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News Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 42003

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Jay Siegel and Kim Baldridge
to Move from California to
Leibniz Award 2003 to Ferdi
To be among the winners of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Program of the
German Research Foundation (DFG) is
an honor and a privilege for any researcher, last but not least because it
allows one to spend those extra 1.55 ME
over five years. This year, Ferdi Sch¸th
(Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, M¸lheim, Germany) is among
the ten honorees.
His research is mainly devoted to the
synthesis of solids with tailor-made
properties and functions, especially for
catalysis. Mesoporous solids and crystal
growth from solution are of central
importance to his work.
Sch¸th received his PhD in 1988
from the University of M¸nster under
the guidance of Wicke and spent his
post-doc time in 1989 with L. D. Schmidt
in Minneapolis, MN. The same year, he
graduated from law school. In 1993, he
was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the
group of Stucky (Santa Barbara, CA).
He earned his Habilitation in Mainz
(Germany) to become a professor in
Frankfurt am Main in 1995 and a
Director at the Max Planck Institute in
M¸lheim an der Ruhr (Germany) in
His most recent Communication in
Angewandte Chemie deals with ™Taking
Nanocasting One Step Further: Replicating CMK-3 as a Silica Material∫.[1]
Sch¸th is a co-editor of the ™Handbook
of Porous Solids∫.
This spring, Jay Siegel and Kim
Baldridge (University of California, San Diego) will assume professorships for Organic Chemistry and Computational Chemistry, respectively, at the University
of Zurich.
Siegel received his PhD from
Princeton University in 1985 (supervisor: Kurt Mislow). After
postdoctoral studies with JeanMarie Lehn, he started his academic career in San Diego in
1986. His research is focused on
the stereochemistry of organic
and organometallic compounds
and reactions as well as chemical
The new ISIS building in Strasbourg by Claude
Vasconi. Photo: Florence Schaeffer.
synthesis directed toward the elucidation of molecular topologies
and physical properties.[2] Among
other commitments, Siegel is a member (MPI Biophysics, Frankfurt). The forof the Editorial Board of the European mal inauguration ceremony was held in
the afternoon in the presence of repreJournal of Organic Chemistry.
Baldridge received her PhD from sentatives of the Universitÿ Louis PasNorth Dakota State University. She teur, the city of Strasbourg, the region
joined the San Diego Supercomputer Alsace, and the French government.
The new building was conceived by
Center in 1988 and became adjunct
professor of chemistry in 1997. She is Nobel Prize winner Jean-Marie Lehn to
currently director of the ™Integrative be an excellent place for high-level
Computational Sciences∫ at the San international researchers to work and
Diego Supercomputer Center. With communicate on the interface of physics
her group, she develops theoretical and chemistry. It will accommodate the
methods for the description of the research groups of Jean-Marie Lehn,
electronic structure of molecules, such Thomas Ebbesen, Nicolas Winssinger,
as the GAMESS package, and special- and Michel Granet with a total of 150
izes in problems of solvation, following people. Work on the building started in
reaction pathways and predictions of November 2000 and cost a total of
15 ME plus 2 ME for equipment.
physical properties.
Jean-Marie Lehn is the founding
of the Editorial Boards of
New Building for Supramolecular
European Journal and,
Chemistry in Strasbourg
together with Alan Fersht, of ChemBioThe Institut des Sciences et d×Inge¬nierie Chem.
Supramolÿculaires (ISIS) in Strasbourg,
France, has a new building (see picture).
It was inaugurated on December 9 with [1] A.-H. Lu, W. Schmidt, A. Taguchi, B.
Spliethoff, B. Tesche, F. Sch¸th, Angew.
a scientific symposium with prominent
Chem. 2002, 114, 18, 3639, Angew. Chem.
speakers, including two Nobel Prize
Int. Ed. 2002, 41, 3489.
winners: Pierre-Gilles de Gennes [2] J. C. Loren, J. S. Siegel, Angew. Chem.
(ESPCI Paris), FranÁois Diederich
2001, 113, 776; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
(ETH Zurich), and Hartmut Michel
2001, 40, 754.
¹ 2003 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
1433-7851/03/4204-0378 $ 20.00+.50/0
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2003, 42, No. 4
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