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emilie autumn
five and diamond
kelly eden
be mystery
wicked queen / sea witch
deadly maiden / mad hatter
blood milk / bibian blue
Mystery was the word that kept coming to mind as we prepped and assembled this issue. It always amazes me how cohesive our issues end up being despite the fact that we never have a set theme. Of course we follow seasons and keep a constant eye on what’s new, fresh, and trending but we never dub any issue a certain theme. And despite this, with artists and creatives across the country, continent, and world working on editorials and features for the issue, somehow we all always find the pulse and when all the pieces are put together, it’s clear what that pulse is. Back to mystery, if a theme has formed from this issue, mystery would be it. The im-
ages that have been bouncing around my head, and the heads of fellow Auxiliary editors, are all here, they were created before we could even find words to explain them. They’ve created an issue full of romance and seduction but also an issue full of the unknown and a bit of fear. From wicked queens, to sea witches, to deadly maidens, to mad hatters, to sweet girlyness masking black widows, to rockstar si-
rens, to beautifully crafted stories of unknown worlds, to haunting soundtracks, to neo-Victorian asylums of wayward girls, to a shop full of curiosities, to enchanted forests, to nightmares, and to fairytales. This winter get lost in fantasy, and use those dreams and terrors to craft the world around you into your own world, use it to make this world what we’ve dreamed of.
Sincerely, Jennifer Link
Auxiliary Magazine. auxiliary = alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support. We have always had a love for the different, the unique, the creative. But from all sides we’ve heard what we love is on its way out, is suffering, is dying, is dead. Today an alternative aesthetic is seen more than ever. Yet the core, the base, the scene; everyone is telling us is in a sad state. Reality is what you make it.
Our goal is to provide high quality fashion editorials, photographs, and articles; unique reviews and insights on the best media out there; and to create discussion and passion about alternative subcultures. There is a lot of amazing and creative stuff happening. We hope to find it, highlight it, and encourage it to grow.
That is why we’ve created Auxiliary Magazine; an online and print magazine dedi-
cated to fashion, music, and lifestyle with a darker aesthetic. There are no other boundaries than that. That is the strong point of alternative culture; and we hope to include it all.
That is a lot of ground to cover. So contribute! Send us your fashion, your music, your events, your opinions, your projects, your ideas. This magazine isn’t for a select few, we don’t know it all, this magazine is for you and what we all love.
Editor in Chief
Jennifer Link
Music Editor
Mike Kieffer
Associate and Copy Editor
Zach Rose
Associate Fashion Editor
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz
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issue 20 : february/march 2012
ISSN 1948-9676
No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, elec-
tronic or mechanical, without the permission in writting from the publisher, except small excerpts for review purposes. Submitted work, reviews, ads, and photo-
graphs are copyrighted by their respective owners and fall under previous declara-
tion. Copyright Auxiliary Magazine 2012.
Photographs / Illustrations
DerWei Chan
Jake Garn
Dana Brushette
Christina Brown
Sequoia Emmanuelle
Saryn Christina
Maria S. Varela
Jennifer Erickson
Gail Remy Kilker
Jennifer Link
Bailey Northcott
Steve Prue
photographs on 4
Jennifer Link
photograph on 16
Natalia Nortje
illustration on 30
Maki Naro
photographs on 31
Bailey Northcott
Aaron Andrews
Anna DeMeo
Tasha Farrington
Aaron Fleisher
Jessica Jewell
Mike Kieffer
Arden Leigh
Jennifer Link
Gia C. Manalio-Bonaventura
Zach Rose
Adam Rosina
Vanity Kills
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Melanie Beitel
Layout Design
Jennifer Link
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editor’s letter
mission statement
4 arti fi ci al sweeteners
beauty pi cks to sati sfy your sweet tooth
5 detai l s
chanel no. 666
6 i nternal ni ght
14 The Dark Kni ght Ri ses
a l ook at the upcomi ng fi l m
15 ti me capsul e a di fferent ki nd of l ove story
16 seven deadl y questi ons
Stefan Poi ss of mi nd.i
17 qui ck pi cks
Lacuna Coi l, Phosgore, Mi ndl ess Fai th, Trust, and more...
18 musi c revi ews
Gary Numan, Access to Arasaka, Korn, The Break Up, and more...
emi l i e autumn : 20
mi nd.i : 16
bl ood mi l k . fi ve and di amond : 32 . 28
kel l y eden . bi bi an bl ue : 25 . 48
wi cked queen . sea wi tch . deadl y mai den . mad hatter : 52 . 6 . 31 . 40
20 Emi l i e Autumn
on touri ng, her new al bum, and her message
24 ask arden
advi ce on rel ati onshi p strategi es
25 the Pi nUp
Kel l y Eden
28 bri ck & mortar
Fi ve and Di amond
30 bl ack theorem
31 styl e
death and the mai den
32 desi gner spotl i ght
Bl ood Mi l k
35 pol i sh
work your l ook i nto sophi sti cated and styl i sh
40 mad hatter
mi x n match bol d pi eces for a dari ng l ook
48 fl ame of the forest
bi bi an bl ue’s s/s 2012 col l ecti on
48 ni ghtmares & fai rytal es
haunti ng and romanti c combi ne
62 must
i n trend tuni c
63 where to buy
Photographer : DerWei Chan
Fashi on Styl i st : Pretty Deadl y Styl z
Makeup : Chri sti na Parasi l i ti
Hai r : Li sa Tuff
Model : Ni co Dei l gat
Let us know what you thi nk! Share wi th us your thoughts on the i ssue, current events, or whatever i s on your mi nd! email : edi tori al @auxi l i arymagazi
AUXILIARY february/march 2012 february/march 2012 AUXILIARY photographer Dana Brushette
fashion stylist Dana Brushette
makeup artist Kat Krawczuk
hair stylist Kat Krawczuk
model Kat Krawczuk
House of Etiquette latex gloves.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
House of Etiquette latex gloves.
House of Etiquette latex gloves with vintage fur.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE UPPER
House of Etiquette latex gloves with vintage fur.
Vintage beaded shall.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY THIS PAGE LOWER
Vintage beaded shall.
AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
Vintage beaded shall.
Pin Up Girl Clothing gloves with vintage fur.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 MEDI A
by Adam Rosina
The long awaited third release in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is still months away but images of The Dark Knight Rises have emerged in a way that promises an epic climax to this most recent adaptation in the Batman franchise.
Gather �round, children, and I’ll spin you a yarn. Once, a long time ago (two months on real time, a decade in internet years), the first six minutes of the most anticipated sequel of all time, The Dark Knight Rises, was released in select IMAX screenings (and leaked onto file-sharing websites approximately 12.5 seconds later), with the official trailer following shortly thereafter in a one-two marketing punch that left one floored in a way a very real fist to the flesh balloon would. And after a very brief, awe-struck silence, the twin camps of fan-
dumb and Nolan-loyalists began to wage a war of words that would put Team Edward/Team Jacob feuds to shame just by virtue of sheer grating idiocy. “Bane sounds like a brain-damaged tuba soloist playing underwa-
ter!” cried the haters. “You must trust Nolan! He is not for the likes of ye mere mortals to question! HE IS THE WAY!!!”, fired back the First Church of Christopher Nolan (and Jonathan Nolan, too, we guess... kinda). And thus it went. But now, the dust has finally settled, and all parties have retreated to their respective Batcaves, to pleasure themselves with a rolled-up trade paperback of Knightfall as they await, with pathological intensity, the next bit of TDKR marketing. So I felt the time was right for me to put my two cents in. So strap in, nerds! Lemme walk you through a few thoughts, observations, and merit-less predictions I’ve come up with in the wake of the prologue/trailer two-fer!
JOKER, WHO? TOM HARDY’S BANE WILL MAKE YOU FORGET HEATH LEDGER’S CLOWN PRINCE. Blasphemy, they’ll say. And they may be right, but I’m an old hand at it. From what little I’ve seen, Bane, as a dramatic character and as a near force of nature, will utterly eclipse the Joker in the Nolan trilogy’s pantheon of villains. The Joker seemingly had it all: sociopathic charisma that rivaled the likes of Hannibal Lector, Alex DeLarge, and [insert lazy reference here]; a diabolical rationale that had you nodding along with the mad bastard until the credits rolled and your senses returned; a striking aesthetic that would seduce our eyes and give rise to seemingly infinite scores of cocksuckers peopling Halloween parties in smeared face paint and purple suits. The whole package, save for one: he wasn’t scary. Try admirably as he might to avoid it, in many ways he fell into the same hammy trap that Nicholson did with the role over nearly two decades earlier. Oh sure, Ledger’s was a more measured, realistic take on the character, surely one of the greatest antagonistic performances of all time. But did he terrify? I say nay. Hardy’s Bane does, and in the six-minute prologue, he does it without a sadistically suggestive one-liner (although what few lines he has are destined to be classics) or some grand act of violence; he does it with a single glance. He turns five degrees to face another character and narrows his eyes so slightly you’d need to be a hummingbird with time-displacement tech and a high-speed camera to truly appreciate the difference. And. It. Is. TERRIFYING. My bowels ached as my head swelled with all the possible horrific ruin he could make of my now very-fragile seeming viscera. That’s with a glance. Imagine what terror this locomotive of destruction will inspire when he’s ripping through scores of Gothomites and GPD officers on the way to do murder to our beloved Caped Crusader. Nolan said in interviews that Bane would be a classic movie monster. I thought more along the lines of the tragic Universal stable or the rampag-
ing Toho beasties. I didn’t realize he was going straight up fucking Alien on us.
NO VENOM? NO PROBLEM! In the comics, in addition to the big brain on Bane, he’s fueled by a super steroid called Venom that pushes his strength to near-superhuman levels. This trademark drug is conspicuously absent from his film incarnation, who instead has suffered a catastrophic injury and is now anaesthetized with a constant flow of painkilling gas (hence the re-breather/gimp mask combo he’s sporting). Fans have cried, “FAIL!”, on this, but I think we’ll see a similar, albeit inverse explanation for Bane’s super strength, and the prologue pretty much spells out how. When asked if he’ll die should the mask be removed, Bane retorts, “It would be extremely painful... for you.” Just some classic badass villain banter, right? Maybe. Or perhaps Bane realizes the boost to his ferocity that pain can provide, and has designed his breathing apparatus with an emer-
gency kill-switch, so that, in the heat of battle, he can feed on the agonizing pain and devolve from meticulous combat pragmatist to a mindless engine of hate-fueled annihilation, bulldozing over even the most agile and cunning opponent (like, say, a Goddamn Batman). Far fetched? I think not, and I’m shocked to be one of the first to advance the theory. Come on, internet! I’m a fucking nerd, but there’s like, millions of dedicated, full-
time sex-less fanboys out there who dropped the ball on this. For shame!
CATWOMAN, “EAT THE RICH! UP THE 99%!” Nolan’s no stranger to infusing his superhero flicks with some timely political undertones. The Dark Knight was very much a post 9/11 film. The Joker was always a “terrorist”, never a mere “criminal”. The consequences of the “ends justify the means” doctrine in the face of an ever-escalating war against a guerilla enemy were highlighted, as well as the erosion of personal free-
The Cryi ng Game
Nei l Jordan
1992 / Fi l m
For most of t he st ory t hi s movi e appears pret t y t ypi cal. You have a sol di er who re-
t urns from some t i me as a pri soner t hat fal l s i n l ove wi t h hi s dead fri end’s woman. The t wi st t hat comes at t hi s part i s not ori ous and bri ngs i mages of Admi ral Akbar t o mi nd (i f t hat i sn’t enough of a cl ue, I can’t hel p you). Thi s fil m real l y cal l s i nt o quest i on what l ove i s al l about, and i f not hi ng el se i t pushed t he envel ope of what was accept abl e for a drama/
t hri l l er i n t he US.
