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New Books (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 23241995)

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New Gmelin Volumcs:
Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic
Chemistry. 8th Ed.
Os, Organoosmium Compounds. Erganzungsband b,
Part 3. Edited by J. Fiissel, K. Behrends. Springer.
Berlin. 1994. 282 pp., hi-dcover. DM 1.790.00.-ISBN
0 s . Organoosmium Compounds. Erganzungsband b,
Part 5. Edited by J. Fiissel et al. Springer. Berlin, 1994.
389 pp . hardcovei-. DM 2.290.00.--1SBN 3-54093698-X
Mn, History. Occurrence. Teil A/3, Part b. Minerals
(Oxides cilType M,O,). Edited by R. Ditz, W. Topper.
Springer, Bci-lin. 1994. 271 pp.. hardcover. DM
1.690.00. ISBN 3-540-93699-8
Mn, Histor!. Occurrence. Teil A Lieferung 4. Minerals
(Oxides <)I' Type MIO,). Edited by 6. Sarbas. W.
Topper. Springer. Berlin, 1994. 220 pp.. hardcover.
DM 1.370.00 ISBN 3-540-93700-5
M o , Mnlybdan. Molybdenum. Supplement A-B. Part B.
The Compounds. Delhery 8. Edited by H. Katscher, B.
Mnhsin. Springer. Berlin. 1Y95. 308 pp.. hardcover.
DM 1 950.00--ISBN 3-540-93705-6
Supramolecular Chemistry. ('oncepts and Perspectives.
By J.-M. Lehn. W'H. Weinheini, 1995. 271 pp.. softcover. DM 58.00, S 39.95.-ISBN 3-527-23911-6
Der KongreR. Vorbereitung und Durchfuhrung wissenschaftlicher Tagungen. 3rd extended edition. By V.
Neuhoff. VCH. Weinheim. 1995. 277 pp.. hardcover.
DM 78.00)$ 49.95 ISBN 3-527-29287-X
Analytische Chemie. By M. Otto. VCH, Weinheim,
1995. 66X pp., softcover. DM 68.00.-1SBN 3-5272809I -s
Theorie elektrischer Maschinen. By G. Miiller. VCH.
Weinheini. 1995.607 pp., softcover. DM 88.00. -ISBN
Organische Synthese mit Cbergangsmetallen. By L. S.
Hegedus. VCH. Weinheim. 1995. 313 pp.. softcover.
DM 58.00. ISBN 3-527-29255-1
Electron Transfer and Radical Processes in TransitionMetal Chemistry. By D. Astruc. VCH. New York. 1995.
630 pp. hardcowr. L)M 225.00,:$ 140.00.-1SBN 156081 -641-2
Inorganic Experiments. Edited by J. D. Woollins. VCH,
Weinheim. 1994. 2x6 pp.. softcover. DM 58.00:
S 39.95. ISBN 7-527-29253-5
Grundkurs Chemie 11. Orgaiiische Cheinie. By A. Arni.
VCH. Weinheim. IY95. 196 pp.. softcover. DM
42.01). I S B N 3-527-29229.2
Extremophile. Mikroorgdnisineii i n ausgefallenen
Lebcnsr;iuinen. 2nd edition. Edited by K. Hausmann,
B. P. Kremer. VCH. Weinheim. 1995.422 pp.. hardcover. DM 49.00 ISBK 3-527-30068-6
Surface Electron Transfer Processes. By R. J. D. Miller
et al. VC'H. N e u York. 1995. 370 pp.. hardcover.
D M 128 004 79.95 ISBN 1-56081-036-X
Conformational Behavior of Six-Membered Rings.
Analysis, Dynamic,. nnd Stereoelectronic Effects. Edited by E. Juarist. VCH. Ne- York. 1995. 306 pp..
hardcowr. LIM 16(1.00!$ 100.00 - ISBN 1-56081683-X
Encyclopedia of Applied Physics. Vol. 12. Nuclear
Waste Management to Optics. Underwater. Edited by
C. L. Trigg. VCH. Weinheim,"ew York. 1995.608 pp.,
3-527hardcover. DM 450.00;S 295.00.--1SBN
281 34-7;ISBN 1-56OX1-071-X
Frontiers in Analytical Spectroscopy. Edited by D. L.
