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Head injury (major problems in neurology Vol 10). By N. E. F. Cartlidge and D. A. Shaw Philadelphia the W. B. Saunders Company 1981 203 pp illustrated $32

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particularly to diseases of the nervous system, which frequently disrupt motor and cognitive behavior. Although the
subject of sex is no longer taboo, physicians and other health
care professionals all too often neglect the subject of sexual
functionings with their patients. Because of their general ignorance in this area, most health care professionals, including
neurologists, are reluctant to initiate a discussion of sexual
problems with patients; patients in turn often hesitate to
volunteer symptoms related to what they consider a private
part of their lives. Therefore, this volume is a welcome review of a relatively neglected topic.
The cause of symptoms and practical management of sexual dysfunction in patients with neurological disorders are
reviewed. Chapters are devoted to anatomy and physiology,
history taking, and clinical syndromes. Lesions involving the
peripheral nervous system, spinal cord, and hemispheres are
described. The effect of medications, alcohol, psychoactive
drugs, and normal aging processes on sexual function are
covered. An excellent bibliography is provided. This short
review is an excellent introduction for the student and clinician to the field of sexual dysfunction.
John J . Caronna, M D
New York, N Y
Essays in Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology,
Vol 5, edited by M. B. H . Youdim, W. Lovenberg, D. F . Sharman, and J . R. Lagnado, New York, John Wiley and Sons,
1981, 153 pp, illustrated
Part of a series of volumes of essays o n the central nervous
system, this short book contains six chapters averaging
about 25 pages each. Topics include transport carrier systems for tyrosine and tryptophan, pineal serotonin N acetyltransferase, octopamine, dopamine neurons in the
retina, stimulant-induced psychosis, and suicide enzyme
inhibition. The authors are all expert and present wellorganized, concise descriptions of their topics. T h e chapters are well referenced. This volume would b e worthwhile
for almost anyone interested in neuropharinacology or
neurochemistry. It is easy to read and would be interesting
to students and researchers.
Medical Neurobiology, Neuroanatomical and
Neurophysiological Principles Basic
to Clinical Neuroscience, T h i r d edition
By William D. Willis, Jr, and Robert G. Grossman
St. Louis, The C . V . Mosby Company, 1981
593 pp, illustrated
This is the third edition of a classic textbook on
neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. It has the same basic
organization as the first two editions; however, there have
been some changes. The topic of synaptic transmission is
stressed more heavily in this edition, and the section on receptors and receptor mechanisms has been expanded, as has
treatment of the autonomic nervous system. Several chapters
have been substantially revised and the reference lists have
112 Annals of Neurology
Vol 13 No 1 January 1983
been updated. The book is beautifully produced and illustrated and will prove highly useful to the student and to the
neurologist or neurosurgeon preparing for board examinations.
Head Injury (Major Problems i n Neurology, Vol 10)
By N. E. F . Cartlidge and D . A . Shaw
Philadelphia, The W . B . Saunders Company. 1981
203 pp, illustrated. $32.50
This monograph, written by two neurologists with a contribution on treatment by a neurosurgeon, comprehensively reviews the relevant literature on the topic of head injury and
presents the findings of a study o f 4 2 5 head-injured patients
admitted to the neurosurgical unit in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
over the course of approximately two years. The volume is
well written and contains useful information on the
epidemiology of head injury, its medical and social consequences, and its sequelae. The sections on the postconcussion syndrome, cranial nerve injuries after head injury, and
posttraumatic headache make the volume useful for neurologists, neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, psychiatrists, and
others who are concerned with the care of the head-injured
patient. With its emphasis on the postconcussion syndrome,
this book is a useful supplement to Jennett and Teasdale’s
monumental work Management of Head Injuries, which deals
mainly with more severe head injuries.
C u r r e n t Neurology, Vol 3
Edited by Stanley H . Appel
New Yo&,John Wiley C Sons. 1981
599 PP
This volume of Current Neurology covers recent advances in
the field. The contributors critically review clinical topics
including neuroendocrinology, neuroophthalmology, computed tomography, pain, and pain syndromes and recent advances in stroke, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, and
hereditary ataxias. The book provides clear, concise overviews that will be useful to clinical neurologists with little
time to review the neuroscience literature. It is therefore a
valuable addition to any neurological library.
§ex Differences i n Dyslexia
Edited by Alice Ansara, Norman Gescbwind, Albert Galaburda.
Marilyn Albert, and Nanette Gartrell
The Orton Dyslexia Society, Towson, M D , 1981
This volume is a compilation of papers presented at a 1980
Orton Society conference. Key workers in the field present
up-to-date reviews of neuropsychological aspects of dyslexia
with regard to both sex differences and the heterogeneity of
the disorder. Research in progress is also discussed by a number of the contributors. There are even two papers about
remediation. While conflicting views abide, reflecting the limits of the state of the art, the symposium demonstrates that
clear advances are being made in the area.
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