El f en Li ed
Mamoru Kanbe
2004 / Ani me Seri es
Most fans of t hi s ani me wi l l t el l you t hat i f you aren’t a gore j unki e you may have bet -
t er l uck el sewhere, but i f you’re anyt hi ng l i ke me you wi l l appreci at e i t as a uni que del i ght-
ful l y dysfunct i onal romance. What t he seri es manages t o do i s present a t ragi c l ove st ory i n t he over-t he-t op-way ani me i s known for. So I guess what I’m sayi ng i s i f you are a fan of ei t her t ragedy or gore fest s, or hey bot h you may have j ust found your favori t e combi na-
t i on.
Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice
1976 / Book
I’m guessing a lot of people have seen the movie, but the book has its own appeal. I’m not usually for vampire fiction, maybe it’s Twilight or the half a dozen TV shows out there, but it just seems vastly overdone. Yet there is something in Anne Rice’s perver-
sions of classically romantic elements that just seem to work. This being the only book I have read of hers I am far from the author-
ity, but Claudia and Louis’ relationship alone seems to give it a place in this list.
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Takeyuki Kanda & Umanosuke Iida
1996 / Anime Series
You’d think that any show focusing on giant robots and war would be pretty devoid of any romantic sentiments, but the 08th MS Team demonstrates that even in times of conflict and… mecha, love finds a way. Given the track record of Gundam’s many incarnations (G-Gundam in particular) this plot is one of the most endearing. Focusing on the grunts rather than the elite Robot pilots, the story has a much more realistic feel, making the romance that develops that much more en-
Vladimir Nabokov
1955 / Book
If you ask, most people have at least heard of this book; it is the novel that is thought by many to have defined the 20th century. The protagonist, Humbert, takes us through his life as a mild mannered child molester seeking the love of a 12-year-old. There is a lot one can take away from this novel and though it certainly isn’t a romance, it can be argued that by the end the reader finds a pure love in the most impure of expressions. Harold and Maude
Hal Ashby
1971 / Film
As far as bizarre, socially unacceptable ro-
mantic pairings go, it would be hard to find something that matches up with Harold and Maude. The movie follows a romance be-
tween a 79-year-old woman and a 20-year-
old boy. It is a dark comedy above all else, and seems to play on an entanglement of ideas rather than of actual disparately aged bodies, but if you think for a moment of the actual physical implications and find them just a little creepy… you’re not alone.
A quick rewind to unearth those media artifacts that may have slipped through the cracks of your radar but should not be missed.
It is nearing the time of year that Hallmark makes its money and singles spend all day begrudging their loneliness. Yay love! This installment explores some truly unique stories that don’t follow the typical conventions of love, and I don’t mean those that use amnesia as a plot device.
A Different Kind of Love Story
by Aaron Fleisher
doms and privacy in the pursuit of victory, with Mor-
gan Freeman’s Lucious Fox serving as mouthpiece, although, it’s worth noting that both Fox and Nolan himself kinda drop the ball (in the realms of moral guidance and political commentary, respectively) by objecting to the Bat’s morally questionable plan, then going, “Ya know what? Never mind. Seems legit. But just this once.” That aside, it seems Nolan’s habit of taking America’s political pulse and running with it is alive and well in TDKR in the form of Anne Hatha-
way’s Catwoman. Nearly all of her screen time in the recent trailer was spent delivering a scathing class-
war-themed indictment to Bruce Wayne on the evils of profiteering and wealth-hording at the expense of the poor, and what will happen when the poor come knocking, looking for retribution. Back here in the real fucking world, the Occupy movement may be beaten back, inch by inch, as the days go on, but the feel-
ings of disenfranchisement and exploitation are still fresh in the hearts and minds of the American people. Months down the line, when TDKR releases, it may very well reignite the waning flames of discontent in the average moviegoer (Like a fire rising, perhaps? Ah, bad joke!). Art does have the power to change the world. Scorsese didn’t even mean to inspire anyone, and he almost got a fucking president killed with Taxi Driver. Nolan plays his cards right, and he may see all of Wall Street burnt to cinders. I kid, I kid (?).
Well, that’s all I got for now, kiddies, but I doubt this is the last time I’ll be addressing The Dark Knight Rises between now and the film’s July release. Tune in next time, same Bat time, same Bat channel, for an actual, honest-to-goodness film review! And before you go, since I’ve got you all here... lemmie take a deep breath... BANE’S TERRORIST ORGANIZA-
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 MUSI C
Stefan Poiss of reveals how he sins.
interview by Mike Kieffer
You have the ability to examine the past “Crossroads” of your life and see where they would have lead you, would you want to know?
Stefan Poiss : No. I like the way how it is going and I wouldn’t want to change something and I wouldn’t want to know how it could be. I think I’m a lucky guy to live in Vienna, one of the best cities in the world, with maybe the best water in the world that you can drink from the tap, only two minutes to the supermarket, the electricity is working, the internet is fast, our waste disposal has it’s own Facebook page, I have my own studio at home and can also work at Adam’s rehearsal space (Adam is my live guitar player). And with my motor scooter it’s fast to get every-
where. So it feels good like it is. Only too much dog mess on the sidewalks here. Do you feel the ever evolving internet world and the hording of digital friends will leave individuals feeling “Lost Alone” in the end?
SP : Yes, maybe more than ever. It is something different to have a conversation on the internet than to talk in real life. We all have a body and we are built to use it. We can’t separate the brain, the mind from us. Our mind and the body is a whole and if you only use one part too long you will start to miss something in the world... and then you are starting to be lost alone.
If you wake with “Amnesia” but with a sense you’ve done horrible things in the past, would you just restart anew or try and regain your previ-
ous life?
SP : Maybe try to start a new life but I would be afraid that the past comes back someday. I think I would go first to the police and ask them if they know some-
thing about me. If they didn’t put me in the prison I would feel better, buy a big motorbike, make some month long holiday and follow/watch the MotoGP races in Europe in person.
Does the “Transition” from a studio band to a live band add an unre-
alistic desire for the perfection that is attainable via computer?
SP : Very good question. I think yes. I made music most of my life with computers. I could change everything like I wanted til I was happy with the result. If other people are part of the music then things become more difficult because in the end it is a compromise from a lot of variables. But this maybe is it what makes playing live so special. You must always try your best even in the worst circumstances. Playing live is a musical snapshot, what you create with your band, and can never be perfect but I like to work on it to make it as perfect as possible.
Is there anything you must be in “Control” of or else you lose your composer?
SP : I don’t know. You must control the viewing angle to your emotions. This helps much more to focus the emotions, to create good music rather than making the music more from the schoolbook. If I come to a dead end during making music I have to go back and think about the emotions and pictures I want to tell. You must stare into the space and the cinema must start in your head.
As your fan base continues to grow do you start to feel your own “Identity” is getting consumed into the band’s?
SP : consumes a lot of time in my life and takes a big part of it but in the end we are still a small independent band. If I’m at a gothic festival somewhere the people start to remember me but in my home city in Vienna no one knows me. is really a big part in my life and it is getting bigger and bigger. I can’t do a lot of things beside but I wouldn’t want to change something.
What can you say with “Certainty” is your best attribute?
SP : Maybe persistence. It makes me crazy if I can’t finish something. The things must come to an end and normally I can’t stop working on something til it is fin-
ished. I’m a kind of problem solver.
Recently releasing’s fifth full length album, Revelations on Me-
tropolis Records in the US, and starting their own brand new label Dream-
web Music in Europe, we take the seven deadly questions to the man who has entranced us for the past eight years, Stefan Poiss, the master behind the music and vocals of the Austrian electronic music band
AUXILIARY february/march 2012 Trust - TRST
released by Arts & Crafts on 28 Feb 2012 genre : synthpop, techno, house
Toronto based group Trust members Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski bring us their full length album TRST after releasing a few singles and performing many shows in 2011. TRST is full of relentless beats flavored with wicked cool creepy synths and vocals. Each song does a good job of self identification keeping the album fresh from start to finish. Adding to the flavor the vocals are not straight and clear and without a very close listen they tend to get incom-
prehensible, but a few deep passes through you will catch on. This album is full of mood and edginess that will hook you immediately. 9/10 - MK
quick picks
Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
released by Century Media on 24 Jan 2012
genre : gothic metal, alternative rock
Italy has some great underground gems that are just lurking in the shadows, Lacuna Coil is the band standing in the bright light creating those shadows. Dark Adrenaline is their sixth studio album which pushes the band into more of a heavy alternative rock band than before. Listening through one might think each song was created to be a radio single, and perhaps that was the idea. This being said you are bound to find at least one track that will get hung up in your head and keep you going back if just to remember the words so you don’t get caught looking like and idiot singing, “pickles, cheese, pickles, and cheese,” to the rhythm of the song. 7/10 - MK
Sonoi o - NON (Red)
sel f rel ease (sonoi rel eased on 23 Jan 2012
genre : el ect roni c
Al essandro Cort i ni i s t he ki nd of t al ent ed musi ci an t hat i s a t est ament t o t he abi l i t y of Trent Reznor t o pi ck great col l aborat ors. Cort i ni ’s resume al so i ncl udes Modwheel mood and product i on for La-
dyt ron. NON (Red) i s t he remi x compani on for Red t hat i ncl udes mi xes from Tel efon Tel Avi v, Eri c Av-
ery, Al an Wi l der, and Dani el Myer t o name a few. Thi s i s a real l y good sel ect i on of remi xers and get -
t i ng t hi s col l ect i on has made me go back and t ry out Red (whi ch I rat her l i ke). Beyond t he versi ons I’ve al ready ment i oned, I recommend “Sci ent i st (Drum-
cel l Remi x)”. 7/10 - AA
Mi ndl ess Fai th - Just Defy
rel eased by Al t erCul t ure Records on 1 Jan 2012
genre : i ndust ri al, EBM
If you are i nt o i ndust ri al musi c and have never heard of Mi ndl ess Fai t h t hen I command you t o go check t hi s out, but chances are you have heard of t hem consi deri ng t hey seem t o appear on every compi l a-
t i on t hat has i ndust ri al musi c on i t. Whi l e i t ’s been some t i me si nce t hei r l ast ful l l engt h al bum, Mi nd-
l ess Fai t h i s st art i ng out 2012 wi t h a hard and heavy bang. Just Def y wi l l pump up your aggressi on me-
t er t o maxi mum and st i l l l eave you ent ert ai ned for t he ent i ret y of t he al bum. If you have been findi ng you’re wani ng away from your i ndust ri al root s, i t i s t i me t o remi nd yoursel f what you l ove about t he musi c and t hi s shoul d do t he t ri ck. 8/10 - MK
Toni ght Al i ve - What Are You So Scared Of?