Andrews, A. M. C. Daries. Royal Society of Cheinsitry.
Cambridge. 1995. 24X pp.. hardcover. f 62.50.-1SBN
Food Macromolecules and Colloids. Edited b) E.
Dickinson, D. Lorient. Royal Society of Chemistry.
Cambridge, 1995. 586 pp.. hardcover. f 92.50.-ISBN
.Magnetic Resonance in Food Science. Edited by P. S.
Beltnn et al. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge.
1995. 192 pp.. hardcover. f 55.00. --ISBN 0-85404725-5
Chemometrics in Analytical Spectroscopy. By M. J.
Adams. Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge. 1995.
216 pp.. hardcover. E 3 9 3 - I S B N (1-X5404-555-4
Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry and Photobiology.
Edited by M. A. El-Sayed et al. Blackwell Science.
1995. 306 pp.. hardcover. f 59 SO.-ISBN 0-86542893-x
Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth. By A.-L. Barabasi, H. E. Stanley. Cambridge University Press,
Cambridge, 1995. 366 pp.. paperback, f 16.95.ISBN 0-521-48318-2
Excipients and Delivery Systems for Pharmaceutical
Formulations. Edited by D. R. Karsa, R. A. Stephenson.
Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1994. 192 pp..
hardcover. f 39.50.-ISBN 0-85404-715-8
Chemical Aspects of Biosynthesis. (Oxford Chemistry
Primers). By J. Mann. Oxford University Press, Ox0-19ford. 1994. 92 pp.. paperback. f 4.99.-ISBN
Inorganic Materials Chemistry. (Oxford Chemistry
Primers). By M. T. Weller. Oxford University Press.
Oxford. 1995. 92 pp.. paperback. f 4.99.--ISBN 0-19-
Microbiological Control for Foods and Agricultural
Products. Edited by C. M. Bourgeois, J. Y. Leveau.
VCH. New York. 1995. 542 p p . hdrdcover. DM
228 00 S 145 00 ISBN 1-56081-673-2
Vom Wasser. Vol. 84. 1995. Edited by Fachgruppe
Wasserchemie in der GDCh. VCH. Weinheim. 199.5.446
pp.. hardcover. DM 278.00.-lSBN
(ISSN 0083-6915)
The Biological Chemistry of Magnesium. Edited by
J. A. Cowan. VCH. New York. 1995. 254 pp.. hardcover. DM 98.006 59.95.-ISBN 3-56081-627-9
Handbook of Food Additires. Cum1 i l c d h) $1. and I.
Ash. Gower, Hainpshirc. 1995. 104: pp.. 1x11-dcovcr.f
175.00. ISBN 0-566-07YJ2-X
Special Trends in Thermal Analysis. BY P. I'aulik. W i l t ) ,
Chichester. 1995. 459 pp.. hardcole:. L 90.00.- ISBN
Advances in Photochemistry, Vol. 19. tditcd by D. C.
Neckers, 0. H. Volman, G. !on Biinau. Wile).
Chichester, 1995. 325 pp.. hardco\er. E 96.00. ISBN
0-471 -04912-3
Spectra of Atoms and Molecules. By P. F. Bernath.
Oxford Univer5ity Press. Oxford. 1995. 400 pp.. hardcover. f .?7.50.- ISBN 0-19-50759X-6
Advances in Mass Spectrometry, Val. 13. Proceedings of
the 13th International Mass Spectrometry Conference.
Edited by 1. Cornides, G. Horvath, K. Vekey. Wiley,
Chichester. 1995. 645 pp.. hardcovei. f 120.00.--ISBN
Chemical Principles of Synthetic Fibre Dyeing. By S. M.
Burkinshaw. Blackie Academic, London. 1995.223 pp..
hardcover. t 55.00.-ISBN 0-7514-0043-3
Spectroscopy in Environmental Science. Advances in
Spectroscopy, Vol. 24. Edited by K. J. H. Clark, R. E.
