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International review of neurobiology volume 19 edited by Carl C. Pfeiffer and John R. Smythies 232 pp $33

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The Fine Structure of the Nervous System: The Neurons and Supporting Cells, by Alan Peters, Sanford L.
Pakay, and Henry drF. Webster, 395 pp, illustrated, $33.00,
W . B. Sanndrrs Company, Philadelphia, 1976
Applied Physiology of Respiratory Care, by John
Hedky-Whyte, 528 pp, illustrated $22.50,Little, Brown and
Company, Boston, I976
With so many neurological and neurosurgical patients requiring assisted ventilation and developing complications
of the respiratory system, this valuable book should have
wide application. Pertinent chapters for the neurological
community are those on general management, those related to head injury, and those relating to liver failure,
peripheral neurological disease, and cerebral edema.
Alcoholism and the Brain, by A. E. Bennett, 84 pp,
$9.75,Stratton Intercontinental, New York, 1977
Brain Tumor Chemotherapy, by D m k Fewer, Charlrs B.
Wilson, and Victor A. b i n , I86 pp, illustrated, $17.50,
Charles C Thomar, Sprin&ld, IL, 1976
Epilepsy: The E i g h t h International Symposium, edited
by J.Kijjfn Penry, 404 pages, illustrated, $15.00,Raven Preu,
New Ywk, 1977
Language and Hemispheric Specialization in Man:Cerebral Event Related Potentials, Vols 1-3 (Progress in
Clinical Neurophysiology Series), edited by John E. Desmedt, 286 pp, illustrated, tabler, $47.25,S. Kbrger, Basel,
These three volumes represent the results of Prof Desmedt's energetic efforts to take papers delivered at a symposium and have the authors enlarge upon them in order to
provide substantive reference work in the field of evoked
potentials. The fortunate result will serve as a basemark for
those entering or already working in this increasingly important field.
The Cervical Syndrome, Fourth edition, by Ruth
Jackson, 378 pp, illustrated, $19.95, Charks C Thomas.
Spn'n&U, IL, I978
Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, by Arthur K . Shapiro,
Ekzine S. Shapiro, Ruth D. Brnnn, and Richard 0.Sweet, 439
pp, tables, $18.75,Raven Press, New York, 1978
This comprehensive book contains an extremely thorough
analysis of the largest single well-studied series of Tourette's syndrome and thoroughly discusses the subject, including possible basic mechanisms and pharmacological
Radiologic Anatomy of the Brain, b G.Sakamon, and
Y . P. Huang, 404 pp, illustrated, $148.W,Sptinger, Berlin
and New Y w k , I976
This superbly produced atlas juxtaposes, in close sequence,
well-dissected postmortem material with appropriate radiographic contrast studies. In each anatomical area, air
studies are followed by arteriographic analyses, and those
by venographic analyses. Line drawings supplement the illustrations of postmortem specimens. T h e text is brief but
pertinent. The volume confines itself to normal anatomy.
The book rates "excellent" both as an anatomical reference
and for its quality of production. The price is a regrettable
588 Annals of Neurology
The Total Care o f Spinal Cord Injuries, by Donald S.
Piwre and Vernon H. Nickel, 340 pp, illustrated, $22.50,
Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1977
A useful volume for those caring for such patients, with
predominant cmphasis on the orthopedic and physical
medicine approach.
International Review of Neurobiology. Volume 19,
edited by Carl C. Pfriffrr and John R. Smythies, 323 Pp.
$33.50,Academic Pnss, New Ywk, 1976
Contents include: Do Hippocampal Lesions Produce Amnesia in Animals?; Synaptosomd Transport Processes;
Glutathione Metabolism . . . in the Nervous System;
Neurochemical Consequences of Ethanol on the Nervous
System; Octopamine and . . . Noncatecholic Amines in
Invertebrate Nervous Systems; Apomorphines; Thymoleptic and Neuroleptic Drug Plasma Levels in Psychiatry.
Fundamentals of Visceral Innervation, by Bndh Dn,
Bhagat, Paul A. YounR, and DonaU E. Biggerstafi 203 pp,
illustrated, $24.75 (cloth), $16.75 (paper), Charles C
Thomas, Spn'ndeki, IL, 1977
Music and the Brain, Studies i n the Neurology of
Music, edited by Macdonald Critchb and R. A. Henson, 459
pp, illustrated, $29.50,Charles C Thomas, Springfield, IL,
The volume is a potpourri of essays delivered, appropriately enough, at a symposium in Vienna in 1972. The
topics range widely, from aesthetics to composition to
musicogenic seizures, and even to music as therapy. Many
of the essays are well written and provide amusing bedtime
Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Volume 30, Congenital Malformations o f the Brain and Skull, Part I, edited
by P. J . Vinken and G. W . Bruyn, 706 pp, illustrated,
$1 14.50,North-Hohnd Publishing Company, Amsterrkrm,
The 27 chapters cover basic concepts and specific errors of
the skull as well as many of those of the brain structure and
meninges. Two more volumes are planned to complete the
section on congenital malformations.
Medical Neurobiology, 2 n d Edition, by William D. Willis, Jr., and Robert G. Grossman, 515 pp, illustrated, $24.50,
The C. V . Mosby Company, St, Louis, 1977
The second edition of this deservedly praised basic text
contains substantially more illustrations than the first. T h e
result is to strengthen the neuroanatomical contribution.
Multiple Sclerosis Scars of Childhood: New Horizons
and Hope, by John M. A h m s , 78 pp, illustrated, $8.95,
Charks C Thomas, Sprin&ld, IL, 1977
Basic Human Neuroanatomy: A n Introductory Atlas,
2 n d Edition, by Craig Watson, 141 pp, illustrated, $8.95
(paper), Little, Brmun and Company, 1977
Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus: Organization. Cytology
and Transmitters, by Victoria Chan-Palay, 550 pp, iffustroted, $98.00,Springer, Berlin and New York, 1977
This beautifully produced volume covers essentially all aspects of the neurobiology of the cerebellar nuclei.
Vol 4 No 6 December 1978
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