rel eased by Fearl ess Records on 14 February 2012
genre : pop punk
Why am I a sucker for femal e front ed pop punk? Whi l e l i st eni ng t hrough t he gl oom t hat seems t o penet rat e al l t he wi nt er rel eases and al l of a sudden an expl osi on of energy hi t s me and for t he first t i me si nce Oct ober I woke up. Hai l i ng from Aust ral i a, To-
ni ght Al i ve are ready t o ki ck some ass i n t he US wi t h t hi s new rel ease and upcomi ng t our i n t he spri ng. The al bum i s t ypi cal pop punk wi t h hi gh energy wai l i ng gui t ars, fast drums, t eenage l yri cs, and fil l ed wi t h more hooks t han a fishi ng t ournament. Vocal l y Jenna McDougal l i s more t hen pl easant on t he ears and I am sure i t doesn’t hurt t hat her l ooks are equal i n qual i t y. My gui l t y pl easure has been fil l ed for t hi s wi nt er season! 7/10 - MK
- War head
rel eased by Pronoi ze on 25 Nov 2011
genre : el ect ro-i ndust ri al
The el ect ro/i ndust ri al beast Phosgore i s back wi t h t he much ant i ci pat ed rel ease of Warhead, hot on t he heel s of t hei r much cel ebrat ed 2009 debut Domi na-
t i on. Headquart ered i n Germany, t he band represent s t he best i n a part i cul ar brand of musi c t hat cat ers speci fical l y t o t he dreadl ocked, ri vet -headed, cyber-
i ndust ri al dancefloor. DJ t urned art i st Fl o D and re-
cent l y mi nt ed proj ect part ner Sonj a who j oi ned i n 2010, t ake cl ear pri de i n t he cannonade of dest ruc-
t i on l eft by t hi s soni c rel ease. Great l y i nfused wi t h a power noi se flavor, Phosgore st i l l manages t o keep t hei r musi c on t he even keel of bei ng pro dancefloor and for t hat Phosgore, we sal ut e you wi t h our bi g st ompy ki ck-ass boot s! 8/10 - HM
music reviews
Pl ug - Back on Ti me
rel eased by Ni nj a Tune on 9 January 2012
dat a : 2nd al bum . 10 t racks . 55:05 run t i me . www.brai bert
revi ewed by : Aaron Andrews genre : IDM, j ungl e, drum n bass
The second al bum from t he mul t i -al i ased Luke Vi bert (Wagon Chri st ) under hi s moni -
ker for j ungl e, Pl ug. Thi s i s an al bum t hat consi st s of mat eri al recorded at t he same t i me as 1996’s Drum n’ Bass For Papa, whi ch ex-
pl ai ns t he 90s sound t o t he songs. I’m sl i ght l y di sappoi nt ed t hi s i sn’t al l new mat eri al t hat was i nt ent i onal l y wri t t en wi t h an awesome cl assi c j ungl e vi be (l i ke t he Caspa t rack “Back t o ’93”). Beyond t hat mi nor gri pe I’m real l y happy t o have t hi s and have enj oyed every l i st en more and more. The beat s have Vi bert ’s IDM personal i t y t hought out, t hey aren’t programmed wi t h t he fury of Squarepusher, i nst ead i t ’s al l careful l y pl ot t ed out so t he snares pul l you i nt o t he l ai d back ol d school drum n bass t ri p. There t he st ut t ers, dreamy vocal sampl es, and sni ppet s of chi mes work wi t h t he gui t ar or pi ano bui l di ng a mast er-
ful downt empo sound. Increasi ngl y di sused due t o over sat urat i on, found audi o sni ppet s fel l out of favor but are al i ve and wel l here. They are used smart l y and provi de an awesome addi t i on t o songs and I mi ss heari ng t hem, I was especi al l y t hri l l ed t o hear t he voi ce of an archai c Speak and Spel l on t he t rack “Mi nd Bend-
i ng”. Back on Ti me i s a great wi ndow back t o when I st art ed l i st eni ng t o drum n bass, findi ng t hi s ki nd of smart downt empo sound as t he gat eway i nt o ot her t ypes. It ’s al so a t est ament t o Luke Vi bert ’s t al ent t hat mat eri al from 15 years ago sounds l i ke i t ’s made t o sound nost al gi c not l i ke a st al e recordi ng he’s t rot t ed out from t he archi ve.
recommended tracks : Feel i ng So Speci al, Come On My Skel et on, A Qui ck Pl ug For a New Sl ot
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : LTJ Bukem, Вµ-Zi q, Squarepusher, Meat Beat Mani -
fest o
grade : overal l 8 - musi c 8 - l yri cs 7 - recordi ng qual i t y 9
Access to Arasaka - Geosynchron
rel eased by Tympani k Audi o on 14 December 2011
dat a : 4t h al bum . 13 t racks . 59:31 run t i me . www.accesst
revi ewed by : Hangedman
genre : IDM
Cyberpunk IDM sound-poet Access t o Ara-
saka has ret urned! The l at est rel ease, Geo-
synchron, has not st rayed from t he sol i d pat h t hat t hi s Rochest er, NY nat i ve has est abl i shed wi t h former rel eases. Afici onados of IDM wi l l revel i n t he perfect grace of Geosyn-
chron as a t ot al i mmersi on i nt o a cl earl y i n-
spi red dark di gi t al fut ure. One cannot si mpl y l i st en t o Geosynchron wi t hout bei ng l ost i nt o a col d and beaut i ful pl ace. These soundscapes are a compl et e ful l ci rcl e experi ence. The great est gem i n t hi s chest of di amonds i s t he i ncredi bl e vocal addi t i on of ESA’s Jami e Bl acker on t he t rack “Lysi t hea”, a perfect surpri se i n t he cool chi l l of each and every t rack i n t he al -
bum. Suppl ement i ng Geosynchron or any At oA rel ease for t hat mat t er, i s a vi si t t o t he art i st ’s websi t e whi ch i s a work of art wi t hi n i t sel f. Agai nst t he cont ext of hi s di gi t al work and t he musi c of Geosynchron, i t ’s easy t o l ose onesel f i nt o a svel t e aural narrat i ve t hat float s on a smoot h waves of at mospheri c pads i nt er-
spersed wi t h preci sel y t arget ed gl i t ch, break, and i rregul ar beat. The cadence of t he al bum, l i ke pri or At oA rel eases Oppi dan and voi d() i s col d grace, perfect for i nspi ri ng daydreams, an orbi t around a di st ant pl anet, or i mpul si ve road t ri ps i nt o t he remot e wi l derness. recommended tracks : Lysi t hea (feat. Jami e Bl acker), Kaguya
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : Tot akeke,, Di rk Gei ger
grade : overal l 8 - musi c 8 - l yri cs 9 - recordi ng qual i t y 9
mi nd.i - Revel ati ons
rel eased by Met ropol i s Records / Dreamweb on 24 January 2012
dat a : 5t h al bum . 10 t racks . 57:16 run t i me . www.mi ndi
revi ewed by : Hangedman
genre : fut urepop
Devot ed fans of MIAB wi l l rej oi ce t hat t he st ory of Mr. Bl ack i s back! And wow! What an al bum! On a personal not e, I do have t o own t hat t he 2010 rel ease of R.E.T.R.O., al t hough ext remel y good and hi ghl y ac-
cl ai med, di d not capt ure t he dark spi ri t and dyst opi an narrat i ve of former rel eases. From t hi s, I bri efly hel d a fear t hat t he band was embarki ng on a new di rect i on, i nt o a pl ace of 80s di gi t al nost al gi a, somewhat of a t rend t hese days. Thi s of course i s not a bad t hi ng, and i t was a graceful j ump from t he synt h opera t hat pi nged my sonar back wi t h 2005’s groundbreaki ng al bum, Dreamweb. Wi t h Revel at i ons, MIAB i s back on st ory, wi t h a mani fest force of an al bum. Ri ght from t he begi nni ng wi t h t he al most t ri p-hop i nfluenced openi ng of “Remember” i nt o t he spi ne t i ngl i ng dri vi ng at mosphere of “Cause and Effect ”, t o t he fai nt, al most bl ues i nfluenced mel odi c st yl es i n some of t he t racks, MIAB has a t rue mat uri t y of sound i n Revel at i ons. Front man St efan Poi ss rai ses t he bar on hi s si gnat ure heavi l y modul at ed vocal effect s bri ngi ng t hem t o new and dramat i c pl aces. If you l ove arpeggi at ed synt hs and heavi l y comput eri zed vox, t hi s al bum wi l l not di sappoi nt. Suppl ement i ng t he t rademark vox i s St efan’s own nat ural deep si ngi ng voi ce, surgi cal l y l ayered over t op t he el ect roni c wal l of sound, wi t h t hat subt l e dark romant i c Aust ri an accent we al l l ove. I’m gi vi ng t hi s one a rare 10 st ar rat i ng and for good reason as I’ve had several i Pod bat t ery drai ns i n recent weeks due t o t hi s al bum al one.
recommended tracks : Remember, Cause and Effect
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : Covenant, Gary Numan
grade : overal l 10 - musi c 10 - l yri cs 10 - recordi ng qual i t y 10
AUXI LI ARY february/march 2012 musi c revi ews
Gary Numan - Dead Son Ri si ng
rel eased by Redeye Label on 6 December 2011
dat a : 16t h al bum . 11 t racks . 52:51 run t i me .
revi ewed by : Mi ke Ki effer genre : i ndust ri al rock
Gary Numan bi rt hed t hi s al bum out of a col -
l ect i on of l eft over demos and i deas t hat he has been gat heri ng over t he past few years. But unl i ke ot hers who have rel eased al bums t hi s way, t he songs on Dead Son Ri si ng were compl et el y reworked and not j ust t ossed t oget her t o pl ease fans or even worse make some money off t hem. If I had not come across t hi s l i t t l e fact duri ng revi ew research I woul d have never known. Dead Son Ri si ng st ands firm as an al bum and sounds l i ke a modern 90s i ndust ri al al bum, t hi s bei ng sai d i t i s hard t o not compare i t t o t he l i kes of Ni ne Inch Nai l s’ Down-
ward Spi ral or The Fragi l e. Musi cal l y, t he heavy dredgi ng gui t ar, deep resonat i ng synt hs, and most l y a non-4-4 drum beat mat ch t he hi gh qual i t y of Gary’s vocal s and mast erful l yri cs. The al bum i s ful l of flavor wi t h experi ment al el ement s pep-
pered t hroughout each song, breaki ng up t he al bum as t o not have 53 mi nut es of i ndust ri al rock monot ony. The t rue enj oyment of Dead Son Ri si ng comes once you have made i t t hrough a coupl e of l i st ens and can reci t e t he l yri cs and feel t he emot i on t hat comes t hrough i n t he vocal s, “When The Sky Bl eeds He Wi l l Come” and For “The Rest Of My Li fe” are t wo of t he songs t hat real l y shi ne once your memory al l ows i t. So does Dead Son Ri si ng mat ch or exceed t he expect at i ons of Gary’s l egacy? I’l l l et t he Gary Numan fanboys j udge t hat, for me i t was a pl easure t o l i st en t o and wel l wort h my t i me.