Hester. Wiley, Chichester. 1995. Jh2 pp.. hardcover.
f 130.00.-ISBN 0-471-95370-9
Macromolecular Reactions. Peculiarities, Theory and
Experimental Approaches. By PU. .A. Plate. A. D. Litmanorich, 0. V. Noah. Wiley. Chichester. 1995.438 pp.,
hardcover. f 80.00. ISBN 0-471-93392-4
Organomagnesium Methods in Organic Synthesis. By B.
J. Wakefield. Academic Press. London. 1995. 249 pp..
hardcover. f 50.00.--ISBN 0-1 2-730945.4
Surfactant-Enhanced Subsurface Remediation: Emerging Technologies. Edited by D. A. Sabatini, K. C. Knox,
J. H. Harwell. American Chemical Society. b'ashington. 1995. 312 pp.. hardcover, S 84 Y5.--ISBN 0.84123225-3
RontgenfluoreszenranalytischeVethoden. Grundlagen
und praktische Annendung in den Geo-, Material- und
Umweltwissen-schaften. By P. Hahn-Weinheimer, A.
Hirner, K. Weber-Diefenbach. Vicucg. Wiesbaden.
1995. 283 pp.. hardcover. DM 98 00.-ISBN 3-52806579-6
Organocopper Reagents. A Practical Approach. Edited
by R. J. K. Taylor, L. M. Harwood, C.J. Moody. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1995. 362 pp.. paperback. € 25.00.-ISBN 0-19-855758-2
Destillation, Absorption, Extrahtion. By E.-U.
Schliinder, F. Thurner. Vieueg. Wicsbdden. 1995. 215
pp.. paperback. DM 49.50.--ISBN 3-528-06678.4
Optical Polarization of Molecules. By M. Auzinsh, R.
Ferher. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 1995.
306 pp.. hardcover. f 50.00.-ISBN 0-521-44346-6
lmmunoanalysis of Agrnchemicals: Emerging Technologies. ACS Symposium Series No. 586. Edited by A. E.
Karu, J. 0. Nelson, R. B. Wong. American Chemical
Society, Washington. 1995. 380 pp.. hardcover.
S 99.95.-- ISBN 0-8412-3149-4
Official and Standardized Methods of Analysis. Third
Edition. Edited by C. Watson. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge. 1994.778 pp.. hardcover. f 110.00.~-ISBN 0-85186-441-4
Alkaloids: Chemical & Biological Perspectives. Vol. 9.
Edited by S. W. Pelletier. Pergamon (Elsevier Science
Ltd.), Oxford. 1995. 286 pp.. hardcover. f 78.00.
ISBN 0-08-042089-3
Organic Reactivity: Physical and Biological Aspects.
Edited by B. T. Golding, R. J. Griffin, H. Maskill. Royal
Society of Chemistry. Cambridge. 1995.453 pp.. hardcover. f 69.50.-ISBN 0-85404-710-7
Multidimensional Solid-State NMR and Polymers. By
K. Schmidt-Rnhr. H. W. Spies. Academic Press, London. 1994. 478 pp.. hardcover. € 65.00.-ISBN 0-12626630-1
An Atlas of Fullerenes. By P. W. Fowler, D. E.
Manolopoulos. Oxford University Press. Oxford. 1995.
392 pp.. hardcover. f 65.00.-1SBN 0-19-855787.6
Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions. ACS Symposium Series No. 587. Edited by 1
Agaraal, G. Marcelin. American
Washington. 1995.248 pp.. h;crdco\ci-. S 79 95 ISBN
Modern Countercurrent Chromatography. ACS Symposium Series No. 593. Edited by U. D. Conway, R. J.
Petroski. American Chemical Society. Washington.
1995. 248 pp.. hardcover. S 69.95.- ISBN 0-84123167-2
Fruit Flavors: Biogenesis, Characterization, and Authentication. ACS Symposium Series No. 596. Edited by
R. L. Rouseff, M. M. Leahy. American Chemical Society. Washington. 1995. 304 pp li,irdcover. $ 84.95.ISBN 0-8412-3227-X
Flow-Induced Strucrure in Polyniers. ACS Symposium
Series No. 597. Edited by A. 1. Nakatani, M. D. Dadmun. American Chemical Society. Washington. 1995.
378 pp.. hardcover, $ Y9.95.-lSBN 0-8412-3230-X
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