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Mr Splash is very sad. It's because he went to live in London and can't speak English. Now he can't do simple things like how to ask someone the time, get a carton of milk in the store or invite someone to the cinema. Can you help Mr Splash do these things in English?
Sample answers
Here's how to:
Get some milk in the grocery store:
Could I have a carton of milk, please?
Order pizza:
Hi! I'd like to order a pizza, please. I'd like one large pizza. Half pineapple and cheese, and then half pepperoni. Can you guys do that?
[See a pizza ordering dialog at]
Answer when someone says "Thank you:"
You're welcome.
Ask the time:
Excuse me. What's the time, please?
Excuse me. What time is it, please?
Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
Invite someone to the cinema:
Would you like to go to the cinema?
Do you feel like going to the cinema?
How about going to to the cinema?
Ask a shop assistant whether they have roller blades in your size:
Excuse me, do you have these roller blades in size 38?
[See a shop dialog]
Ask someone if they like to play basketball:
Do you like to play basketball?
Are you into playing basketball?
Ask if you could use a friend's pen:
Excuse me, could I please borrow your pen (for a second)? I don't have one.
Excuse me, do you mind if I borrow your pen?
[See a borrowing/lending dialog at]
Ask someone about their day:
During the day: How's your day been so far? How's your day going so far?
At the end of the day: So how was your day?
Answer: Pretty good so far, thanks. :) How's yours?
Tell the taxi driver where to go:
Driver: Where to?
Passenger: Well, I'm going to the National Museum of Art.
Driver: Sure. Hop in. [See a taxi dialog at]
Suggest going swimming to the lake:
Shouldn't we go swimming to the lake?
Do you fancy going to the lake?
Do you feel like going to the lake?
How about going to the lake?
Ask this girl to teach you to draw:
Could you please teach me how to draw?
Ask this girl when she started Karate:
When did you take up (=start) Karate?
How long have you been doing Karate?
You want to know the price of a banana.
Excuse me. How much is a banana?
Excuse me. How much does a banana cost?
Calm down a baby:
Hush, little baby. Don't you cry.
Mommy is gonna be back soon. She just went down shopping.
Ask the people around you if they've seen your cell phone:
Excuse me. Have you seen my cell phone?
It's a Nokia with a silver cover.
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