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Denver Dental Marketing Creates Digital
Assets For Dentists
Local Denver, Colorado marketing firm Denver Dental Marketing creates digital assets for dentists to help them market their practices and attract new patients.
Because dentistry is such a competitive field, it can be hard for a dentist to market his or her services and to reach a new base of prospective patients. Jeff Hopp of Denver Dental Marketing helps local dentists and dental specialists gain an online marke
ting foothold over their competition. “Dentists,” says Jeff Hopp, “can have a tough time getting noticed by people searching for dentists or dental professionals in their town, especially in the midst of the mobile revolution. Old school marketing like Yel
lowpages isn’t effective any longer.”
Many dentists rely on word of mouth as their principal form of marketing. “Because of a reliance on word of mouth, many practices let their online marketing slide,” says Jeff Hopp. Just because a satisfied patient refers their dentist's services, that doesn't necessarily transfer to someone picking up the phone and making an appointment. “Because of easy access to the internet, people are going to double check that referral online. If the dentist or specialist has n
eglected their online presence, they may lose that referral patient to a competitor.”
Jeff and his team at Denver Dental Marketing
ork to close any gaps in a dental marketing plan. “One of the biggest services we provide our clients,” says Jeff, “is creating a massive amount of digital asset content that presents that individual client as an authority in their field.” Everything from press releases, to videos, to blog posts are created in order to highlight the different services a dentist or specialist provides. “People by nature like to read blogs and watch videos. So, if we have a video highlighting a particular service, or a blog p
ost about a new orthodontic treatment for instance, it increases the likelihood that someone is going to see them in a search result, view that content, and then schedule an appointment.” The digital assets created by Denver Dental Marketing extend into mo
bile landing pages, apps and even ebook publishing.
Jeff Hopp
and Denver Dental Marketing serve the greater Denver Metro area, Colorado, and beyond. By working with each client in a
personalized one
one basis, they help that client dominate search engine results. “I love mobile marketing,” says Jeff, “it's a thrill to take a client that may not be ranking highly and move them up in search results by creating quality, informative c
ontent. It’s rewarding to be able to bring dentists new patients each month.”
If you are a dentist or a dental specialist that is interested in learning how to improve your online marketing, you are encouraged to contact the Denver Dental Marketing
website or call 303
1170 today.
Denver Dental Marketing 720
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