recommended tracks : When t he Sky Bl eeds He Wi l l Come, Bi g Noi se Trans-
mi ssi on
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : Ni ne Inch Nai l s, 16Vol t
grade : overal l 8 - musi c 8 - l yri cs 9 - recordi ng qual i t y 10
The Break Up - Synthesi s
rel eased by Met ropol i s Records on 22 November 2011
dat a : 1st al bum . 13 t racks . 52:36 run t i me . www.wearet
revi ewed by : Mi ke Ki effer
genre : al t ernat i ve el ect ro pop
The Break Up’s al bum Synt hesi s was re-
l eased i n l at e November, a week t oo l at e for me t o revi ew i t l ast i ssue and me bei ng l azy fai l ed t o get a revi ew done for a bl og post. The ext ra t i me t hi s gave me wi t h t he al bum has made me more confused t hen ever. If I wrot e t he revi ew t he day I recei ved i t I woul d have gi ven i t a rave revi ew, i f I wrot e i t l ast week I woul d have gi ven i t a mi xed revi ew and t oday I wi l l gi ve i t a... wel l I don’t know i t changes every t i me I l i st en t o i t. What ’s t hi s al l mean? Wel l l et me st art by sayi ng I absol ut el y l ove songs on t hi s al bum, no quest i on. Then t here are a few songs t hat when I l i st en t o t hem I t hi nk t hat t here i s t hi s one el ement t hat bugs me, t hen t he next t i me I l i st en t o i t I t hi nk i t i s t he best t hi ng ever, and t hi s happens i f I pl ay i t t wi ce i n a row. Perhaps The Break Up has affect ed me i n ways I don’t qui t e underst and yet? Let ’s focus on what you get, a band from Seat t l e, Washi ngt on, wi t h hard beat s, synt hpoppy synt hs, fun mel odi es, and l yri cs wi t h an el i t i st at t i t ude sung by Severi na Sol. The songs al l pl ay al ong ni ce and get you i n a good groovy mood and t hen t hey ki ck i nt o hi gh gear and j ust demand you pay at t ent i on and bob your head, or dance i f you are al one i n t he dark. Perhaps t he most di sappoi nt i ng t rack on t hi s al bum i s “My Machi ne”, i t i s t he l east consi st ent soundi ng song, i t doesn’t show any of t he flavor of t he band and on t op of t hi s t hey made a vi deo for i t! In t he end of i t al l I do hi ghl y recommended checki ng t hi s band out, and i f you are l i ke me t hen you shoul d enj oy i t for a l i t t l e whi l e and t hen maybe not and t hen you wi l l agai n.
recommended tracks : Ni nj a, Li ght ni ng, Gui l l ot i ne
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : Freezepop
grade : overal l 8 - musi c 7 - l yri cs 7 - recordi ng qual i t y 8
Korn - The Path of Total i ty
rel eased by Roadrunner on 6 December 2011
dat a : 10t h st udi o al bum . 13 t racks . 44:30 run t i me .
revi ewed by : Aaron Andrews genre : nu net al, dubst ep
When I first heard t he concept of Korn’s new-
est al bum i t at first seemed a l i t t l e shocki ng unt i l I got t hi nki ng about t he mel di ng of mu-
si cal genre’s over t he years. Remember t he Judgment Ni ght soundt rack from 1993? It was bui l t on t he t hen i ncredi bl e concept of combi ni ng hi p hop and al t ernat i ve act s wi t h some memorabl e resul t s. In 1997 t he same producers t ri ed a si mi l ar gi mmi ck for t he movi e versi on of Spawn’s soundt rack al -
bum. Thi s t i me t he concept was l ess revol ut i onary. Combi ni ng t he t al ent s of bands l i ke Fi l t er and The Cryst al Met hod whi l e cool, weren’t so st unni ng anymore si nce rock bands usi ng programmi ng was, by t hen, pret t y mai nst ream and so was get -
t i ng a cl ub remi x for your al t ernat i ve hi t. So t hi s bri ngs us back t o Korn and t hei r col l aborat i on wi t h t he Dust Brot hers on t he afore ment i oned Spawn soundt rack for a song cal l ed “Ki ck t he PA”. It wasn’t eart h shat t eri ng but i t was a bass heavy, wel l produced t ake on Korn’s hard sound. Combi ne t hat wi t h t he fact t hat Korn i s al so a band t hat commi ssi ons remi xes for t hei r si ngl es and t he concept of The Pat h of Tot al i t y i s now not so shocki ng. Al l t hi s bei ng sai d i t s best t o i magi ne t he new al bum as a remi x al bum mi nus t he ori gi nal versi ons. Toget her wi t h producers Skri l l ex, Noi sa, Downl i nk, Ki l l t he Noi se, Exci si on, Feed Me, and 12t h Pl anet, Korn have produced a fusi on of t hei r hard rock sound and some growl i ng dubst ep and drum n bass. The mel di ng of met al gui t ars, wobbl e bass, and dubst ep rhyt hms wi t h t he soari ng crooni ng of Jonat han Davi s works wel l i f you l i ke ei t her of t hese brands of i n your face musi c. For t he met al fan who hat es remi xes t hi s i sn’t wort h a second l ook; but t hey shoul d at l east acknowl edge t he band i s expl ori ng a si de of t hei r musi c t hat ’s been fli rt ed wi t h for a l ong t i me. Wonderi ng i f t hi s i s a si gn of t he end for dubst ep, has i t j umped t he shark? We’l l have t o wai t and see. What I can say i s i f you l i ke t he sound of Ameri ca’s rough aggressi ve dubst ep and you l i ke (or at l east don’t mi nd) Davi s’ vocal st yl e, t hi s can be pret t y appeal i ng.
recommended tracks : Chaos Li ves In Everyt hi ng, Narci ssi t i c Canni bal, Burn t he Obedi ant
i f you l i ke you may l i ke : Skri l l ex, The Prodi gy
grade : overal l 6 - musi c 7 - l yri cs 6 - recordi ng qual i t y 9
february/march 2012 AUXI LI ARY Unafraid of herself and her personal struggles with mental illness, Emilie Autumn has accepted the reality of herself and through music reaches out to women (and men) suffering with their own internal conflicts. Currently in the midst of a North American tour, Emilie Autumn will soon release her upcoming album, Fight Like a Girl, and has grand plans in the works to turn her beautifully crafted, Victorian inspired world into a Broadway musical.
photographer Jake Garn interview by Gia C. Manalio-Bonaventura
Emi l i e, we want to thank you for taki ng the Ti me (i ntenti onal l y capped) out of your schedul e, espe-
ci al l y si nce you are currentl y on your “Fi ght Li ke a Gi rl ” Tour. I have been a Pl ague Rat for years so I’m grateful to have thi s opportuni ty and am goi ng to try not to overwhel m you wi th questi ons. I woul d l i ke to ask you thi ngs that have not been asked, but as you sai d on The Ophel i ac Compani on, everythi ng has been sai d or sung. So hopeful l y I can express the questi ons i n some di fferent ways.
I’m goi ng to try to start from the begi nni ng. In the song “Swal l ow” you say, “I’m not a faeri e but I need more than thi s l i fe so I became thi s creature representi ng more to you than just another gi rl. And i f I had a chance to change my mi nd, I woul dn’t for the worl d.” Tel l me about the bi rth of Emi l i e Autumn as we know her and the Asyl um. And what i s i t about the Vi ctori an age that draws you i n so?
Emi l i e Aut umn : Thanks for havi ng t hi s l i t t l e t eat i me chat wi t h me! The Vi ct ori an era i s absol ut el y fasci nat i ng on so many l evel s. Amongst many ot her t erri fyi ng devel opment s, t he 19t h cent ury saw t he bi rt h of medi ci ne and psychi at ry as we recogni ze i t t oday. It was al so t he era of t he i ndust ri al revol ut i on, t he gradual shat t eri ng of t he cl ass syst em l argel y due t o t hi s revol ut i on, an era of gl ori fied mourni ng and el aborat e deat h obsessi on, and so much more. The pri mary fasci nat i on however i s what t hi s era has i n common wi t h our present day, and how, i n a l ot of unfort unat e cases, not hi ng much has changed.
Your songs are what i ni ti al l y drew me to you wi th the mel odi c (and someti mes i ntenti onal l y not) harmoni es and l yri cs, some cal l them “Vi ctori ani ndustri al ”. When I first heard them, I fel t l i ke I connected to them so much I di d some research on what was behi nd i t al l, especi al l y The Ophel i ac al bum. What I di scovered was how brutal l y honest and open you are about your own bi pol ar con-
di ti on, medi cati ons, and sui ci dal thoughts. I admi re thi s because i t i s often such a di rty l i ttl e secret and any of us who have had the experi ence have al most perfected the art of faki ng bei ng okay, whi ch you actual l y di scuss on “The Art of Sui ci de” track on The Ophel i ac Compani on. There you tal k about what happens when you can’t fake i t, whi ch I thi nk actual l y heari ng, as personal as that i s, i s comforti ng to peopl e. In fact, when I asked a coupl e of teen gi rl fans I know what they woul d want to ask you, they both al l uded to these feel i ngs. I understand that wri ti ng and performi ng the songs i s somethi ng you do for yoursel f as a catharsi s, but how do you feel knowi ng that you are al so reachi ng gi rl s who are sufferi ng and l etti ng them know that they are not al one i n that?
EA : That ’s very ni ce t o hear, and i t i s i n fact my most i mport ant goal, t o hel p bot h boys/gi rl s, men/
women t o real i ze and t rul y bel i eve t hat t hey are NOT al one. They’re real l y not. It ’s become such a pas-
si on for me because I was very much al one i n my l ess t han pl easant l i fe si t uat i ons, and I want t o be t o ot hers what I mysel f di d not have. It ’s a bi t l i ke my Asyl um For Wayward Vi ct ori an Gi rl s book... I want ed t o wri t e t he book I wi sh I’d had growi ng up wi t h t hese i ssues, t o have someone t el l me t hat j ust because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re crazy. But what you ment i on regardi ng t he honest y i n songs and such i s equal l y meani ngful i n t hat i t comes from a very real pl ace, a pl ace t hat I find can onl y be accessed when you have not hi ng l eft t o l ose. A marvel ous freedom comes when you have not hi ng t o shel t er, hi de, prot ect... when al l your di rt y l i t t l e (or l arge) secret s are out, when j udgment i s i nevi t abl e, and when you don’t even care about t hi s anymore. What has been such an i nt erest i ng phenomena for me has been t hat, t he moment I st opped cari ng what ot her peopl e t hought about me i s t he same moment t hat ot hers st art ed cari ng what I t hought. That ’s how I l earned how i nt erest i ng honest y can be.
I wonder i f wi th al l of your dark songs, many of whi ch focus on sui ci de, you have any cri ti cs who bel i eve, as my fri end says, “sui ci de i s not a fashi on accessory,” and assert that your musi c wi l l dri ve young l i steners especi al l y i nto a depressi on just because they thi nk i t’s cool. What woul d you say to someone who made that i gnorant al l egati on? Ki nd of l i ke when Chaz Bono was on Danci ng wi t h t he St ars and peopl e wanted to ki ck hi m off because he was sendi ng the wrong message to ki ds to “become” transsexual. Not that there i s a connecti on, but they both unfortunatel y carry so much sti gma.
