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On the day after Christmas Day - the day we call Boxing Day in England - something terrible happened. My internet connection stopped working. I could not surf the net. I could not read my e-mails. I could not check my website or upload new movies. The internet is a bit like cigarettes. You become addicted, or "hooked" as we say in colloquial English. When suddenly you cannot use the internet, it is like wanting a cigarette, and finding that you do not have any cigarettes and that the shops are all closed. So, when my internet connection stopped working, how did I feel? What words can we use to describe my feelings?
Well, we could use words like "angry" or "furious". But these words are too strong. If someone is angry or furious, they are shouting at people and banging (стучать) the table. I was not shouting at people about my internet connection, nor was I banging the table. So "angry" and "furious" are not the right words.
Could we use the word "upset"? If something upsets you, it means that it has hurt you emotionally. You may be unable to discuss the upsetting thing without crying. You may not want to talk to people, or to eat your food. Well, my internet connection problem was not like that. So I was not "upset" when my internet connection stopped working.
We need some words that mean "a little bit angry". There are several of them. We can say, for example, that I was cross when the train was late and I missed an important meeting. I was annoyed when I could not find my car keys. I was irritated when someone did not reply to an e-mail. Yes, all of these words would do - I was cross, and annoyed, and irritated, when my internet connection stopped working.
But there is another word that describes exactly how I felt. I wanted to do things - surfing the net, sending e-mails etc - but I could not. And I could do nothing to solve the problem. The only thing to do was to wait for my internet provider to mend the connection. And it was Christmas, so all of their engineers were on holiday. So I had to wait, and wait, and wait! I felt "frustrated". The feeling we have when we cannot do something we normally do is "frustration". If you break your leg, and you cannot play football for two months, you might find this "frustrating". That is how it was with my internet connection - it was frustrating. I felt frustrated
The really bad news is that my internet connection still does not work. I have complained to my internet company. They say that there is nothing wrong. What do they mean, nothing is wrong? I can't access the internet. Of course something is wrong. Now I am very frustrated. I am not just cross with my internet company, I am starting to be angry. I am shouting at the internet company and banging the table. I have cancelled my contract with them, and next week some nice people from the cable TV company will come and install a new cable to my house, and I will have the internet again.
And how will I feel then? "Happy" - yes, of course. But a really good word is "relieved". Imagine that your teenage daughter goes out with some friends for the evening. She says she will be home at 10 o'clock. Ten o'clock comes and she is not home; 10.30, 11 o'clock. You get worried and anxious. What has happened? Should you telephone the police? Then at midnight, the phone rings. It is your daughter. She is at her friend's house. How do you feel? You might be cross with your daughter because she did not telephone earlier. But mainly you would feel relieved - no more worries, no more problems, everything is OK again - relieved. That is how I shall feel when my internet connection is back - relieved.
Find right words for the situations:
1. Mike can't find his keys anywhere.
2. Jane was fired off her work.
3. Tom's friend told much lie about him. Now nobody wants make friends with Tom.
4. He is moving to South Africa. I will never see him again. 5. Betty's granny is seriously ill.
6. You sing very loudly and not well at all. Your singing is ____________
7. I thought I wouldn't be able to pass the exam. But I did it!
8. I was hoping to go abroad on May holidays. But my boss didn't let me go. 9. My purse is lost.
10. At last I've found my bag.
11. My neighbor complained my mother that I listen to rock music last night very loudly. My mother punished me. But I didn't do it!
12. I can't access my friend over the phone for last 2 hours. But problem is very urgent. I can't wait any more.
13. I've passed all my exams and now I can do whatever I want. I don't need to study and go to school any more.
14. The movie is so sad and it doesn't have a happy end as I hoped.
15. I've waited for the bus for more than 30 minutes but it didn't come and I had to go to school on foot though it's about 40 minutes from my house. 16. My classmate was so noisy at the exam and I couldn't concentrate because of him. I unfortunately I got a bad mark though I knew this subject well.
17. Luckily we have found tickets for the train to Moscow and I will spend there a month.
18. The child was feeling badly, he was pale and didn't eat anything. His mother was ____________
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