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Metallomesogens. S)nthesis. Properties. and Applications Edited hy J. L. Serrano. VCH. WeinheimiNew
York. 1996. 41‘ X pp.. hardcover, DM 298.00.-lSBN
Active Metals. Prcparntion. Characterization, Applications. Ediled hy A. Fiirstner. VCH, Weinheim:New
York, 1996. 464 pp.. hardcover. DM 24X.OO.-ISBN
3-S?7-”207- I
Modelling Molecular Structures. By A. Hinchliffe. WIley. Chichester. 1996. 256 pp. paperback. f 24.95. -.
ISBN 0.471 -Y5923-5
Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics. By S . R. Logan.
Longinan. H i i i l o ~ 1996.
264 pp.. paperback. 264 pp..
f 199Y ISBN 0-5x2-251x5-0
Solving Problems with h M R Spectroscopy. By Attaur-Rahman, M. I. Choudhary. Academic Press. New
York. 1996. 430 pp.. sol’tcover. S 34.95. ~ I S B N0-12066320- I
Anorganische Chemie. Prinripien von Struktur und
Reaktivitiit 2nd edition. By J. E. Huheey, E. A. Keiter,
K. L. Keiter. De Gi-uyter. Berlin. 1995. 1261 pp., hardcover. DM 1 % 00 ISBN 3-11-013557-4
llmwelthiochemie. By J. Berndt. Fischer. Stuttgart.
1995. 27X pp. papci-hack. DM 34.80.-ISBN 3-82522838-4
Adrances in Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. 42. Edited by
A. G. Sykes. Academic Press. San Diego. 1995.408 pp..
hardcover. 5 99.iKI ISBN 0-1 2-023642-7
L>as Buch des Lmweltmanagements. Schitag Ernst &
Young. VCH. Weinheim. 1995. 298 pp., hardcover.
D M 98 00. ISBN 3-527-18734-5
Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of
Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. (Recommendations IYYS) B) J. C. Rigg et al. Blackwell Science. Oxford. 1995. 390 pp.. paperback. f 18.95. ISBN (i-X6542-612-0
Spektroskopische Methoden in der organischen Chemie.
Fifth rebised edition. By M. Hesse, H. Meier, B. Zeeh.
Georg Tlii~iiicVeilag. Stuttgart. 1995. 364 pp.. paperback. D M 87.00. ISBN 3.13-576105-3
Inductivel! Coupled and Microwave Induced Plasma
Sources for .Mass Spectrometry. By E. H. Evans et al.
Royal Societ) of Chemistr). Cambridge. 1995. 108 pp.
h;ii-dco\ei-. f 32 XI. ISBN 0-85404-560-0
Palladium Reagents and Catalysts. Innovations in organic Synthesis By J. Tsuji. Wiley. Chichester. 1995.
560 p p . hardcovcr. f 125.00. -ISBN 0-471-95483-7
Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Polymers: Vibrational, h.MR, and Fluorescence Techniques. ACS Symposium Series No. 598. Edited by M. W. Urban, T.
Provder. Amei-ic:iii Chemical Society. Washington.
1995. 610 pp.. h‘irdcover. $ 139.95.-ISBN 0-84123262-X
I;ire and Polymers 11: Materials and Tests for Hazard
Prevention. ACS S?mposium Series No. 599. Edited by
C;. L. Nelson. ,4inerican Chemical Society. Washington. 1995. 072 pp.. hardcover. $ 129.Y5. -ISBN
Explosivstoffe. 8th revised edition. By J. Kohler, R.
Meyer. VCH. Weinheim, 1995.436 pp., DM 165.00:ISBN 3-527-18641-1
IIC Studies. Studic\ i n Industrial Property and Copyright Law. (Puhli\hed by the Max Planck Institute for
Foreign ;ind 1ntei-iiation;il Patent. Copyright and
Competition Law. Munich) Vol. 16. Experimental Use
and I’ateiit,. B) D. Gilat. VCH, Weinheim. 1995. 141
pp.. paperback. I)M 128.00 . -ISBN 3-527-28660-8
C Ilmann’r Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Index
AI to A 1 i . B1 to B6. Fifth Completely Revised
Edition Edited h) 6. Elvers, S. Hawkins, W. Russey,
1.1. Pikart-.liiller. VCH. Weinheim, 1995. 626 pp , paperhick. DM 295.00 -ISBN 3-527-20 149.1
io Vols
Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Vol.