EA : Thi s i s an al l egat i on t hat I ful l y ant i ci pat ed, bot h wi t h t he rel ease of Ophel i ac and most of al l wi t h The Asyl um... book. In fact, I’m st i l l surpri sed t hat, as of yet, I have recei ved onl y one si ngl e pi ece of hat e mai l accusi ng me of doi ng t hi s very t hi ng. What I t hi nk any wi t h t hi s opi ni on ut t erl y fai l t o real i ze i s t hat I am st i l l al i ve. Obvi ousl y, t hi s i s a pret t y posi t i ve t hi ng. Sui ci de may i ndeed not be a fashi on accessory, but nei t her i s t he gui l t, shame, j udgment, st i gma, and brut al cruel t y t hat even t hi nki ng about i t (and who t he fuck doesn’t at some poi nt i n t hei r l i ves) carri es, i f you’re brave enough t o even speak openl y about i t. What I have t ri ed t o do, and wi l l cont i nue t o at t empt, i s decrease t he st i gma, i ncrease t he underst andi ng, most especi al l y of t hose wi t h ment al i l l nesses t hat dri ve t hem t o t hi s end t hrough no charact er flaw of t hei r own (not t hat any sui ci de i s due t o a charact er flaw, because i t i sn’t ). By i ncreasi ng underst andi ng and compassi on for many of l i fe’s darker si des, I bel i eve we wi l l decrease t he i nst ances of t hese very sad act s and si t uat i ons such as sui ci de and sel f-abuse. And, agai n, I’m st i l l al i ve. I have survi ved. I t hi nk t hat out come t o al l of t hi s i s pret t y damn posi t i ve, so why not copy t hat exampl e, i f someone must copy any? If you must i mi t at e (whi ch I woul dn’t recommend ever t o do wi t h anyone), why not i mi t at e me by emilieautumn
being strong and individual? Why not be influenced by my musical skill and go pick up an instrument? Everything that I do and stand for is intended to give a very positive message, and from all feedback I’ve received in the form of thousands of letters and personal conversations with Plague Rats, the vast majority fully un-
derstand this. Those who don’t can go listen to any of the pop stars out there who process of creating it like? How long did it take to feel that it was complete and ready to be published? How do you feel about it now that it is out there? You’ve been pouring your soul into your music for years but what was it like putting it in print as more tangible evidence of your suffering?
EA : Thank you, I appreciate that very much! As you know, the book is made up entirely of journal entries, both from myself in the modern world, and from my counterpart in an alternate, Victorian reality, a counterpart I met and com-
municated with while incarcerated in the insane asylum. As I said earlier, there is a great freedom that comes only when you have nothing left to lose, and, at the point when this book was written and published, I certainly had nothing left. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was a brief moment of trepidation, knowing that I may be inviting controversy and judgment, but then I’d been no stranger to that already in my personal life, so why worry now? Because I write constantly and document everything in my journals, it was mostly a matter of putting them into book form, and I felt compelled to do this because, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it could possibly help someone. Most books focusing on these issues, or text explaining and documenting the experiences and effects of being bi-
polar are written after that fact, as in, “Then I did this, then I cut myself, then this happened,” but in The Asylum..., the story is told in the immediate, as in, “Now I’m doing this, I just cut myself, now this is happening.” It’s a much more complete view of both a medical condition and the inner world of someone affected by it. In this, I think the book is equally as useful as a medical, educational text book as it is as an entertaining rollercoaster ride.
Speaking of tangible evidence, you have very distinctive beauty marks, the stamp on your arm and heart on your check. I know they both have great emotional significance. Can you tell us about them?
EA : Certainly! Firstly, thank you for calling them “beauty marks”, as I do indeed find them symbols of strength and beauty. The heart on my cheek I have been painting on daily for years now, even before the Opheliac era that made it popu-
lar. It’s meaning has undergone an extreme transformation, one that took place literally overnight. At first, I wore it as a symbol of hope. Then, I was robbed of this hope, placed face to face with terror, and watched my life as an “Opheliac” emerge, meaning the drive towards self-destruction by those I naively trusted and placed around me, and the situations I found myself in that I foolishly didn’t es-
cape when I had the chance. Thus began my now wearing the heart as a symbol of LI FESTYLE
what I had inside me that was fragile and could be so easily broken. By realizing this, my own humanity, I learned to protect myself, and so the heart now is worn as a symbol of protection.
The actual tattoo, W14A, on my right arm is very simple: W14A is my asylum cell a symbol of this.
Emilie, I could go on and on with these questions, and maybe some day we can sit down over tea and discuss our experiences, but now let’s get to the music. Before I began researching Opheliac a few years ago, I had no idea that you are the sole musician on the album. You even cover all the vocals. I know you are very humble about your talent, but it really is a gift. Can you tell us a little bit about what goes into making your multi-layered sound?
EA : I would absolutely love the opportunity to have tea together, let’s definitely make that happen! But for now, yes, I do everything musically myself, and it’s truly always been that way. There was never even a thought of having anybody participate, it’s simply a very private, very individualistic process, and it’s all about me and my story, so why collaborate when it’s so very personal, and when, frankly, I don’t need to? The process itself is far more time consuming than that of most bands going in to record a new album in that the music is very symphonic and isn’t just played or improvised but actually composed. If you looked at the Cu-
bage sessions as I’m recording, you’d probably laugh... there are so many tracks of strings, vocals, etc., it’s ridiculous. But that is what makes the layered goodness that has become a signature style. It’s all about detail. Nothing, nothing is random. Every click, beat, tiny percussive sound, violin note, everything means something, and something very precise.
I think we’re all very excited that you do have the new album coming up. What can you tell us about it? Do you have a release date? Are there any pre-
release Asylum secrets you can share?
EA : We do have a release date, but I’m not currently allowed to announce it, for reasons that will soon be made clear. I can say however that it is coming up very quickly! While it’s not so much of a proper secret, I can tell you that the Fight Like A Girl a.k.a. “FLAG” album is not a rock album at all, but part of the soundtrack of the Broadway musical that The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls is becoming. Over the next year, this musical will be developed and completed, and is likely to be my next major project, and it’s about time, I say!
And of course, you are now on the North American, UK, and European “Fight Like a Girl” Tour. The “Asylum Tour” sold out all over the country and I am so disappointed that I have not had a chance to catch it. I did have tickets, but wasn’t able to make the postponed date. So please tell me and the readers, fans and soon-to-be fans alike, what is an Emilie Autumn show like?
EA : As I just mentioned, the album is a musical soundtrack, and so the live show is presently scenes form the musical in development. Where all of the Opheliac era tours were meant to set the stage, literally, for the whole Asylum universe, to introduce myself, and all of these characters embodied by my Bloody Crumpets, the “FLAG” show is very much more literal in that is very clearly showing scenes from the book, taking us on an epic journey, showing the inside of the Asylum, showing the Tea Party Massacre, the whole story, how it all began, and leads up to the most important question of all: Where do we go from here? It’s cinematic, intense, and still manages to incorporate Vaudeville, loads of humor, and sexuality, all elements that, to me, make the accepting of the darker side so much easier.
When you are performing, what is it like crossing into that world where you aren’t, “just another girl?” Do you feel that your sense of fashion and your elaborate stage costumes of corsets and stockings, Victorian-era jewelry, and boots among other accessories help carry you there?
EA : I have always felt that costumes, which anything worn on stage automatically is, even in the classical world, are crucial tools to help communicate a story, and to describe a character without saying a word. While who we are on stage, the girls and myself, are really not “characters” but exaggerated versions of our real selves, the costumes definitely represent to us the manifestation of these elevated selves, and also the armor that is donned before going to battle. And corsets really are armor... you could punch me in the stomach and I wouldn’t feel a thing!
Where do you get these incredible pieces?
EA : The girls and I make them all.
I know many of your songs deal with the persecution of women, especially in the Victorian Age, and Opheliac holds the satire “Thank God, I’m Pretty”, but you also celebrate “feminine assets” in your wardrobe and burlesque-
type show. What can you tell us about that juxtaposition?
EA : It’s all about sarcasm, which I find to be a brilliant education tool. Female sexuality is a birth-right and a source of incredible, beautiful, and positive power. I refuse to give that up, and definitely want to celebrate that, also as an example to other women. We enjoy our bodies, we are not ashamed of them, we are strong, healthy, and athletic. This is something that many do not feel about themselves, and the girls and I strive to share a message of self-love despite all negativity floating around out there. By showing this right next to showing the deep, dark underbelly of Victorian culture, the things that are so very wrong, ridiculous, and truly hilarious because they’re true are highlighted, making it that much easier to see how many of these views and opinions, especially about women and sexuality, but also about men, are still with us today, and how very wrong that is.
Oh wait, before I end, I have to ask, is that a line of tea I see you will be offer-
ing through The Asylum Emporium?
EA : Indeed it is! On tour at this moment, we have the tea blend called “Basil’s Brew” available at the merch stand, and just after the tour ends, that tea, and many others, will be available online at the Emporium. These teas are an absolute ob-
session of mine , I’ve been importing the finest teas available from China, only organic and fair trade, plus hand blending new varieties, and by sharing this with the world, I hope to lead more people to appreciate tea in just the same way as they do fine wines. They really are as varied and complex.
So now I am going to bid you farewell and thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. Please give our love to the Bloody Crumpets and the rest of the Asylum as we wait in anticipation for what you have for us in the future.
EA : Thank you for your time! It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I have so much to share with everyone I can hardly contain myself... soon, my Plague Ratties, soon...
stand for noth-
ing, abuse drugs, drive drunk, and all those other positive mes-
sages they send to young people.
We get such and intimate look at your life in your book, The Asy-
lum for Wayward Girls. Congratu-
lations on it go-
ing into its third printing. It is such a gorgeous work, at nearly five pounds, and fully illustrated. What was the number. I made the decision to get it done when I re-
alized that every-
thing, the lockup, the illness, my whole life, really, was not something I could or should run from, or hide, but something I should simply own. Once you’re in the asylum, you never really get out, and I ac-
cept this. I’m not ashamed of any-
thing I’ve done, or anything I’ve been, and wear-
ing my number is AUXILIARY february/march 2012 22
“ [My] primary fascination however is what [the Victorian] era has in common with our present day, and how, in a lot of unfortunate cases, nothing much has changed. ”
Q : How woul d one appl y seducti on techni ques to seduce a potenti al fanbase as an al ternati ve model? Fi rst, devel op your brand. One of t he bi ggest mi st akes a l ot of woul d-be fet i sh model s make i s t hat t hey t ry t o l ook l i ke every ot her model who came before t hem so t hat t hey wi l l appear l egi t i mat e. Thi s i s a mi st ake, because i f a phot ographer want ed someone who l ooked l i ke anot her famous fet i sh model, t hey woul d l i kel y hi re t he ori gi nal famous fet i sh model before hi ri ng you. When I first set out t o become a pro-Domme, I wore bal l et pi nk, because no ot her Dommes were doi ng t hat at t he t i me, so when I went t o a fet i sh part y, I st ood out and recei ved at t ent i on. It ’s hard t o be obj ect i ve about formi ng a personal brand at first, especi al l y when i t seems t hat everyt hi ng “al t ernat i ve” has been done al ready, but don’t be afrai d t o t hi nk out si de t he box. Fi nd t he col ors, st yl es, and l ooks t hat resonat e t he st rongest wi t h you and what you feel you represent, and craft your persona based on what you’re passi onat e about. Don’t be afrai d t o l ook t o non-al t rol e model s and al -
t erni fy t hem (yes I j ust made up a word). Much of my Domme persona came from Mari e Ant oi net t e and Madame Recami er, who woul d not necessari l y be t hought of i n t he same breat h as fet i sh, but I made i t work.
