Mossman, P. J. T. Morris. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge. 1994. 120 p ~ . .hardcover, f 35.00.-ISBN
Praktische Qualitatssicherung in der Analytik. By V.
Neitzel, K. Middeke. VCH. Weinheim, 1994. 190 pp.,
paperback. D M XS.OO.--ISBN 3-527-28686-1
Umweltchemie. By C. Bliefert. VCH. Wcinheim. 1994.
453 pp , paperback. D M 68.00.--ISBN 3-527-28692-6
Molecular Ecology of Rhizosphere Microorganisms.
Biotechnology and the Release of GMO's. Edited by F.
O'Gara, D. K. Dowliug, 6. Boesten. VCH, Weinheim.
1994. 177 pp., hardcover. DM 148.00:$ 90.00.--ISBN
Interfacial Design and Chemical Sensing. (ACS Symposium Series No. 561). Edited by T. E. Mallouk, D. J.
Harrison. American Chemical Society. Washington.
1994. 352 pp., hardcover. 9 94.95.--ISBN 0-84122933 -7
Organische Chemie, 2nd Ed. By A. Streitwieser, C. H.
Heathcock, E. .M. Kosower. VCH. Weinheim. 1994.
1374 pp.. hardcover, DM 128.00.--ISBN 3-52729005.2
Biodegradable Plastics and Polymers. Edited by Y. Doi,
K. Fuknda. Elsevier. Amsterdam, 1994. 646 pp.. hardcover. Dfl 495.00.--1SBN 0-444-81708-5
Nichtmetallchemie. By T. M. Klapotke, 1. C.
Tornieporth-Oetting. VCH. Weinheim 1994. 493 pp..
hardcover, D M 58.00. -ISBN 3-527-29257-8
Atomistic Modeling of Physical Properties of Polymers.
(Advances in Polymer Sciene. Vol. 116). Edited by L.
Monnerie, U. W. Suter. Springer. Heidelherg. 1994.388
pp.. hardcover, DM 258.00.--ISBN 3.540-57827-7
Organic Reactions, Vol. 45. Edited by P. Beak, E.
Ciganek, D. Curran et al. Wiley. Chichester, Great
Britain. 1994. 671 pp.. hardcover, f 79.00.--ISBN
0-471 -031 61 -5
Electrochemistry and Clean Energy. Edited by J. A. G.
Drake. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1994.
104 pp.. hardcover. f 32.50.- -ISBN 0-85186-472-4
Biochemistry of Milk Products. Edited by A. T. .4ndrews, J. Varley. Royal Society of Chemistry, 1994. 182
pp.. hardcover. f 39.50.-lSBN 0-85186-702-2
Waste lncineration and the Environment. Issues in Environmental Science and Technology, Val. 2. Edited by
R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge, 1994. 158 pp., paperback, f 15.00. ISBN 0-85404-205-9
Protecting Groups. By P. J. K o c i h k i . Thieme. Stuttgart. 1994. 265 pp.. paperback, D M 60.00.--ISBN 713-135601-4
Food. The Definite Guide. By T. Coultate, J. Davies.
Royal Society of Chemistry. 1994. 167 pp, paperback.
f 12.50. -ISBN 0-85186-431-7
Organometallics in Synthesis. A Manual. Edited by M.
Schlosser. Wiley. Chichester. Great Britain. 1994. 603
pp.. hardcover. f 60.00.- ISBN 0-471-93637-5
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