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Lingual thyreoid gland in a cretin of 78 years.

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C’oinl)lcte abseiiw of the thpreoid glaitcl in tlic cer\rical
region having been noted, R lanip tlie size of a hazel-nut on
the dorsum of tlie toiigne of a cretinoicl dissecting-room subject, attracted attention. Figure 1, a drawing of tlie pharyiix
from behind, shows the lump, (TH.), immecliatelp above tlic
epiglottis (K. ). It was symmetrical, in the mcdiaii plane,
projecting noticeably from the surface of the pharyngeal parl
of the tongue between the foramen caecum aiid the glossocpigIottic fold.
TT’heii the thin covering of lingiial tissue was cut through,
a spherical body was liberated with ease, being h a r d and
heavily calcified. Decalcification and preparation f o r tlic
microscope prodi~cedsections such a s that figured in 6g~ii-e3,
showing typical thyreoid vesicles containing colloid material.
Owing to the calcification, it could not be ascertained whether
m y rcniains of a thpreo-glossal duct were prcseiit ; hut tlie
mass is of interest a s a specimen of partial development of
the gland ver;v closc t o the situation from which it normally
arises caudally to the tubcrcnlum inipar. The iiicliridual d i d
in aii institutioii a t 78 years, after a lifc spent in institutions.
She had bccii eretinoid from birth. I n 1922 it TWS stated tliut
she carried a ctoll about with her, gatliered u p sticks and piit
them down her back inside her clothes, in satisfactioii of her
childish idea of pr.otcction. Her sl~eech1 ~ 3 5ruclinwiitarp.
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