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Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
 It is located on the shores of the
Potomac River between the
states of Virginia and Maryland
 Was established in 1790 because
America’s founders wanted an
independent city to serve as the
capitol (it is not officially located
in the territory of a state District of Columbia)
 Congress did not officially meet
there until 1800
 The Declaration of
Independence was signed in
Important Buildings
White House
 Where the President of the United States lives - First
lived in by President John Adams in 1800
 Is called the “White House” because it was burned by a
British invasion in 1811, and repainted white
 During the invasion, many items were also stolen, and
First Lady Dolly Madison is credited for recovering a
famous painting of George Washington
United States Capitol
Every year, the President gives
a “State of the Union” address
 Construction began in 1793, but the building was not
completed until 1850
 Was also badly burned during the War of 1812 by the
British, calling for reconstruction
 Where the nations top lawmakers meet and debate
Lincoln Memorial
Many famous speeches have
taken place on this monument
(Martin Luther King)
 Was built in order to honor the 16th President of the
United States, Abraham Lincoln 1914
 He was President during the Civil War (1860-1865)
 Is credited for ending slavery in America
Jefferson Memorial
 Built in honor of America’s third President, Thomas
 Was built in 1942
 Jefferson is responsible for the Louisiana Purchase,
which doubled the size of America
Tidal Basin
 The Tidal Basin features rows of Japanese cherry
blossom trees that were presented as gifts from the
nation of Japan.
 Every spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, attracting
many visitors
Nationals Park
 Location of the stadium played in by the baseball team,
the Washington Nationals
 Was built in 2008
 Can seat 42,000 people
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