As far as maki ng your cont act s goes, no one can real l y show you how t o put yoursel f i n t ouch wi t h t he ri ght peopl e except t o advi se you t o al ways be ready t o meet t hem. Thi s means t hat you embody your brand at al l t i mes, and you’re ready wi t h a busi ness card wi t h al l your rel evant cont act i nformat i on on i t. I’d be remi ss i f I di dn’t ment i on si t es l i ke Model Mayhem, et c., but t hose are fil l ed wi t h j ust as many GWCs and adul t servi ce seekers as t hey are wi t h l egi t phot ographers. So don’t bel i eve every guy wi t h a camera i s a l egi t cont act. However, i n t he begi n-
ni ng, you’l l have t o do a l ot of TFP before you can expect t o get pai d. Look t o work wi t h phot ographers whose work you admi re and whose phot os you t hi nk wi l l l ook i n your port fol i o, and don’t be afrai d t o ask for a reference or t wo. (When I di d my first phot oshoot, I was so afrai d t he guy was goi ng t o be a seri al ki l l er t hat I i nformed hi m I’d t ol d my best fri end exact l y where I was goi ng t o be and who I was wi t h and t hat i f she di dn’t get a phone cal l from me at t he end of t he shoot she woul d cal l t he pol i ce. Overdoi ng i t? Maybe, but bet t er safe t han sorry.) Aft er your first few shoot s, you must si mpl y l earn t he art of bei ng soci al l y charmi ng and bei ng t he ki nd of person t hat peopl e want t o work wi t h. Do qual i t y work, show up on t i me, and be fun t o be around. At t end part i es, ask for i nt roduct i ons when ap-
propri at e, and get t o know t he peopl e i n your fiel d. Get t i ng t o know t hem as act ual human bei ngs and not j ust as peopl e you can get somet hi ng out of al so hel ps. Al so, l ook t o cl ot hi ng desi gners and offer t o model for t hem, oft en t hey pay i n cl ot hi ng i nst ead of money, so t hey l ook for model s who are okay wi t h t hat. You get great cl ot hes and a l egi t model i ng j ob on your resume, and t hey get great phot os and a model who wi l l wear t hei r desi gns out and about.
Fi nal l y, st ay i n t ouch wi t h your fan base t hrough your soci al medi a. Have a Twi t -
t er, a Tumbl r, or Inst agram, a Model Mayhem and/or Zi vi t y. Post i nt erest i ng t hi ngs oft en. Post phot os from your shoot s, but al so post t hi ngs t hat personal i ze you, don’t be afrai d t o be human. Champi on a cause or t wo. Befri end ot hers who are i n t he same l i ne of work, because t hei r fanbases wi l l find you t hrough t hem (and your fanbase wi l l find t hem t hrough you, so t he benefit s are mut ual ). Wri t e back t o fans who wri t e t o you. Be someone whose l i fe i s i nt erest i ng t o fol l ow.
how can you appl y seduct i on t echni ques t o bui l di ng an al t ernat i ve model career?
Ask Arden
Auxiliary Magazine Presents
the PinUp
Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up. Flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!
photographer Jennifer Erickson
fashion stylist Jennifer Erickson
makeup artist Christina Ramirez
hair stylist Christina Ramirez
model Kelly Eden
how do you make friends with guys without making them think you want to date them?
Q : I’m trying to expand my social circle. How do I become friends/develop my friendship with guys without them thinking that I’m interested romanti-
cally? I don’t want to date these guys, but feel like adding them on Facebook, etc., makes it seem to them like I do.
A : Certainly it’s important to be aware of the signals you’re sending out, but add-
ing someone on Facebook shouldn’t make it feel like you’re necessarily interested in dating them. Pepper your interactions with high fives and fist bumps, pat their backs when you hug, try not to do that classic female flirting act of twirling your hair around your fingers.
Beyond that, some guys will think any girl is interested in them no matter what she does. (A close friend related a story once of some guy she met who thought she was interested in him simply because she didn’t end the conversation, she sat there giving brief answers simply to be polite as he kept talking, and the next night he came over to her and said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you everywhere! We were going to hang out! Remember me?” She couldn’t even place the guy’s name.) Some guys, conversely, will deny to themselves that a girl is interested in them no matter how many times a girl flips her hair, laughs at their jokes, or bends down to pick up something she innocently dropped in front of them. You can’t always control how your signals are going to be picked up.
Bringing together her experience in neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, pick-up artistry, and the fetish industry, Arden Leigh, today’s freshest voice on women’s dating and relationship strategies, answers your questions. submit your questions to :
photo : Steve Prue
It’s not pleasant to LJBF (“Let’s Just Be Friends”) a dude, but sometimes it’s necessary. You can easily say, “I’m sorry if there was some misunderstanding. I’m really only interested in being friends right now.” For what it’s worth though, I haven’t had to do this very often. Usually just turning your head and giving a bro-
hug when the guy goes in for a kiss at the end of the night is plenty signal enough. And if not, then don’t be afraid of offending them, they should be more sensitive to your level of interest in the first place. You should never have to feel guilty for not being attracted to someone.
AUXILIARY february/march 2012 24
A pink fireball, because fire can be pink too, Kelly Eden of Denver, Colorado is a gifted young artist rising high into her career at a very young age. With experience working as a tattoo artist, Kelly is a recent graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design now pressuring her career as a studio artist focusing on hyper realistic painting in addition to being a makeup artist and agency represented multiple-cover model.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY name : Kelly Eden
nickname : Pink One
birthday : August 7, 1989
birthplace : Denver, Colorado
eye color : Blue
hair color : Pink
turn-ons : Nerds and magic.
turn-offs : Bullies and non-believers.
why do you model? : A prophesy foretold it.
how did you get into modeling? : Back when I was working in a tattoo shop, a photographer came by to take photographs of all the artists for our website. He was in awe of my look and was very anxious to introduce me to the modeling industry. From there I just made it happen.
favorite musical artist : Lady Gaga
favorite movie : The Labyrinth
favorite tv show : My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z.
favorite book : Dead Until Dark
favorite cocktail : Frozen pink lemonade.
favorite color : PINK
favorite tattoo : My Barbie, by Nikko Hurtado. Barbie was my sidekick when I was little, so sometimes I’ll still sneak into the Barbie aisles at stores, just to see what she’s up to now. favorite article of clothing : My spiked Lita heels.
favorite fashion designer : Jeffrey Campbell and Gareth Pugh.
favorite fashion style : Fetish bitch. favorite star/icon : David Bowie, Lady Gaga, and Barbie.
favorite outdoor activity : Anything that involves skipping, jumping, screaming, and laughing... and riding my unicorn, of course. favorite indoor activity: Painting, watching cartoons, playing The Sims, and stirring up trouble.
favorite club/club night/place to go out : Double Daughters, Denver’s local vampire bar.
anything you’d like to say to our readers? : The first universal truth: you are the creator of your own reality. Not just part of it, all of it. What you think becomes you, what you feel follows you, what you believe builds around you. Every direction you head in, body, mind, and spirit, and every event and detail, is your creation. You are surrounded by your own finely spun thought, plucking every last detail from the great field of Consciousness. This life is yours, you only get one, so make it your own.
For more visit and
Ke l l y Ede n
AUXI LI ARY february/march 2012 AUXI LI ARY ONLI NE CONTENT See more i mages from t hi s feat ure by searchi ng “Kel l y Eden” on www.auxi l i arymagazi
Five and Diamond: a cabinet of curiosities; a bazaar enveloping all that’s exquisite and morbid. The merchandise touches on every corner of the alternative spectrum. Looking around the store stirs inspiration and awe. It’s overwhelming, there’s gems filling the space. The décor is nostalgic yet contemporary and their vibe is a dark, rustic fusion of charm. The wood floors, pearly chandeliers, and occasional set of antlers create an intriguing, stylish ambiance.
Five and Diamond carries unique, high-end designers and frequently switch it up, staying on the knife’s edge of alternative fashion. With designers like Skin Graft, Bootleg, and Steam Trunk, the bar is set high. A “sensory experience,” as Haley Lynn, Five and Diamond’s buyer said.
People working here rock their own looks. A thin scruffy guy walks by in a paper-
boy hat, thin suspenders, rolled-up pants, a button-up tucked into his trousers, and a pair of endearing glasses. Haley Lynn sits on a vintage-looking leather office chair in the office, dressed in a feminine pinstriped dress, and carries herself well. “We’re a mish-mash of different styles. They come together and make it work,” Haley Lynn said.
All kinds of scenes come to Five and Diamond to shop. Burners come to stock up on elaborate pieces before they hit the Playa. Romantic goths can find all the lace and frills they ache for and the shop is a steampunk’s wet dream. Eye-candy a la Spin Doctor graces the entrance, greeting visitors, a mannequin decked out in the designer’s fierce black dress. It’s accented with buckles ruching the mate-
rial at the clavicles. Adorable buttons placed just right and the front of the skirt is hiked up and gathered around the hips. Just one example of the decadence that Haley went on to discuss how Five and Diamond recently participated at San Fran-
cisco’s annual Edwardian Ball. The event is an extravagant opportunity for fashion fanatics to break out their best pieces and troll amongst vendors to check out the next hot finds. She said their presence at the ball shoved them in the spotlight. An-
other San Francisco shop based out of Hayes Valley, Dark Garden, carried some of their bloomers and some Wild Card leather at the ball and people ate it up.
This year also marks the first time the shop will vend at ComicCon after being on a three-year waiting list. ComicConers are in for a treat. It’s an opportunity to take out the big guns. And by big guns, they mean hot leather garters, gorgeous hand-
made jewelry, and designer pieces. They also join the Mission Block Party, started by local small business, Candy Store Collective. They extend shop hours and set up tempting pop-up shops, and there’s also music and live art. Haley Lynn said last time artists from Blamo carved away in a sculpture performance while Sour Mash Hug played outside (who recently passed through the LA area themselves).
A special warehouse sale is held twice a year at their 2,500-square-foot whole-
sale and coop design space nearby, before Burning Man and Christmas. Prices are slashed and they make an event of it. Their designers showcase new styles and mark down samples for the wide-eyed fans.
Haley Lynn spilled some inside info: Five and Diamond plans to expand, but she wouldn’t give away details just yet. Torture! And with an arsenal of treasures and some highly anticipated announcements on the horizon, Five and Diamond is worth keeping track of. Visit them in San Francisco at 510 Valencia St and at
is quintessentially Five and Diamond. Spin Doctor is a new designer to the U.S., a special find. Skin Graft har-
nesses hug the thighs of a lamp’s supple legs. In another corner, an avant-garde piece that looks more like a black birdcage hangs. A set of shark jaws frame a mirror hang-
ing above the displays; and stepping into the dressing room feels like a cabaret dressing room, soft light and red velvet. People come from all over the world to visit the shop, even if it’s to check out the vibe of the place. The experience is a destination in itself. The owner, Phoebe Minona is a designer herself. She owns the jewelry company, Tawapa, started 15 years ago and is carried in over 1,000 locations. She started her more recent leather apparel brand, Wild Card, seven years ago. They’re now the house brands of Five and Diamond. Nearly five years ago Minona opened a show-
room space, what’s now Five and Diamond. She wel-
comed other designers and artists, featuring their work in the space. Since its inception, the shop has become wildly popular and she still maintains a core design col-
Haley Lynn said the space provides a “tactile” experi-
ence visitors can’t achieve with online stores. There’s something to be said about a physical space that im-
merses the visitor’s senses and provokes the imagina-
tion. It’s about a scene and a mood. They constantly seek new and creative designs, luring people back again and again, as there’s no telling what finds might come, keeping fans on their toes.
