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Rheumatoid arthritis. Pathogenetic mechanisms and consequences in therapeutics. Edited by W. MUller H.-G Harwerth and k. Fehr Colloquia Geigy London England Academic Press Inc 1971 781 pp 20.80 ╨Т╨И8.00

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Phagocytic Mechanisms in Health
and Disease
Edited by R. C. Williams Jr, M D and H. H.
Fudenberg, M D . New York and London,
lntercontinental Medical Book Corporation,
1972,205 p p
T h e proceedings of a two-day symposium on
Phagocytic Mechanisms in Health and Disease
(March 1971) consist of 12 presentations by
preeminent workers in the field. T h e volume
provides a good summary of the state of the art
vis-A-vis basic studies of phagocytic mechanisms, a n d this information is applied to discussions of clinical states with impairment of
phagocyte function. Rheumatism does not
figure preeminently in the presentation, but Dr.
Daniel M c C a r t y provides a nice succinct
summary and overview of the topic of urate
crystal phagocytosis and the effect of colchicine.
Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Consequences in Therapeutics
Edited by W . Miiller, H.-G Harwerth and K .
Fehr. Colloquia Ceigy, London, England,
Academic Press, Inc, 1971, 781 pp, $20.80
This volume contains the Proceedings of the
International Symposium on Rheumatoid Arthritis (organized by CIBA-Geigy) held in
Basil, Switzerland, March 25-27, 1970.
Included in the book are 79 short papers and
relevant discussions. Approximately two-thirds
of the volume relates to the pathogenesis of
rheumatoid arthritis; the remainder is pharmacologic. T h e quality of presentations is
varied. Although much of the work presented
has been published elsewhere in more definitive
form, there is new data scattered throughout the
volume. T h e discussions are valuable, and the
work is well referenced. T h e editors deserve
praise for seeing the book published 10 months
from the date of the Symposium.
Most students of rheumatoid arthritis can
learn something by selective perusal of the
book, more likely in areas other than their own
specialized interests. T h e beginning investigator, in particular, may find the volume useful
and make productive use of the reasonably current bibliographies. The book will have a place
in departmental libraries and the price of
$20.80 (8 pounds) makes it a moderately good
buy for individual ownership.
Immune Reactions and Experimental Models in Rheumatic
Proceedings of the Fourth Canadian Conference on Research in the Rheumatic Diseases
Toronto, October 15-17, 1970. Edited by
Duncan A. Gordon. Ontario, Canada, University of Toronto Press, 1972, 346 pp,
T h e content of this volume is somewhat
broader than the title indicates. No more than
one-third of the 47 papers presented at the
Conference were on immunologic topics, onethird were related to a variety of experimental
models of disease and one-third constituted a
T h e Conference did not have the character of
a symposium. There was no overall theme or
coordination of presentations. T h e individual
papers are brief, quality is spotted and discussions are not included.
As a reference source, the volume has limited
value. T h e more important studies have (since
October 1970) appeared elsewhere in more
definitive form. Still, most investigators will
find small pieces of otherwise unpublished in-
Arthritis and Rheumatism, Vol. 15, No. 6 (November-December 1972)
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