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1 November 2013
Hello our friend.
The students of Dmitrievogorskaya school Nikitaeva Tatyana and Shikova Arina write to you.
We want to tell you about an interesting event in our life. Recently we went to the city of Murom where we met the Olympic Torch Relay Sochi 2014. We got this trip for the victory in our school competition "the class of the year". The trip took place on 16 0ctober, on the day of arrival the Olympic Flame in the city of Murom. Murom was the first city in Vladimir region which took the Olympic Flame. The Olympic Torch Relay presented an impressive convoy of cars with the symbols of the Olympics 2014. Thirteen torchbearers carried the flame through the city. They changed each other every 200 meters. The length of the route was almost 6.5 kilometers. The longest - 600 meters - technically complicated and spectacular segment of the relay ran along the river. On the boat which was built on the model of ancient shipbuilders, the Olympic Flame was driven by the guys from the historical reconstruction club "Varezh" accompanied by the vessels of Murom yacht club, emergency workers and rescuers. Then the way of the Olympic Flame ran along the main streets. All the people of the city waited for this event with the excitement and prepared for it. Hundreds of people gathered on the square near the largest sport complex in the city, in the park of culture and rest named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet power near the monument to the epic hero Ilya Muromets. The famous athletes of our region were awarded with the honor of carrying the Olympic Flame.It was a well-known Murom athlete Vyacheslav Frolov, the champion of the city and the region. From 1976 to 2004 he headed the Sport Committee of the city. It was the time when the mass physical training and sport life of Murom reached its height and two men from this city - Alexey Prokurorovand Viktor Losev - became the Olympic champions. On the stage at the walls of the ancient Holy Trinity Monastery, where there are the relics of Peter and Fevroniya, the relay was taken by 76-year-old Boris Shilov. He is an amazing athlete, a candidate for the master of sports. On the last stage the Olympic Flame was in the hands of the honored master of sport Gennadiy Muratov. He is a worthy descendant of Ilya Muromets, he stands for athletic and great physical strength. He was the world champion in weightlifting among the students and the Universiade champion in Beijing among the heavyweights. Muratov ran with a torch in his hands at the applause and shouts of the spectators to the festively decorated Victory Square. The bowl of the Olympic Flame was set there. Muratov and the head of Murom Evgeniy Rychkov lit it from the Olympic Flame. It was the great honor for Murom. So we participated in the Olympic Games. We were pleased to be present at this event. That day will live in our hearts forever.And what kind of an interesting event in your life can you tell us? Write soon! Goodbye.
All the best, Tanya and Arina.
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