Haley’s background in fashion goes back to her child-
hood. She said her mom was a “fashionista” and after fighting it, she drove head first into the industry. A Chi-
cago transplant, she’s dabbled in a few fashion programs including the apparel arts program at City College, San Francisco and the Academy of Art, San Francisco. FIVE AND DIAMOND
brick &
Five and Diamond is San Francisco’s landmark alternative boutique and designer collective offering high-end styles for dark fashionistas in the heart of the Mission District.
written and photographed by LI FESTYLE
I’m gonna t ry t o make t hi s bri ef, i n part because my pat i ence i s scant, but al so because t he “ri ot punch” (Googl e i t ) i s st art i ng t o hi t me, and I’ve got preci ous l i t t l e t i me before l uci di t y dri ft s away l i ke a Vi ki ng funeral pyre or a capsi zed It al i an crui se-l i ner (i f you l aughed at t hat, you’ve got l akefront prop-
ert y i n Pandemoni um). It ’s come t o my at t ent i on as of l at e t hat a number of my normal l y l eft -l eani ng, l evel -headed cohort s are t hrowi ng t hei r chi ps i n wi t h fri nge Republ i can presi dent i al candi dat e Ron Paul. Wi t h Obama provi ng hi msel f agai n and agai n t o be ever t he cal l ow, weak-wi l l ed fuck t hat fol ds l i ke a deck chai r at t he mere suggest i on of opposi t i on (See si gni ng of NDAA despi t e “grave reserva-
t i ons” for furt her proof of hi s st at us as a wal ki ng prol apsed asshol e wi t h “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” t at t ooed above i t i n neon), Paul cert ai nl y seems l i ke an at t ract i ve al t ernat i ve. He’s st rai ght forward i n speech and ai ms. He seems t o defy conservat i ve convent i ons. He l i kes drugs (l egal i zi ng t hem, t hat i s; I doubt he’s ever sampl ed anyt hi ng st ronger t han Met amuci l ), hat es war, and act ual l y opposes bi g government, unl i ke hi s peers who use si mi l ar cl ai ms t o merel y drum up support from backwoods mi l i t i a-t ypes and hal f-l i t erat e si st er-fuckers. But I wi sh t hat peopl e woul d gi ve pause before l i ni ng up t o suck Rep. Paul ’s shri vel ed manhood (not a personal sl i ght, but t he dude’s pushi ng 80; you know damn wel l i t l ooks l i ke a weat hered burl ap sack haunt ed by ghost s), do a l i t t l e research, and real i ze t hat i n many cases, t he di fference bet ween hi m and t he rest of t he pack i s most l y i n present at i on. Deep down, he’s t he same fink, t he very same fucker t hat t hey al l are.
So what exact l y makes Paul t he snake charmer ropi ng i n conservat i ves and hardcore l eft i es al i ke? Let ’s l ook at hi s posi t i ons. Paul ’s st aunchl y opposed t he Iraq war, t he Pat ri ot Act, and t he ent i re War on Terror debacl e. The War on Drugs i s al so on hi s hi t -l i st, and he’s even on board wi t h t he l egal i za-
t i on of drugs, shoul d i ndi vi dual st at es see fit t o decri mi nal i ze t hem. He’s a cl assi c fiscal conservat i ve, al most uni versal l y obj ect i ng t o l egi sl at i on deal i ng wi t h rai si ng t axes, new forms of t axat i on, and new government spendi ng. He want s t o obl i t erat e t he i ndi vi dual i ncome t ax, and by al l account s has t he mat h t o back hi s i ni t i at i ve up! He’s agai nst t he deat h penal t y (t here ya go, l i beral s), but unshakabl y support s t he ri ght t o bear arms (t here’s one for my fel l ow gun nut s, t oo). And above al l, he’s earnest, ent husi ast i c and uncompromi si ng i n pursui t of hi s i deal s. Thi s man’s t he whol e package, ri ght? Wel l, l et ’s t ake a second and scan t hrough j ust a few of t he cons... Now, I won’t sl am hi m for t he recent newsl et t er cont roversy, most l y because i t has very l i t t l e t o do wi t h Paul, and frankl y, I’ve got pl ent y of ammo al ready. Despi t e bei ng a fervent crusader for personal freedom, Ron Paul doesn’t real l y t hi nk women or bl acks shoul d get i n on t he fun. He’s hi st ori cal l y si ded wi t h l i mi t i ng or out ri ght abol i shi ng abort i on. The sel f-procl ai med “unshakabl e foe of abort i on” champi oned t he Sanct i t y of Li fe Act, a di rect at t ack on Roe V. Wade, and pursues hi s pro-l i fe agenda wi t h al most pat hol ogi cal devot i on. He’s been cri t i cal, borderi ng on host i l e, of t he Ci vi l Ri ght s Act of 1964, and vot ed agai nst MLK Day as a nat i onal hol i day, much l i ke good ol ’ Sen. John “I al most made Peggy Hi l l t he Vi ce Presi dent ” McCai n. Paul ’s al so agai nst Affirmat i ve Act i on, but doesn’t real l y of-
fer an al t ernat i ve, seemi ngl y goi ng wi t h a “t hi ngs wi l l work t hemsel ves out ” ment al i t y, because hey, peopl e wi l l j ust i gnore t he cal cul at ed soci al engi neeri ng on t he part of t he powerful t hat ’s pi t t ed t he poor of al l col ors agai nst one anot her for cent uri es and j ust get al ong i f t he government woul d mi nd t hei r damn busi ness, ami ri t e? And i f any of t he above bugs you, don’t worry! Paul i s very l i ve-and-l et -
l i ve, and want s t he st at es t o have t he supreme aut hori t y t o deci de what i t s ci t i zens’ ri ght s are. That ’s pret t y much hi s go-t o answer for everyt hi ng. What ’s t he probl em, you ask?
I’m al l for t he reduct i on of t he federal government (“di smant l i ng i t ent i rel y”, some mi ght correct l y say). But gi vi ng ul t i mat e power t o t he st at es i s no bet t er, and maybe worse. Int erraci al marri age i n Mi ssi ssi ppi? Gone. Basi c human ri ght s for i l l egal s i n Ari zona? Fuck, t hey’d probabl y st art chargi ng t o t ake peopl e on safari s t o hunt Mexi cans for sport. Here i n my own home st at e of New York, i t woul dn’t be l ong before t he possessi on of anyt hi ng more deadl y t han a spork came wi t h a 20-t o-l i fe sent ence. Take your pi ck. Every st at e i s backwards and crazi er t han a shi t house rat i n one form or anot her. Government reduct i on i s l i ke cut t i ng down on smokes; i t doesn’t work. You ei t her man t he fuck up An Attracti ve Al t ernati ve?
by Adam Rosi na
and qui t (government, not smoki ng; smoki ng makes you l ook cool, so i t st ays), or you sal l y fort h wi t h your cri ppl i ng addi c-
t i on (whi ch you al l seem very i nt ent on doi ng). If we’re gonna hang i n t here wi t h our broken republ i c, l et ’s at l east agree t hat no l aw shoul d ever be passed by federal government, st at e l eg-
i sl at ure, or even di rect maj ori t y vot e i f i t l i mi t s t he ri ght s and freedoms of t he i ndi vi dual. That ’s a very Randi an sent i ment (onl y decent one t he ugl y bi t ch ever had), for you hardcore Li bert ari ans and Paul worshi pers out t here. But gi ve t he vot e t o t he st at es, and we’l l have even fewer ri ght s l eft. But barri ng al l of t he above, i t ’s t he worshi p and near-dei fi-
cat i on of t hi s man t hat real l y i rks me. You peopl e assaul t my newsfeed, my i nbox, and my now very-much-bl eedi ng eyes and ears wi t h prai ses for Paul, and wi l l l i kel y cont i nue t o, even aft er exami ni ng t he above evi dence t hat Paul i s not hi ng more t he t han t he best of a bad si t uat i on. And t hat ’s al l you’re l ooki ng for, i sn’t i t? The sewage t hat ’l l l eave t he l east shi t af-
t ert ast e l i ngeri ng on your pal et t e. That ’s what you choose t o venerat e, t o put on a pedest al. And i t ’s sad, pat het i c real l y, but not ent i rel y you’re faul t. You were born i nt o t hi s, t ol d you had t o pl ay t hei r game. And yet, your cont i nued part i ci pat i on i n t hei r grot esque si deshow i s what al l ows i t t o exi st. But what i f we deci de not t o make pi ck t he “l east worst of”, or pi ck any of t hem al l, for t hat mat t er? What i f we t ake our t oys home and pl ay our own damn games? I l eave i t t o you t o ponder a worl d where we st ri pped t he power from t he i nst i t ut i ons and t hei r pawns, si mpl y by wal ki ng away and i gnori ng t hei r rul es, t hei r carni val of l i es and games of chance where we al ways end up l osi ng, because i t ’s one very much wi t hi n your reach, i f onl y you choose t o grasp i t. Me? I’m gonna go get fucki ng t anked.
Adam i s currentl y maki ng l ove to the tri gger guard of a l oaded 12-gauge pump-acti on, hopi ng wi th every apatheti c thrust that thi s wi l l be the one to set off the firi ng mecha-
ni sm. After bei ng tasked wi th spel l -correcti ng and edi t-
i ng hi s gi n-soaked, ni gh-i ncomprehensi bl e rants for what seems l i ke an eterni ty, we here at Auxi l i ary have got our fingers crossed, too. Sadl y, he’l l be back next ti me for an-
other thri l l i ng i nstal l ment of Bl ack Theorem.
Maiden, “Go, fierce man of bones! I am still young!” Death, “Be of good cheer! I am not fierce, softly shall you sleep in my arms!” Death has always been a point of inspiration for all aspects of human life, including fashion. With the Death and the Maiden style concept, we can play up our femininity, as this motif is often more sexualized. Death and the Maiden is mainly a poetic or ar-
tistic theme and is thought to have been derived from the Dance of Death, an artistic genre of late-
medieval allegory on the univer-
sality of death. This interpretation of Death and the Maiden can be seen as death through beauty, or beauty through death. Pieces that form this look are both artistic and deadly, combining the corpse, our death, and youthfulness and sexu-
ality, our maiden.
1 With Too Fast’s fun and flirty Animal Skeleton Dress embrace many forms of death in many skeleton animals, even skeletal unicorns! Pair with Portrait of the Dead Necklace and Skeleton Charm Bracelet both by Frills & Morbidity, Moon Raven Designs Oxidized Metal Raven Skull Pendant, and Iron Fist heels, all must-haves to dress up any death loving femme fatale. 2 Portrait of the Dead Neck-
lace by Frills & Morbidity.
3 Skeleton Bone Hand Hairclips by Kreepsville666.
4 Magpie Black on Gunmetal Necklace by Skullery.
5 White Skeleton Tunic Dress by Kreepsville666.
6 Skeleton Bone Hand Necklace by Kreepsville666.
7 Skeleton Hands Skirt by Mady Bone Design.
8 Skeleton Charm Bracelet by Frills & Morbidity.
9 T.U.K. Shoes Black Leather and Satin Greta Wedge.
All items available at the FashionWhore Boutique except Skullery, Moon Raven Designs, Aldo, and Iron Fist.
styled and written by Pretty Deadly Stylz
photographed by Bailey Northcott
makeup and hair Robin Wright model Amber Macc
and the Maiden
Adam Rosina, aka The Angriest Critic, cuts a swathe through politics, pop culture, subculture, and society at large with the surgical precision one would expect of a double-bit battle-axe forged in the fires of hell-born insanity. Fact or fiction? He doesn’t even know, so why should you?! Join him as he makes some jokes along the way and gazes into the abyss in Black Theorem.
