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 Dear friend, I'm very sorry, that I couldn't write to you for such a long time, but I have a reason. I have so much homework to do and only 24 hours in a day. I think you understand me.
Now I would like to tell you about one event of my life that was very interesting. Last summer my family and I went to Karelia. We like to travel around the world and we've been to many countries. But this year we decided to see the beauty of our home country. And it was wonderful trip. We travelled by bus, and it took us two days to get there, but it wasn't difficult at all. First of all because we could see glorious views of nature through the window. In Karelia we visited their main city - Petrozavodsk, Kizhi Island and Valaam Island, saw two very big and beautiful lakes - Onezhsckoe and Ladozhsckoe, took many incredible photos at Falls Kivatch and walk along clinker of a volcano, that was there many-many years ago. Karelia has its own unique atmosphere that I hadn't met anywhere else.
So I hope that I managed to interest you in this place of the Earth and you would like to visit it, too.
I have to finish my letter, because my mom is calling me to the garden. I look forward to your answering me.
Best wishes, Polina.
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