A26 Surgical Materials to Thiourea. Fifth Completely
Revised Edition. Edited by B. Elvers, S. Hawkins, W.
Russey. VCH. Weinheim, 1995. 815 pp., hardcover.
DM 625.00.--ISBN 3-527-20126-2
Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Index
on CD Rom. VCH, Weinheim. 1995. DM 248.00:ISBN 3-527-20153-X
Sicherer Umgang mit Gefahrstoffen. Sachkunde fur
Naturwissen-schaftler. By H. F. Bender. VCH. Weinhem. 1995. 233 pp.. paperback. DM 59.00. ISBN
Electric Field Applications in Chromatography, Indnstrial and Chemical Processes Edited by T. Tsuda. VCH,
Weinheini. 1995. 311 pp.. hardcover. DM 260.00.
ISBN 3-527-28687-X
Sensors. Vol. 8. (Micro- and Nano-sensor Technology;
Trends in Sensor Markets). Volume Editors H.
Meixner, R. Jones.
A Comprehensive Survey. Edited by W. Gopel, J. Hesse, J. N. Zemel.
VCH. Weinheim, 1995. 565 pp.. hardcover. DM
410.00.-ISBN 3-527-26774-3
Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering.
Vol. 4. Edited by H. Gerischer, C. W. Tobias. VCH
Weinheim. 1995. 430 pp., hardcover. DM 248.00 ISBN 3-527-29205-5
Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry. By W.
Funk, V. Dammann, G. Donnevert. VCH Weinheiin,
New York. 1995. 238 pp.. hardcover. DM 125.00.ISBN 3-527-28668-3
The Neem Tree. Source of Unique Natural Products for
Integrated Pest Management, Medicine, Industry and
Other Purposes. Edited by H. Schmutterer. VCH.
Weinheim, 1995. 696 pp.. hardcover, DM 198.00. ISBN 3-527-30054-6
Organic Synthesis Highlights 11. Edited by H. Waldmann. VCH, WeinheimiNew York. 1995.407 pp .hardcover. DM 148 00. ISBN 3-527-29200-4
The Extraordinary Chemistr) of Ordinary Things. 2nd
Edition. By C. H. Snyder. John Wiley. Chichester.
1995. 656 pp.. paperback. f 28.50.-~-ISBN 0-47111 157-0
Dynamics of Solutions and Fluid Mixtures by NMR.
Edited by J.-J. Delpuech. John Wiley. Chichester.
0-4711995. 587 pp.. hardcover, f: 70.00.-lSBN
Introduction to nonlinear science. By G. Nicolis. Cam
bridge University Press. Cambridge. 1995.254 pp , paperback. f 13.95.---ISBN 0-521-46782-9
.Monosaccharides. Their Chemistry and Their Roles in
Natural Products. By P. M.Collins, R. J. Ferrier. John
Wiley, Chichester 1995. 574 pp . paperback. f 22 50.-ISBN 0-471-95343-1
Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry. A Textbook.
By K. Faher. Springer-Verlag. Berlin. 1995. 356 pp.,
paperback. DM 58.00.- ISBN 3-540-58503-6
Iron-Sulfur Proteins/Perovskites. Structure and Bonding. Vol. 83. Edited by M. J. Clarke et al. Springer-Verlag. Berlin, 1995. 100 pp., hardcover. DM 99.00. ISBN 3-540-59105-2
Synthesis and Photosynthesis. Advances in Polymer Science. Vol. 123. Edited by A. Abe et al. Springer-Verlag.
Berlin. 1995. 255 pp.. hardcover. DM 238.00.--ISBN
Aroma Biotechnology. By R. G. Berger. Springer-Verlag. Berlin. 1995. 240 pp.. hardcover. DM 186.00:ISBN 3-540-58606-7
Qualitatise Anorganische Analyse. Ein Begleitbuch fur
Theorie und Praxis. By E. Gerdes. Vieweg. Wiesbaden.
