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Magnaflux Devices - Advice on choosing the best product

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Different engineering methods are for sale to find surface disorders and subsurface discontinuities in metals.
Magnaflux Devices -
Advice on choosing the best product
Different engineering methods are for sale to find surface disorders and subsurface discontinuities in metals. One of the most popular NDT calibration
(Low Destructive Testing) methods is called “Magnaflux”ing, also known as MPI (Permanent magnet Particle Inspection).
Using this method works by creating a permanent magnetic field on the area to be inspected. Which means, it can work on almost
all ferromagnetic materials like flat iron, nickel and many other metals.
A typical Magnaflux
process involves these steps:
First, the material is to be magnetized. This can be done by 50 percent ways:Eit
her way, a magnetic field is defined on the surface to be analyzed
Direct Magnetization by delivering electric current through the steel surface
Indirect Magnetization by simply creating a magnetic discipline from another origin other than the metallic sur
When a metal surface carries a magnetic field placed on it, the permanent magnet lines of force will be running parallel to the surface
If the surface does not have any defects, these magnetic force lines will likely be running continuously with n
o disturbance
When there is a defect from the surface or subsurface amount, it means, air will probably be present in that region instead of metal. Air can’t support same amount of magnet field as metallic, this will cause disturbances from the magnetic force traces, which are known as permanent magnetic flux leakage
MPI as well as Magnaflux devices can discover this magnetic flux leakage and find out the area wherever surface defects are present. Handheld devices including Magnetic inspection yokes bri
ng easy outdoor inspections of metal surfaces
Now, magnet powders (small particles) are applied in the surface
They will be immediately attracted to the area in which magnetic flux leakage occurs. This can be used to find the faulty zone and is notable
by the technician appropriately!
While examining a surface utilizing Magnaflux technology, it is recommended that the surface is tested in 2 angles that are 90 degrees aside (horizontal and vertical). This helps to locate the defect region accurately
re are the two most popular and trustworthy magnetic particle inspection devices in the market nowadays:
300 Contour Probe
This is an easy to use Magnaflux gadget that works on solid AC field. It has adjustable legs to measure surfaces of many types. Its
lightweight layout provides excellent convenience without compromising about the accuracy of way of measuring.
300 Contour Probe can be used with dry magnetic powder as well as wet magnetic powder depending on the surface to be tested. While acquiring t
he device, you can also buy a kit that comes with these powders.
Magnaflux Magnavis
This is a light device that is coded in an ergonomic manner for improved dealing with capacity. This means, blunders due to any person fatigue will be very less.
Another us
eful feature of Magnaflux Magnavis is that it can be utilized in variety of regions including overhead surfaces. This is ideal for inspecting welds, forgings and many other kinds of parts.
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