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Student: You go to a fortune teller to find out about your future. Ask questions.
Fortune teller: A student comes to you. Tell his future.
Student 1: You have arranged a squash game with a friend. Something happened and you can't go on that day. Call him/her to recommend another day for the game.
Student 2: You have arranged a squash game with a friend. Your friend calls to move the game to another day. Find a suitable day.
Babysitter: You're a babysitter. The baby you're taking care of is crying. It is very annoying. You try to figure out what's wrong and calm him/her down.
Baby: Something's not okay so you're crying. Ask the babysitter to solve your problem.
Teacher: Your student falls asleep during class. You are angry. Do you accept the student's excuse?
Student: You fall asleep during class. Your teacher wakes you up. She is angry, so you try to give a good reason why you fell asleep.
Mother: Your son/daughter is dressed up in a diver's suit in your bathroom. What do you do?
Student in diver's suit: Explain what you're doing in the bathroom.
Student: Make up an excuse why you don't have homework.
Teacher: You are suspicious. Question the student about the accident.
Student 1: Invite someone to go to the cinema with you.
Student 2: A classmate invited you to the cinema. Try to find a good movie and a night that works for both of you.
Student: Your mom is really busy today. Ask her how you can help.
Mother: You're really busy today. Your son/daughter offers you to help.
Student: You got an F (=Fail) in [name of subject]. Explain it to your mom.
Mother: Your son/daughter got an F in [name of subject]. Listen to his explanation.
an F (=fail)
explain explanation
offers sy (=someone) to help
a night that works for both of you
invited sy to the cinema
to questions sy
make up an excuse
fall asleep
give sy a good reason
accept an excuse
solve a problem
figure out what's wrong
calm sy down
take care of a baby
arrange a squash game
a suitable day
recommend another day
fortune teller
find out about your future
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