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I live in Odessa. It's situated in the south of Ukraine. It's very beautiful city. Odessa is an important port on the Black sea. It has got many attractive places such as Opera House, the Potemkin Steps, Primorskiy Boulevard, monuments to Pushkin, Richelieu and many others. The heart of the city is Deribasovskaya street. You can meet there a lot of tourists from many countries. I'm very proud of my native city as it's one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. I would like to make it cleaner.
Last year I visited London. London is the capital of Great Britain. It's a very big city. There are many interesting places there but most of all I liked St. Jame's Park. It is the oldest and the smallest of the royal parks. It is near Buckingham Palace. There is a lake in St. Jame's Park which is famous for its water birds. You can see pelicans and ducks there. People like to rest in this park. I like it because it's very clean and beautiful. Holidays in your country
We have many holidays in Ukraine but most of all I like two of them. First it is the New Year. It is my favourite holiday. I like to decorate the New Year Tree and to receive presents. Then in a week there is Christmas. In Ukraine it is an old and popular holiday. Many families gather together on this day. Everybody in my family likes this holiday. My mother usually prepares kutya, duck with apples, different salads and many other tasty things. London
London is the capital of Great Britain. It's situated in the western Europe on the river Thames. The population of London is more than 9 million people. It is an old city. Once (когда-то) London was a small Roman town. Slowly it grew (превратился) into an important world centre and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The most famous (известный) places of London are the Tower, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. Many great Englishmen lived in Lindon: Newton, Darwin, Byron and others. I would like to go to London and visit Buckingham Palace and see Big Ben. Why I would like to go to London?
I'd like to go to London during my summer holidays, as it's a very big and beautiful city. And I want to know English better and speak with Englishmen. I would like to visit Buckingham Palace and see Big Ben. I want to go to London zoo. I'd like to live with a host family (принимающая семья) in a nice cottage. I will bring them some horseshoe (подкова) as it brings luck (приносит удачу). I'd like to spend all my summer holidays there and make (подружиться) new friends in Great Britain. Khreshatyk
The main (главная) street of our capital is Khreshatyk. Many people say that it's the heart of our capital. Many visitors from Ukraine and other countries come here. The street is very beautiful, especially (особенно) in spring when chestnuts (каштаны) are in blossom(цветут). Many years ago the prince Vladimir baptized (крестил) people at this place. Now there are many different shops and cafes in Khreshatyk. People can walk there or have a rest in some cafés. Party
I like parties and I'd like to organize a party on my Birthday. I'd like to make the party at my flat. I will invite (приглашу) my classmates and friends. My parents and sister will help me to decorate (украсить) our flat. My mum will cook tasty food: French fries, pizza, sandwiches, salads, cake and so on. We will buy much food, balloons (шарики) and prizes for the lottery. I will give my friends invitation cards and ask them to come to my party.
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