1995. 295 pp.. paperback. DM 32.00. -ISBN 3-52806667-9
Overlap Determinant Method in the Theory of Pericyclic Reactions. Lecture Notes in Chemistry. Vol. 65.
By R. Ponec. Springer-Verlag. Beihn. 1995. 126 pp.,
paperback, DM 48.00. ISBN 3-540-59189-3
Biochemische Labormethoden. By tM. Holtzhauer.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 1995.249 pp.. paperback. DM
48.00. ISBN 3-540-58584-2
Bioelectrochemistry: General Introduction. Ediled by S.
R. Caplan, 1. R. Miller, G. .Milazzo. Birkhauser Verlag.
Basel, 1995. 384 pp.. hardco\,er. $ 148.00.--ISBN
Process Engineering Handbook Series. Solids/Liquids
Separation. By P. N. Cheremisinoff. Technomic. Basel,
1995.400 pp.. paperback, SFr. 93.00. ISBN 1-56676246-4
Mobile Umweltanalytik. By G. Schnedt. Vopel.
Wiirrburg. 1994. 187 pp.. hardcover. DM 49.00.ISBN 3-8023-1529
Organic Photoreceptors for Imaging Systems. Optical
Engineering Series 39. By P. M. Borsenherger, D. S.
Weiss. Marcel Dekker, New York. 1995.472 pp .hardcover. $ 150.00.----ISBN 0-8247-8976-1
Polymers for Lightwave and Integrated Optics. Technology and Applications. Optical Engineering Series 32.
Edited by L. A. Hornak. Marcel Dekker. New York,
1995. 768 pp.. hardcover. B 165 00. ISBN 0-82478697.1
Thin Films for Optical Systems. Optical Engineering
Series 49. Edited by F. K. Flory. Marcel Dekker. New
York. 1995. 616 pp.. hardcover. $ 165OO.--ISBN
The Synergy Between Dynamics and Reactivity a t Clusters and Surfaces. Edited by L. J. Farrugia. Kluwer.
Dordrecht. 1995.376 pp., hardco\er. S 184.00 --ISBN
Structure and Dynamics of Aloms and Molecules: Conceptual Trends. Edited by J. L. Calais, E. S. Kryachko.
Kluwer. Dordrecht. 1995. 288 pp., hardcover,
9 120.00.--ISBN 0-7923-3388-8
Theoretical Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis. Applications of Ah Initio Molecular Orbital Theory. Ediied
by P. W. N. M. von Leeuwen, K. Morokuma, J. H. van
Lenthe. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1995. 216 pp.. hardcover.
$ 109.00-ISBN 0-7923-3107-9
Chemometrics. Experimental Design. B) E. Morgan.
John Wiley, Chichester. 1995. 294 pp.. paperback,
f 19 50.-lSBN 0-471-95832.8
Mathematische Einfuhrung in die Thermodynamik der
Gemische. By 1. Aavatsmark. Akademic Verlag. Berlin.
1995. 171 pp., paperback. DM 4X.i)O.-ISBN 3-05501662-9
Practical Organic Mass Spectrometry. 2nd Edition. A
Guide for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis. By J. R.
Chapman. John Wiley. Chichester, 1995. 344 pp.. paperback. f 18.95.-lSBN 0-471-95831-X
Englisch-Deutsches Worterhuch der lndustriellen Werkstofftechnik. By C. Goetzel, L. Goetzel. Carl Hanser.
Munchen. 1995. 754 pp.. hardcoier, DM 198.00.-ISBN 3-446-17531-8
Das Qualitatssicherungs-Handbuch im Labor. Ein Leitfaden zur Erstellung. By K. Sohngen. Springer-Verlag.
Berlin. 1995. 172 pp., hardcover. D M 78.00.-ISBN
Diazo Chemistry 11. Aliphatic. Inorganic and
Organometallic Compounds. By H. Zollinger. VCH.
Weinheim!New York. 1995. 522 pp.. hardcover.
DM 198.00.-ISBN 3-527-29222-.i
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