AUXILIARY february/march 2012 1
j une/j ul y 2011 AUXI LI ARY THIS PAGE
Bl ack sui t by Pl ei n Sud, gol d and bl ack st arburst neckl ace by Rodri go Ot azu, and bl ack and gol d chai n bangl es by Sei ze t he Garment.
photographer Saryn Chri sti na
fashi on styl i st Ni col e Burron
makeup arti st Eri ka Di ehl / Gl amour Lush hai r styl i st Jeanna Ki er
model Merry Swai n
JLS : I find bi rds and especi al l y bi rds of prey fasci nat i ng. Bei ng born i n Long, I grew up around wi l dl i fe and nat ure. The sea was al ways cl ose t o where we l i ved and t here were al so bi t s of forest s for me t o expl ore. I spent many years i n t rees wi t h ski nned knees and t angl ed hai r. Here i n Phi l l y t here i sn’t much wi l dl i fe un-
l ess you seek i t out i n t he cemet eri es or parks, but i n t hat fat eful summer of 2008 a sparrow flew i nt o my house. I coul dn’t figure out how i t got i n and i t t ook me an hour t o coax i t out of an open wi ndow. It came back 20 mi nut es l at er, whi ch real l y freaked me out. It was one of t he st rangest t hi ngs t hat has ever happened t o me. We observed each ot her for a whi l e before I was abl e t o get i t out agai n. It s ent i re body shook from i t s frant i c breat hi ng, desperat el y t ryi ng t o escape. That wi l l t o survi ve i mpressed me. I t hi nk t hat ’s t he moment i t t rul y st art ed.
Di vul ge the i denti ti es of your most bel oved surreal i st darl i ngs.
JLS : If Bl ood Mi l k coul d have a pat ron sai nt surreal i st darl i ng i t woul d be Max Ernst. Hi s col l ages amaze me. Remedi os Varo and Leonora Carri ngt on woul d al so be on t hat l i st; t hei r pai nt i ngs are such i ncredi bl y st range vi si ons! Fri da Kahl o: for her l i fe and work i s an exampl e of t hat ol d sayi ng, “Fort une Favors The Bol d.” One must be bol d t o share t hemsel ves so acut el y.
If “Bl ood Mi l k” had i ts own si gnature cocktai l what boozy del i ghts woul d i t consi st of?
JLS : Hemi ngway’s “Deat h i n t he Aft ernoon”: pour i ced champagne over absi nt he unt i l i t cl ouds l i ke mi l k. Garni shed wi t h a honeyed sugar ri m. Si pped i n a dark corner of a speakeasy (preferabl y i n Pari s i n t he 30s) where one’s j ewel s can gl i t t er i n t he l ow l i ght and i nhi bi t i ons make way for dreams and hal l uci nat i ons.
What’s next for JL Schnabel and Bl ood Mi l k?
JLS : I’m current l y put t i ng t he final t ouches on a smal l l i ne, “Sea Wi t ch”. It ’s i n t hemat i c col l aborat i on wi t h desi gner Audrey Cant wel l of Ovat e, for her new l i ne of cl ot hi ng. Aft er t hat, more j ewel s!
february/march 2012 AUXI LI ARY po l i sh
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 BOTH PAGES
Black and white cross collar by Dimepiece Designs, pearl bangles, by Seize the Garment, BOTH PAGES
Black tiered high-to-low gown by Plein Sud, gold and black starburst choker by Rodrigo Otazu, and gold circle row cuff by The Passionate Collector.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 AUXILIARY ONLINE CONTENT See more images from this editorial by searching “Polish” on
Refinery cape, Tuxedo Shirt with Bow Tie by Mother of London, Tuxedo Jacket by Mother of London, and American Apparel leggings paired with Studded Sleeve Caps by S&G, American Apparel leg warmers, model’s own boots, and Bubbles & Frown hat.
Leather Corset by Mother of London], stylist’s own dress, and Cropped Jacket by S&G paired with Studded One-Shouldered Neck Collar by Mother of London, Opera Length Motorcycle Gloves by Mother of London, and Bubbles & Frown hat.
photographer Sequoia Emmanuelle
art director Alicia Drake
fashion stylist Ja’Niya Walker
makeup artist Teal Druda
hair stylist Jeanna Kier
models Alexandra Mathews, Lacy Soto, Jill Evyn, and Daniel Ribiat
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 mad hatter
There is method to the madness, mix and match bold pieces to create a daring cohesive look.
Tuxedo Shirt with Bow Tie by Mother of London, Tuxedo Jacket by Mother of London, and American Apparel leggings paired with Studded Sleeve Caps by S&G and Bubbles & Frown hat.
Fringe Dress by S&G, Leather & Fur Neckwear by Mother of London, and Bubbles & Frown hat.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 OPPOSITE PAGE
Mother of London jacket, S&G top, and Kucoon skirt paired with Opera Length Studded Motorcycle Glove by Mother of London, Studded Leather Shoulder Pads by Mother of London, stylist’s own belt, Bubbles & Frown hat, and Pleaser boots.
Fringe Vest by Mother of London, Refinery corset, and H&M cheetah leggings paired with Opera Length Studded Motorcycle Glove by Mother of London, Pearl Collar by VII VICTORY, stylist’s own belt, and Bubbles & Frown hat.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
Mother of London dress and One Shoulder Ruched Leather Body Harness by Mother of London. Refinery cape, Tuxedo Shirt with Bow Tie by Mother of London, Tuxedo Jacket by Mother of London, and American Apparel leggings paired with Studded Sleeve Caps by S&G and Bubbles & Frown hat. Leather Corset by Mother of London], stylist’s own dress, and Cropped Jacket by S&G paired with Studded One-Shouldered Neck Collar by Mother of London, Opera Length Motorcycle Gloves by Mother of London, and Bubbles & Frown hat. High Shoulder Vest with Buckle Straps by Mother of London, S&G shirt, and Miss Be skirt paired with Corset Harness by Mother of London and Bubbles & Frown hat.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 BOTH PAGES
Bibian Blue corset and accessories from the Crystal Flowers S/S 2012 collection.
photographer Maria S. Varela
makeup artist Cervena Fox
hair stylist Cervena Fox
model Cervena Fox
Flame of the Forest
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 BOTH PAGES
Bibian Blue corset and accessories from the Crystal Flowers S/S 2012 collection.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 AUXILIARY ONLINE CONTENT See more images from this editorial by searching “Flame of the Forest”
photographer DerWei Chan
creative director Pretty Deadly Stylz
fashion stylist Pretty Deadly Stylz
lighting tech Steve Chokas makeup artist Christina Parasiliti of Sinner Saint Artistry
hair stylist Lisa Tuff
models Jenna Fawcett and Nico Deilgat
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
Red Silk with Leather Applique Corset with Hood by Starkers Corsetry and Chaturanga Gown by Veruca Cyn Clothing paired with Haus of Regalia Spiked Crown and 4 Claws Rings and Haus of Neith Ninja I Ring and Star1 Ring.
Queen of the Night Mask, Ninja II Ring, and Titanic Spike Ring all by Haus of Neith paired with Dyrstropolis Caridea Jacket and Haphazard Clothing The Asylum Collection Diversus Pants.
The Asylum Collection The Contineo Top by Haphazard Clothing styled as top and hairpiece, Day Walker Necklace by Haus of Regalia styled as crown, and Blk Leather with Front Lacing Corset and Hoop Skirt by Starkers Corsetry paired with Haus of Regalia Lavish Bracelets and Katholizm Bracelet.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
Veruca Cyn Clothing Suit Bodysuit and Dyrstropolis Ardea Jacket paired with The Edge Neckpiece and Katholizm Bracelet by Haus of Regalia and Chain Me Body Necklace and Star2 Ring by Haus of Neith.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE UPPER
The Asylum Collection The Contineo Top by Haphazard Clothing styled as top and hairpiece and Day Walker Necklace by Haus of Regalia styled as crown paired with Haus of Regalia Lavish Bracelets and Katholizm Bracelet.
Queen of the Night Mask and Ninja II Ring by Haus of Neith paired with Dyrstropolis Caridea Jacket.
The Asylum Collection The Constrictum Set by Haphazard Clothing and Black Widow Corset with Straps by Starkers Corsetry paired with Haus of Regalia Silver february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
Haus of Regalia The Edge Neckpiece and Haus of Neith Chain Me Body Necklace and Star2 Ring paired with Veruca Cyn Clothing Suit Bodysuit and Dyrstropolis Ardea Jacket.
Veruca Cyn Clothing Suit Bodysuit and Dyrstropolis Ardea Jacket paired with The Edge Neckpiece and Katholizm Bracelet by Haus of Regalia and Chain Me Body Necklace Star2 Ring by Haus of Neith.
Red Silk with Leather Applique Corset with Hood by Starkers Corsetry and Chaturanga Gown by Veruca Cyn Clothing paired with Haus of Regalia 4 Claws Rings and Haus of Neith Ninja I Ring and Star1 Ring.
february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 THIS PAGE
The Asylum Collection The Constrictum Set by Haphazard Clothing and Black Widow Corset with Straps by Starkers Corsetry paired with Haus of Regalia Silver Multi Cross Neckpiece.
Red Silk with Leather Applique Corset with Hood by Starkers Corsetry and Chaturanga Gown by Veruca Cyn paired with Haus of Regalia Spiked Crown and 4 Claws Rings.
AUXILIARY ONLINE CONTENT See more images from this editorial by searching “Nightmares and Fairytales” on
author & fashion stylist Jennifer Link
photographer Jennifer Link
makeup & hair Sarah Wintle
model Sarah Wintle
This season go for sultry but in a non-conventional way that is also haunting, commanding yet aloof, and a bit rebellious. Witch house as a musical genre might be baffling to you or adored but as a point of fashion inspiration it is in full force and has clearly entered the realm of alternative fashion with the new line, Widow by alternative fashion staple Lip Service. A tunic is a must have for the transition from winter to spring and can easily adopt and showcase current trends. Take the best part of this trend with this slinky tunic with fringe detail.
Lip Service Widow Fringe Top paired with Urban Outfitters Spiritual Necklace, Urban Outfitters chains and crosses necklace, Express Knotted Shimmer-Chain Necklace, Express bracelet, model’s own hexagon bracelet, H&M rings, model’s own cross ring, and lips topped with Lime Crime Carousel Kaleidoscope glitter lip gloss.
In Trend Tunic
Lip Service Widow Fringe Top
where to buy
Five and Diamond
Folter Clothing
Frills & Morbidity
Haphazard Clothing
Haus of Neith
Haus of Regalia
House of Etiquette
Lime Crime
Lip Service
Mady Bone Design
Manic Panic
Miss Be
Moon Raven Designs
Mother of London
The Passionate Collector
Plein Sud
Pin Up Girl Clothing
Rodrigo Otazu
Seize the Garment
American Apparel
Bibian Blue
Blood Milk
Bubbles & Frown
Dimpiece Designs
FashionWhore Boutique
1301 Bloor St West, Toronto
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february/march 2012 AUXILIARY AUXILIARY february/march 2012 Sephora
Starkers Corsetry
Too Fast
T.U.K. Shoes
Urban Outfitters
Veruca Cyn Clothing
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