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A Theoretical Study on Irregular Emission Properties in Lasers Coupled to a Long External Resonator.

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Annnlen der Physik. 7. Folge, Band 46, Heft I, 1989, S. 79
VEB J. A. Barth, Leipzig
A Theoretical Study on Irregular Emission Properties
in Lasers Coupled to a Long External Resonator
Ann. Physik 45 (1988) 137
The last sentence on page 140 should read as follows: This means eys. (7b) and (8b)
have been -replaced by E Z e ( t1, -L ) = E;,(t, I
L) and
Eag(t,z1 1) = - f R 5 E19(t,z1 L ) , respectively. For this approximation one could
imagine a ring resonator arrangement for the external resonator E R where the light
reflected from mirror M 3 is fed back directly on t o the active cavity FI’, cf. Fig. 1.
Bei der Redaktion eingegangen am 31. Juli 1988.
Anschr. d. Verf.: Dr. R. MULLER,Zentrelinstitut fur Optik und Spektroskopie
d&rAkademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Rodower Chaussee 516,
Berlin, DDR-1199
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